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    And we have some fans that actually wish we would have played these out of control, head hunting dip$#!+s instead of Michigan.

    By: TheBaron, Monday 22 September 2014

    And we have some fans that actually wish we would have played these out of control, head hunting dip$#!+s instead of Michigan.

    Posted By: TheBaron
    Date: 2014-09-22 13:52:48

    BYU over Michigan!?!? Cheap shots, personal fouls, and intentionally injuring our players over a surreal experience whipping the life out of the winningest program in college football history, until they were kind enough to empty their 110,000 seat stadium and give the remaining Ute fans unlimited legroom? All so some of our LDS Utes can get into it with their BYU loving friends, family, and coworkers?

    I'm sorry there is a segment of our fan base whose lives are inextricably linked to BYU through the institution that owns it and through its delusional fans. I get where they are coming from, but it is their cross to bear and it's not worth passing on opportunities like a home and home with Michigan. In my opinion, it's not worth passing on an opportunity for a home and home with Wyoming. There is almost no program in the country that would make me prefer scheduling BYU.

    Dropping BYU for these two years, especially when Bronco has decided that ratcheting up the dirty play, the taunting, and the personal fouls to a whole new level is just his stripling warriors exhibiting "fanatical effort", was the best thing Utah could have possibly done. The rivalry isn't toxic; BYU is toxic, and they infect the rivalry with it.

    Utah doesn't have a toxic relationship with any other program in all of college football. There isn't a single program outside of BYU that universally hates the Utes, no matter how many ass whippings the Utes have given them or how many times they've played us. From my observations it seems the more a program plays Utah the better they view us.

    BYU has a toxic relationship with every program that has any kind of a sustained interaction with them. Virginia has only played them twice now and their fans are already starting to get it. The entire MWC, to a program, hated BYU. Zoobs believe it was because of BYU's (self-proclaimed) greatness and jealousy over BYU's success, but BYU was only the third most successful program in the conference and the two more successful programs hardly experienced mild indifference by comparison.

    Hopefully our fans that still think BYU is important and Utah should pay any price necessary to play them as much as possible will figure out their Stockholm Syndrome during the two year hiatus. The sooner Utah leaves BYU alone so they can focus their toxic hate and vitriol on the rest of the country instead of Salt Lake City, the better.

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