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    Football Archive

    I sometimes do not understand our fan base.....
    By: who_am_I_sir?, Sunday 22 November 2015

    I sometimes do not understand our fan base.....

    Posted By: who_am_I_sir?
    Date: 2015-11-22 22:40:41

    We are two wins away from a 10-3 season in the Pac-12. That record would match our win totals for the 2009 and 2010 seasons, which everyone was thrilled with. I'm trying to understand why 10-3 seasons in the Mountain West are acceptable but a 10-3 season in the Pac-12 isn't?

    Some members of this fan base really need to step back reevaluate their expectations for this football program. The truth of the matter is we aren't going to be competing for conference championships on an annual basis no matter who the coach is. It's not a coaching problem or a mindset problem. We are in the same division as USC and UCLA. These schools will always have the advantage over Utah, Colorado, and the Arizona schools in the division.

    "Blowing up" the coaching staff to send a message is idiotic. Nebraska has been trying that for nearly 20 years now and it hasn't been working. The only message you will send is to other coaches that Utah doesn't accept 3 loss seasons. That's not going to attract a top-notch coach.

    When Utah was in the Mountain West we were expected to compete each year for the title. Our biggest competitors were BYU and Colorado State. We should have been beating up on programs like Wyoming, UNLV, New Mexico, etc. Now, we aren't the top dog. Three teams have dominated the conference over the last 15 years (USC, Oregon, and Stanford).

    I'm not saying we should accept failure as a program, but our fans need to accept reality. An 8-3 record should be celebrated. People shouldn't be calling for the coach's head.

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