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      Rivalry Smack
    Many BYU Fans Are Racist.

    By: UtesRus, Friday 3 February 2012

    Many BYU Fans Are Racist.

    Posted By: UtesRus
    Date: 2012-02-03 16:35:36

    If there is anything that I've learned in the last two days (that I suspected) is that many BYU fans are racist. Not concealed, nor unintentional, but overtly racist. I haven't seen or heard so much gross statements of racism from many from a suppposed "Christian" fanbase, as I have heard in the last two days from many BYU fans.

    Just a sampling...

    "They hired him because he's black."
    "Kyle is practicing Affirmative Action."
    "Brian Johnson is a quota hire."
    "Brian Johnson is as clueless as Obama."
    "Aaron Roderick is a victim of Equal Opportunity."

    It's been a disgusting two days listening to many BYU fans tumble all over themselves and reveal their true colors. I'm sure that not all BYU fans see Brian Johnson as "a black coach who is clueless because he is black", but as an "inexperienced coach who is therefore clueless." Unfortunately, many in their mix are plain racist.

    I'm fine with poking fun at Brian because he hasn't won anything as an OC, but being racist and implying that he can't be a "smart coach" because he's black - that's just bull$#!+.

    I am rooting for Brian for many reasons, one of which is to change the perception of these BYU (and other) close-minded fools who think that a young, BLACK, talented, driven, and smart PERSON, can't succeed as an Offensive Coordinator because he is BLACK!

    Dr. Huxtable, you need to pay Provo a visit. And BJ, when we play the Zoobs, let's put 65 up on these jerk faces.

    Go Utes!

    WEAR RED!!

    Go Utes!!

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