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    Football Archive

    Cool story bro!?
    By: trUTE, Thursday 10 September 2015

    Cool story bro!?

    Posted By: trUTE
    Date: 2015-09-10 09:39:54

    Not really that cool of a story but I thought I'd share. My Battalion Commander and I have offices in the same area at headquarters. He sees the Ute helmet and Ute flag on the wall, right next to the stars and stripes and other miscellaneous items as he walks by. In his office, there is a small Michigan flag and a diploma from U of M on the wall behind his desk. There was some banter back and forth over the summer, which gradually increased as game day drew closer and closer (as much banter as a CPT can have with an LTC). We placed a friendly bet on the game as he was confident Harbaugh and Co. would walk away not only with a victory, but a decisive one.

    Today, at Battalion formation, around 750 people are standing in their respective companies. The BC calls me up to the front of the formation, announces his love for U of M, looks over at me with a grin, then throws up a U and shouts GO UTES!! in front of everyone. Some laughter and yelling erupts at which point the BC leans over to me and says "now get the @#$% back into formation.".......Which I did.

    Go Utes.

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