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    The impact of the SLC radio media market on Utah fandom

    By: applesanchez, Tuesday 19 August 2014

    The impact of the SLC radio media market on Utah fandom

    Posted By: applesanchez
    Date: 2014-08-19 17:15:57

    Earlier today I pleaded for folks to discontinue their obsession with our neighbors to the south. Admittedly, I did this somewhat over-emphatically. I even gave San Diego Ute Fan a red star for such a clever response. However, the general feeling seems to be that I am the crazy one for not looking at these people through a magnifying lens on a daily basis and making fun of them for being less than intelligent. So I got to thinking, what the hell is wrong with this picture?

    The Utes have one of the best schedules in the nation this year. They are in one of the best leagues in college football. They finally have depth, and talent, and a starting QB that is not made of silly putty. Yet, people continue to focus on the idiocy of the other fan base as if somehow they still matter or have any kind of impact on the outcome of 2014 Utah football. Why?

    I submit: The SLC radio media market.

    I recently moved away from the Wasatch front in a big bowl of tears and gummy worms, and while I still have access to the local television stations and sltrib.com, I have to work really hard to listen to any kind of talk radio. The amount of effort it takes is just not worth it.

    After 6 months of being away I've noticed something, I don't know jack sh** about BYU. I know slightly more about BYU than I do about ISU, but that's only because you can't erase Roscoe Mendenhall from your brain after he has seared his robot face in your memory. Honestly, I HAD TO LOOK UP WHO THEIR QB WAS GOING TO BE THIS YEAR, and do you know why? They don't matter. There is no story to be told surrounding BYU. Anything that the media is selling up there is just them playing to the swarms of people along the Wasatch front who still believe they have some kind of relevancy in college football. They are a non-story, simple as that.

    So why am I writing this? (Because, obviously I took the advice, and unchecked the ZOOB category, and will no longer see stupid cougarboard posts on this website). I'm writing this to let you know, that if you're living on the Wasatch front, and listening to the radio, and you're still interested in anything about BYU, you should hear the perspective of a fellow Ute fan that doesn't have to be exposed to that garbage. It might be time to consider that BYU is less relevant than even USU. They're going to fight hunger or do something about the armed forces this year, or whatever, and they just don't matter.

    I mean, I get it. Going to cougarboard is sort of like The Daily Show writers watching Fox News to get bits for their show. It's such an easy place to get good comic material. What I'm saying though, is that BYU is basically the Tea Party of college football at this point. They don't matter. Better yet, they're about as relevant as the Whig party is in U.S. Politics. They mean nothing, and they're only on your radar because they were once historically relevant and the SLC media continues to pad their ratings with deluded fans.

    Rant officially over. Go Utes.

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