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UteFans.net is Back(ish)!

March 24, 2017

Dear Utefans... fans, we wanted to let you know that we are bringing back the best-known, most popular Ute Fan message board.

That’s this site, if you were wondering.

As many of you know, Chris Evans, the owner of UteFans.net, passed away on Feb 5, 2017. Chris’s wife has graciously transferred ownership rights to us in the interest of getting the site back up and honoring Chris’s legacy. This also means that by being actively involved we can finally get UF.N stable and reliable again, and also work on some much needed improvements to get this site 'up to snuff’ as that one song goes.

You know all that stuff you have been wishing someone would do with this site? Well, we’re going to do it.

So hang on for a bit, we’ve got a crack team of professionals who will be fixing things here, improving things here, and making plans for the future. Your input is more than welcome.

Here are a few items on our “punch list” related to our vision for the site:

  1. Clean up the site and get it working reliably again. This includes:

    • Fixing the posting error issue that has been going on forever and has made Ute_fan_forever the last person to ever post to the site. A man of legend for sure.

    • Making sure that everything is secure and reliable again.

    • Updating the design, meaning a modern look-and-feel and functionality that works on mobile devices.

  2. Clean up the ad issues that plagued many of us for years. Advertising revenue and sponsorships will allow us to invest in improving the site, but we want to do it in a better way for everybody and avoid some of the shady malware ads that were causing issues here.

  3. Bringing back the love. One of the best things about UF.N is the wild wild west aspect of it. One of the worst things about it is the wild wild west aspect of it. There are no plans for heavy moderation of the site -- we see the value of the free expression of opinions, but some moderation is needed to keep this a place that everyone feels welcome. This can come from categorization and organization, it came come from some technology, and it can come from people watching over the site. In short, we want to take a couple of steps back from 4chan, but keep things loose.

Some things we want you to be aware of:

  1. Chris’s legacy. A portion of the profits we might make off this site will be contributed to a 529 education fund for Chris’s daughter Kyra.

  2. The star system. A continued source of problems in the past on the site was the star system. We have some ideas to revamp that to retain that approval system we desire so much, without the food fights the blue stars usually invoked. More on that to come.

  3. Charitable work. UF.N has been at its finest when it reached out and supported people in need in the community. From Millie to Coach Dave Rose we’ve always admired our ability to do great things. More of that for sure too.

  4. Respect. Please be respectful of Chris and his family. We know people have opinions and the last part of Chris’s life left some people divided. However, part of our commitment in becoming Chris’s successors is that we will be respectful of both him and everyone connected to him. If you have something negative to say about anyone - save it, it won’t do anyone any good anyway.

We have dozens of other ideas as well, but our main goal is that we want to keep what was great about UF.N and trash the stuff that wasn’t, and we want to work together with you all to make it great again… just like ‘Merica.

We believe that the Utes deserve a first-class PAC-12 caliber site that unifies us all. We believe that there is plenty of room for the other sites out there that have popped up too. If you are one of those long-time contributors to this site who have gone away, we welcome you back -- as a contributor again, or just to lurk. If you’re new here, welcome, and jump in!

More to come…

Rocker Ute and LA Ute


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