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    BYU has never been to a final four?! Au contraire!

    By: TheBaron, Tuesday 4 March 2014

    BYU has never been to a final four?! Au contraire!

    Posted By: TheBaron
    Date: 2014-03-04 15:02:19

    BYU has just made its first final four in school history - http://6thfan.ncaa.com/

    It only took a cheating scandal, custom javascript voting automation, and all manner of allegations of underhanded tactics to accomplish it, but they have vanquished the mighty Bison of North Dakota State and are currently giving the business to the formidable Broncs of Texas-Pan American for the right to prove their mettle against either the Red Wolves of Arkansas State or the Leathernecks of Western Illinois. Yes, those Leathernecks.

    Don't be jealous of BYU; they have earned this honor by spending thousands of hours fake-voting literally millions of times. (Honestly - millions.) Us Utes could have shared in the glory of battle, but we had better things to do, like anything other than wasting our time cheating online polls to prove our poll-cheating superiority to North Dakota State.

    Yes, it truly is an epic struggle for the title of tallest mid-major midget that the Provo Pussycats have found themselves in. Will they come out of this nearly two-month long battle victorious or will they go down in the fray to one of their peer institutions? The entire country is watching carefully with bated breath to see if BYU fans can spend enough hours manipulating an online voting contest against small directional schools to prove they are big time. The logic behind it totally holds up if you spend no time whatsoever thinking about it.

    However this harrowing tale of bravery and perseverance ends, BYU has finally reached their first final four in school history; the final four of which small-time school can cheat an online poll most effectively. Congratulations, BYU. You finally did it.

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