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      Rivalry Smack
    Holy War thoughts

    By: SoCalPat, Tuesday 14 February 2012

    Holy War thoughts

    Posted By: SoCalPat
    Date: 2012-02-14 00:59:58

    Regarding WebMonkey's encounter with Levrets a few pages back regarding Utah-BYU ...

    I think it's pretty myopic to believe we can walk away from playing BYU in football, while assuming we will continue to play BYU in Olympic sports.

    Our Olympic sports are not a necessity for BYU when it comes to scheduling. They've got the money to spend on travel to play elsewhere in the western U.S. if they so desire.

    If anything, it's like Chris relayed, that Olympic sports scheduling with BYU is more important to Utah (Unrefutable evidence to this can be seen in gymnastics). I could see why people would have the sentiment that the rivalry could continue in the Olympic sports, but without looking at things from a BYU perspective seems short-sighted. Think about how BYU takes to being snubbed, justifiably or unrighteously. LOL. And for as much as we mock the Deseret Duel, we can't turn around and say, "Oh, but we still have women's soccer against BYU to look forward to!"

    I've given up trying to figure out why anyone would want to discontinue the Holy War. The real winner in the putting an end to the rivalry is pure, unadulterated spite (Memo to the spiteful: I get where you're coming from. Sort of). However, the lip service given to the rivalry from people of influence on both sides is nauseating.

    At BYU, you have Tom Holmoe adamantly saying he wants to keep the rivalry alive, but then gives Boise State and Hawaii decade-long deals while insisting a contract between Utah and BYU should not be that long.

    Well, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Tom, your "history" with Boise State and Hawaii isn't even half of the history BYU has with Utah. Try and not be so transparent in your doublespeak about BYU's emphasis on scheduling and getting Utah on the schedule. Drop the gauntlet already, hold the fourth Saturday in September open for Utah and be done with it. If we refuse, you've done your job and you're a hero among your own kind.

    I've always believed you recruit where you play, and vice-versa. Given the gulf in conference affiliation for Utah (which is great) and for BYU (which flat-out sucks), scheduling Utah should be BYU's first priority every year. There is no better exhibit for the viability of independence, both among in-state recruits and your increasingly doubtful fanbase, than beating Utah.

    As for Utah, I'm tired of using the upcoming Big 10 scheduling arrangement as a crutch to get rid of the rivalry (Holmoe even says we're doing as such now, but watch him change his tune if Utah made the first move to stop playing BYU). And I sure as hell ain't gonna accept games against Minnesota and Indiana in exchange for BYU.

    Yes, I'm aware we could get much better draws, but the price for playing a Penn State or Iowa shouldn't come fully at the expense of a rivalry that's been going on for over 100 years.

    The possibility of dropping a conference game, and playing 8 instead of 9 conference games, must be explored and given full consideration before we take a jackhammer to one of the best rivalries in the game. I'm encouraged by the fact that Larry Scott has brought up this point.

    I love being in the Pac-12. It's the biggest thing to ever happen to our athletic department, bar none. But I'm a little concerned at the frequency of how we kowtow and gladly eat $#!+ sandwiches when it comes to dealings from Walnut Creek.

    We gave up a ton of money as price of admission (Fine, OK), we moved BYU off the end of the year because the Pac-12 wants to keep non-conference games separate from the conference season (Meh, but whatever ...) and the way the ending of the USC was handled was damn near unprecedented (total crap).

    In fairness, not getting Oregon and Stanford our first two years in the league was by design and not coincidental. At the same time, not getting one of those teams was a guaranteed lock.

    Eventually, the positives will far outweigh the negatives. At the same time, Utah is going to have to develop and flex the muscle necessary to protect our interests. At the heart of the matter is I'm not sure playing BYU is an "interest" of ours. Which is a damn shame, but I've made that sentiment pretty clear already.

    We've discussed the merits of playing and not playing BYU on this board, and I'm not really interested in rehashing that debate. But I want definitive action from at least one side as to where this rivalry is headed. Don't give me excuses, give me a commitment. Either fight for continuing the rivalry or wash your hands of it. Be bold and stop looking for cop-outs to justify making what would be an unpopular decision otherwise.

    Buffalo Sabres: Cup Crazy in 2007.

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