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    You're just embarrassing yourself at this point.

    By: TheBaron, Thursday 19 September 2013

    You're just embarrassing yourself at this point.

    Posted By: TheBaron
    Date: 2013-09-19 22:20:32

    This week has been a comedy of errors for your pathetic, hatemongering fan base. First, a BYU fan tries to pretend Utah players were mocking the LDS religion and zoobie board prematurely BLEEPS without waiting for the truth to come out. Then the truth comes out that it had zero to do with BYU, zero to do with Mormons, was made a month or two ago, and was about nothing more than a clique of players being silly with a cold tub dunk dare. What do you losers learn from it? Apparently absolutely nothing.

    A story comes out today that the guy that got the ball rolling with Hadley's suspension claimed to be a "big Utah Utes fan" (yeah - that doesn't sound ridiculously suspicious ) and what does zoobie board do? Wait until the facts come out? NO! You prematurely BLEEP for a second time in 48 hours. How embarrassing!

    It turns out the most likely explanation is that Hadley was turned in by a BYU student and scorned former lover of a girl Hadley's been seeing. If you guys were taught how to think for yourselves down there, you would have seen this one coming a mile away. A "big Utah Utes fan"? Seriously? That sounded legit to you? Passive aggressively tattling on someone because you have hate in your heart over a girl they "stole"? (Because women are property and therefore can be stolen, right?) That doesn't sound exactly like a prototypical zoob to you? You really believe Utah fans give a $#!+ if Preston wants to have a beer and get some ass? If a Utah fan recognized him at the MGM (highly unlikely), the most likely outcome would have been a round of high fives.

    All of this hate; all of this vitriol; wishing cancer on a woman for doing her job; calling hundreds of thousands of people "anti-Mormon" and "bigots"; all of it over two completely fabricated story lines. All of it because zoobies have hate in their hearts that has turned their brains to mush and allows them to believe anything bad about Utah without any evidence whatsoever required.

    BYU football will always be a horrible "missionary tool" as long as your fan base remains the most pathetic, vitriolic, and hypocritically self-righteous in all of college athletics.

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