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    Football Archive

    The offense looked much better today.
    By: UnicycleUte, Tuesday 7 April 2015

    The offense looked much better today.

    Posted By: UnicycleUte
    Date: 2015-04-07 19:05:57

    Travis Wilson looked very good today. He made some plays with his legs, and he had a couple beautiful throws during the live work portion of the practice. He went 5 for 7 during live work, and every one of his drives ended in a touchdown.

    Chase Hansen is back to his somewhat inconsistent self after an amazing practice on Friday. He shows spurts of excellence, but he also makes some freshman-like mistakes. He had a fumble and an interception today (interception was during non-live work). Hansen broke off a couple of big runs today to show off his speed. He is athletic, and he has a tendency to make defensive players look foolish in the backfield with the way he is able to escape pressure (similar to Chuckie Keeton). Hansen is the best quarterback for when things go completely wrong because he can turn negative plays into huge gains using his athleticism. Unfortunately, he is still inconsistent with his throws, especially when throwing on the run.

    The group of cornerbacks continues to impress me. We have five guys that look very good: Brian Allen, Justin Thomas, Domonique Hatfield, Reggie Porter, and Boobie Hobbs. Tavaris Williams also shows flashes of brilliance, and I think he will be very solid by fall.

    I have also been very impressed with Tani Leha'uli at running back. He is a very physical runner with good speed. I know a lot of people are worried about the running backs right now, but I think that he is a better runner than Bubba Poole. Tani does not go down at first contact, and he shows good vision.

    Bubba Poole looked very good in the slot today. He has transitioned well, and I think it was a good move. He is better at receiver than he was at running back.

    Pita Taumoepenu is a spectacular player. He makes huge plays every practice, and he seems to be everywhere. He gets great pressure off the end, and when he drops into coverage he has the speed to be disruptive.

    Kenric Young seems to be coming along nicely at wide receiver. He made a couple of huge blocks today, and he seems to be one of Wilson's favorite targets. I think he has the potential to be a special receiver. Jameson Field also shows potential.

    The one player that has stood out to me in a negative way is Monte Seabrook. He does not have very good hands. He has dropped about half of the passes that have been thrown his way, and he fumbled twice today. Hopefully the coaches can find a spot to utilize his athleticism.

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