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      Rivalry Smack
    I think a lot of people who want to keep playing TDS are over rating the NON-ATHLETIC advantages of the rivalry and under rating the ATHLETIC disadvantages of it....

    By: PDXUtefan, Tuesday 14 February 2012

    I think a lot of people who want to keep playing TDS are over rating the NON-ATHLETIC advantages of the rivalry and under rating the ATHLETIC disadvantages of it....

    Posted By: PDXUtefan
    Date: 2012-02-14 11:50:56

    When you look at the football rivalry it's easiest to break it down into Athletic and Non-athletic advantages vs disadvantages. Examples:

    Athletic Advantages: In-state recruiting, a cheaper game against a more "prominent" university, ......?

    Athletic Disadvantages: very costly injuries, losing to them can drastically hurt in-state recruiting, provides little national exposure outside the state of Utah, is not something you point to and laud to potential out of state recruits. beating them provides very little these days.

    Non-Athletic Advantages: Continuing a long and storied rivalry, being able to claim scoreboard, X wins out of the last X years, all-time winning record.

    Non-Athletic Disadvantages: Has become a vitriolic event in the community, fights among fans and even players and their family, etc.

    As we progress and evolve into the Pac-12 even more the athletic advantages are becoming less and less. At this point we are taking in-state recruits that previously would have chosen Utah because we were on the up and up and had beaten BYU. Now we are taking recruits because we are a Pac-12 team, will be getting more money, more exposure, better facilities, and that "prime-time" experience with the potential of a Rose Bowl every year. The game against BYU is becoming more superfluous to the in-state recruiting, especially as BYU is fading into irrelevance with $#!+ty schedules, no conference championship to contend for and horrible bowl game prospects. The athletic advantages used to counter the disadvantages, but now player injuries are extremely hurtful to our bigger picture and the conference games get better national exposure than the rivalry game does.

    BYU plays dirty, period. They put our student athletes in danger and have cost us player games to some very key athletes. The second we lose a player like Bergstrom, DvC, Wynn, Tauni, etc to even a half of a game because of cheap shot to a knee, or leading with the head, or twisting an ankle in the pile....thats it, I'm done with them. Look at what happened last year, we lost 3 players in the game (Bergstrom, Tauni and Rogers [I believe it was Rogers, or another TE, i forget]) and we were lucky to not lose DvC or Wynn in the game or immediately after.

    To me the non-athletic advantages of continuing the long standing rivalry or even being able to talk smack is not enough to dictate the future. The disadvantages of the game, both athletically and non-athletically outweigh the advantages, its just that simple. I dont mind if we play them once every 4 years or twice every 6 years or so, but not every year, not even every other year. Take a break, maybe 5 years or so, then re-evaluate the game. Maybe after we've had a few years off we can step back and see what the value of the game truly is. We know the advantages and disadvantages of playing them every year, we do not know what the advantages and disadvantages of NOT playing them every year are. Let's give that a try, it might be better.

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