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    Kragthorpe is whining like a little girl saying we need to keep playing the Zoobs

    By: Greginslc, Thursday 20 October 2011

    Kragthorpe is whining like a little girl saying we need to keep playing the Zoobs

    Posted By: Greginslc
    Date: 2011-10-20 07:50:08

    Just when I think I am getting away from this discussion, some A-hole in the press drags me back in...

    Kraggy want to start getting worried we may take a breather from playing the Zoobs every year. He thinks playing the game is important to both schools. He thinks we have adequate wiggle space in our schedule to keep having an annual game.

    Memo to Kraggy:

    After the treatment we received by the Zoob Administration this year in Provo, I am perfectly OK with Dr. Hill dumping these turds off my schedule and never playing them again. From the reduction on the number of ticket made available, the "exiliing" of our fans totally to the top Northwest corner of the stadium, the "exiling" of the band to the same place, to finally the lack of a formal tailgate location; other than the beatdown I have never been treated worse as a guest to a stadium for a game in my life. I never want to go back there again - and this is coming from a guy who has traveled to this game since 1989.

    I know the Zoobs are having a tough time filling out their schedule, but they knew this was going to happen when they went Indy. Now, if they are treating the other schools the way they treated us, I fully expect their challenges for scheduling to only get worse. Throwing them a bone is a poor excuse for keeping the game on the schedule. Personally, if we are going to do that with any team it should be Utah State.

    I know the Zoobs are having a tough time recruiting. I know Donkey said the aren't, but watching their top tier recruits changing up and declaring for other schools says otherwise. If we are not on their schedule (as well as other BCS schools), they won't have to worry about recruits changing their minds - they won't be getting the declarations in the first place. I am still sticking by my predictions of the summer of 2010 that by 2015, the TDS program will be irrelevant.

    Oh, and yes I am one of those fans, who like Cedric Maxwell used to say about the Lakers in the 1980's, modified to current references, "If TDS were on fire, and I had a glass of water and could put them out. I would drink the water and watch them burn."

    This season's slighting only strengthened that feeling.

    Dr. Hill - it is time to end the series.

    GO UTES!!!!

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