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Great softball game yesterday.

by 480ute
2017-04-23 11:28:59

Utah went into the final inning down one, and ended it up three. ASU hit a two run shot in the bottom of the seventh to bring them within one, but Utah was able to snag the win. I hadn't checked the rankings after Utah took two out of three games over #1 (at the time) Arizona the prior week, but looked it up when we got to the game yesterday. I wasn't surprised to see them in the top ten, but I was a bit shocked to see that they actually received a first place vote. I'm thinking that's gotta be the first time in their history.

Anyway, they play again in about a half hour, and I'm thinking they should at least stay at #10 if they win today (they lost Friday night to #21 ASU). Good times for the softball program for sure.

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Utah shuts ASU down after putting a runner on third with one out in the bottom of the 7th to take the series two games to one.

by 480ute
2017-04-23 14:11:13

Last ASU batter hit a deep fly to end the game adding to a tense final inning. The whole series was a back and forth fight. Another great win against a ranked team.

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Exactly. After every ugly loss that first season, Cougarbored would use the slogan "Nice choice, Loveridge."

by Dwight Schr-UTE
2017-04-23 17:06:46

I just went over there and searched the phrase and it produced 8+ pages of results. Jordan always had a sense of humor about it and echoed it back every time he beat BYU.

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by BaldHatu
2017-04-23 12:19:37

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