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    What this world needs is a bit more compassion

    By: utahute16, Tuesday 11 June 2013

    What this world needs is a bit more compassion

    Posted By: utahute16
    Date: 2013-06-11 15:30:04

    What has happened to sympathy, empathy, and respect for our fellow man? This world seems to be driven by hate. Hate is such an awful thing. It festers and will continue to grow as long as you let it, there is no limit; the same is true as with love.

    I wish we could shift the tide to where the majority were respectful and compassionate. But as I read through comment sections (I was reading about the man who committed suicide by jumping off the library), there seems to be little compassion and people just used it as a way to attack religion or make a joke out of the situation. It made me ashamed of my fellow Utahns.

    Revenge will never satisfy. Hate breeds more hate; somewhere the cycle needs to be broken. But I'm afraid that's just not going to happen. I guess all we can do is break the cycle in ourselves.

    There are two things I try and live by, but I do fall short, and I think if everyone followed these without fail, the world would have little to no problems. Respect and honesty. Those two things would eliminate every problem this world has.

    Sorry if this is a bit sappy, but I need a place to vent and I don't know anywhere else to. I had a crazy family event happen over the weekend. Had to call 911, did the frantic travelling on the freeway, hospital stay. It was pretty awful and it's kind of thrown me for a loop. Some people reach some pretty deep lows. Lows that most people just can't understand. I just hope we can all appreciate our health, physically and mentally. Because without that we really have little to nothing.

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