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    The gall BYU has to insist on special privledges is almost cute as it is incredulous when you consider the following:

    By: SoCalPat, Wednesday 23 November 2011

    The gall BYU has to insist on special privledges is almost cute as it is incredulous when you consider the following:

    Posted By: SoCalPat
    Date: 2011-11-23 00:13:58

    At best, BYU would be no better than Liberty University in football if not for the missionary exemption, and in reality, probably wouldn't field athletics beyond the Division III (where there are no athletic scholarships) or NAIA level (which doesn't have the regulation that the NCAA does on age limits).

    That they'd be wholly irrelevant in the postseason if the NCAA wasn't willing to accept their no-Sunday-play stance.

    BYU has been a pain in the ass for every conference it has been in for nearly five decades. It's racist policies pre-1978 sparked riots and protest, and resulted in discussion of some kind of kicking BYU out of the WAC. Were Stanford and Washington "religious bigots" when, in the 1970s, they publicly rebuked BYU and vowed to never compete against them in ANYTHING until said policies were put aside?

    And no school has been better about tooting its own self-righteous horn than BYU; funny, when one considers it's AFA that has the true first-class ladies and gents, people who do a lot more to prove their worth and value to this nation than those who spend two years knocking on doors.

    That not one, but TWO conferences in the last 3 months have realized that BYU brings far more hassles than benefits is surprising only to those who believe BYU is incapable of wrong-doing or toe-stepping.

    The funny thing, is that had BYU not gotten into such a jealous fit over Utah's invite to the Pac-12, it would almost certainly be a member of the Big 12 today. It has wildly overestimated the worth of its ESPN deal, both in real dollars and in practicality (8:15 p.m. local time game starts in November are indefensible), and has this crazy belief that such a deal makes it a more valuable asset than other schools of similar resources and accomplishments.

    For a school that has gotten so much from outside sources, and has parlayed that into success well beyond what it ever set out to achieve, you'd think there would be a little more perspective on BYU's end. Then again, if you've ever dealt with the BYU fanbase on a general level, you know by now that perspective is a trait long lacking from within.

    The same "general counsel" that has snagged the Big East deal is undoubtedly cut from the same cloth of so many of the BYU fans we've encountered over the years -- their $#!+ doesn't stink and they have wildly unfounded and exaggerated claims of self-importance and accomplishments.

    Buffalo Sabres: Cup Crazy in 2007.

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