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    Football Archive

    They're afraid and have no confidence in their product.
    By: The Thrill, Thursday 19 May 2016

    They're afraid and have no confidence in their product.

    Posted By: The Thrill
    Date: 2016-05-19 06:55:35

    It's the only explanation. Do Florida State fans flip out when Florida offers their recruits? No, for starters it should let them know this kid has value. Would they rather offer a kid that gets no other offers?

    Obviously they believe Utah, or anybody, can snipe their recruits. That's a lack of confidence. Everything has to be a secret because if Utah gets their hands on this kid there's no way he'll go to BYU. That's the mentality.

    You can sense fear in their fans of a slippery slope to irrelevance. No conference. Losing coaches. Can't win big games. Facade of greatness behind inflated schedules. They all see the writing on the wall and feel the separation between Utah and BYU growing and it's killing them.

    Losing recruits is the first step, they can't have that happen. So when they witness Utah offering a kid after BYU does instead of taking it as a compliment for recognizing talent they view it as an attack. They're very defensive.

    They're grasping at straws. The Mormon persecution complex is off the charts with this Big12 thing. They have fans working on proposals to the Big12 day and night. With graphs and statistics proving they belong. I'd say it's sad but it's not, it's desperate.

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