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    Football Archive

    Here are my notes. Every sentence is one down.
    By: UnicycleUte, Tuesday 7 April 2015

    Here are my notes. Every sentence is one down.

    Posted By: UnicycleUte
    Date: 2015-04-07 18:36:20

    Drive 1, Wilson on own 30 yard line: Booker runs for 11 yards. Booker runs for 4 yards. Wilson throws beautiful ball up left sideline to McClellon for a gain of 30 yards. Leha置li runs for no gain. Wilson overthrows Leha置li at the line of scrimmage, incomplete. Wilson scrambles, throws 25 yards down the right sideline to Poole. Wilson keeps the ball on a QB read and is sacked by Jared Norris. Wilson throws incomplete pass to back of the end zone. Wilson throws touchdown over the middle to Moeai.

    Drive 2, Hansen on own 30 yard line: Hansen drops back, avoids multiple tackles and runs for 6 yards up the middle. Andrew Fletcher runs for loss of 1, tackle made by Pita T. Hayden Clegg tackles Hansen for no gain on QB read. Hansen keeps, runs up the middle for 30 yard gain (huge hole). Hansen runs for 2 yards. Hansen fumbles exchange to Fletcher.

    Drive 3, Wilson on own 37 yard line: Wilson pitches to Leha置li for a 3 yard gain (Leha置li runs with power). Wilson throws to Poole over the middle for 20 yards. Leha置li runs up the middle run for 4 yards. Wilson keeps for a 2 yard run. Wilson throws for 6 yards to Leha置li for first down. Wilson keeps, goes left for 5 yards (great block by Kenric Young). Reverse to Poole for a touchdown (another great block by Young).

    Drive 4, Manning on own 37 yard line: Manning throws it low, incomplete (great block by Jackson Barton at right tackle). Hand off to the left side blown up by Sunia Tauteoli for loss of 1 yard. Manning throws a perfect pass, but it is broken up by hard hit from Boobie Hobbs.

    Situational Work, Hansen on own goal line: Hansen hands off to Fletcher who is met immediately by Pita T for a safety.

    Situational Work, Wilson on own goal line: Wilson drops back to throw, nobody open, runs for 12 yards.

    Drive 5, Hansen on own 25 yard line: Leha置li runs up the middle for 2 yards. Hansen keeps on a QB read for a 6 yard run (good read, running back blown up immediately). Hansen completes a short pass to Moeai for 1 yard (great stop by Justin Thomas to prevent first down).

    Drive 6, Manning on own 25 yard line: Monte Seabrook runs up the middle for 1 yard. Delay of game. Seabrook fumbles. They play on. On 3rd and 12 Manning completes pass to Chase Loftin for 8 yards.

    Situational Work, Wilson on opponent痴 12 yard line: Leha置li runs for 4 yards. Leha置li runs for touchdown.

    Situational Work, Hansen on opponent痴 12 yard line: Hansen runs up the middle for a 3 yard gain. Fletcher runs wide right to for 8 yards to the 1 yard line and first down. Christian Drews stops next run for no gain. Tanner Larsen tackles Hansen for loss of 3. Hansen runs left looking to throw, nobody is open so he runs for a touchdown.

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