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    Football Archive

    Only had an hour to spend at practice.
    By: snake, Tuesday 24 March 2015

    Only had an hour to spend at practice.

    Posted By: snake
    Date: 2015-03-24 16:28:30

    Random thoughts. I couldn't stay long, but, I made some observations.
    I hope every one of you get a chance to see some of these kids during spring ball!
    D-line, top to bottom, 1-12, WOW, WOW, WOW. Massive size, quick, strong, and very, very deep. Opposing O-linemen will want to tap out. They will not get one down to rest! 1,2, and 3 deep will bring it.
    Kylie Fitts passes the sniff test. It's only drills, but his build is impressive. If he was at an NFL camp, he'd look the part and fit right in.
    Tevin Carter looks the part too. Boobie Hobbs, pocket Hercules, he's a ripped specimen. He was the only player with his sleeves and shirt rolled up.
    John Pease is a huge get. He has more energy than anybody half his age. He is very passionate and the love is visible on both sides.

    Offensive side, Asiata54 is as big as an OBlock can get. He'll move a pile. JJ Dielman will be a starter. His lower body shows some massive improvements. The Oblock as a whole looks fantastic for 1's. 2 and 3 deep looks like a work in progress.
    Skill positions, I liked Siale Fakailoatonga. Huge body. KScott looked good. He'll be a 3rd down go to guy for sure. I'm still worried there is NO definite deep threat right now. Fall camp may surprise everyone.
    QB's, Travis looked slim, almost fragile. Donovan Isom has a pro body. He lost his belly and looks the part. Thompson can still run, Manning still throws picks, Cox looks like a poor mans Mike Vick. (fast, elusive, but no deep ball)
    Booker will have a dream season. He looks great. There is nobody like him in the PAC 12.

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