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the SEC also refuses (for the most part) to play anything resembling a difficult OOC and rarely north of the mason Dixon line

by FlyfishingUte
2017-01-19 21:40:45

For OOC games and rarely if every west of the Mississippi River I'm weary. Of the sec slobberfest by the media.

The sec league parity is a joke. Would Alabama g undefeated in the PAC12 every year? Doubtful

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I left Salt Lake Wednesday morning when the air quality was deadly....

2017-01-20 03:28:21

I come to Orlando and it's perfectly clean and 82 degrees. First thing I had to do was get my drunk on. The wife calls me on Thursday and tells me it's snowing and lots coming in the next few days. I can't wait for her retirement so we can bolt that god forsaken "valley of smoke"...(Native Americans named it that). I went to the local Walmart and between them and a built in liquor store, I could find anything my alcoholic palate desired for half price or less than in Utah. God I hate Utah and it's religious establishment. I grew up there and didn't know freedom until I set foot on campus at the mighty U of U. For that time my eyes were opened and I will be eternally grateful for them. It was then that I knew that I had a choice and a voice and that I should use it to help out the younger ones, neighbors and friends to teach them they don't have to cave into the mormons. The next door neighbor and best friend of my son went on his mission to appease family. With help form me and my son we were able to convert him to world reality. He quit the church and has since become an atheist. He is my prize convert and is grateful to me that I could teach him of the world and leave the bubble. Sorry for the long rant, scotch will do that to you er me.

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Since the playoffs, Alabama has been ranked #1, #2, and #1. They have one title out of those three years. My point?

by Ute2004
2017-01-19 22:01:51

In the BCS era, you can argue that the SEC faced the #2 team less than half the time.

Look at the teams that didn't get shot at the title game under the BCS:

2006: Michigan had one loss that year
2007: LSU had two losses. So did West Virginia, Oklahoma, Georgia, USC, etc
2008: Utah had zero losses, Alabama had one loss, Texas did as well, USC, Penn St...
2011: Ok St and Stanford both had one loss, same as Alabama
2012: Florida, Oregon, Kansas St all had one loss
2013: Ohio State, Alabama, Michigan St, Baylor all had one loss

The SEC, with their 7-8 home games, their late season FCS opponents, their no out of conference road games outside their own states, etc was ALWAYS given the benefit of the doubt and their "tough" conference. Even though the PAC-12 played 9 conference games and usually one more P5 OOC game.

While the SEC won when it mattered, and congrats to them for that, if there had been a playoff present during their "dominant" run, I'd bet it would look a lot closer to what the playoff results have given us:

Big 10

USC is probably the front runner to win it all next year, and it wouldn't shock me if the title game is USC and Oklahoma next year (although Ohio State looks to be stacked, seeing how they bring everyone back).

My point?

As soon as the playoff comes to town, suddenly the SEC isn't winning it every single year.

Weird. What a crazy coincidence.

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Isaac Asiata Receiving the Morris Trophy - Seattle, WA

by uteusmc
2017-01-19 23:07:12

I wanted to share with you a couple of videos that I took of Isaac Asiata receiving the 2016 Morris Trophy for an Offensive Player. This the 3rd time that a Ute has taken this trophy in the last 6 years of being in the conference. CU is the only PAC 12 team that has not had a player win it yet. Fortunately I got to meet Isaac and Coach Harding (who was there representing the coaching staff). There were plenty of local sports celebs there as well including Hall of Famer Mack Strong and Marcus Trufant. Go Utes!

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Fine, I'll bite

by crazyute7
2017-01-19 07:29:42

<s> Listen here, there is way too much substantive, thoughtful analysis of our various collegiate athletic teams at the U on this site to just have you push that content to page two prematurely by wasting precious front-page space with your "icon test".

Test it on a reply to a page 10 post. </s>

This message brought to you by the letter F and the year 1998.

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Wow props to Mike Leach for calling out the SEC

by FlyfishingUte
2017-01-19 20:55:22

To paraphrase he said you run left you run right play action... Your conference your level etc isn't special

Interview with a paper out of clarion Mississippi

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While I don't think that the SEC has the separation from the rest of the conferences its fans think it does, facts are facts.

by 61_Shasta
2017-01-19 21:33:54

Since 2000

2000 - Oklahoma, Big XII
2001 - Miami, ACC
2002 - Ohio State, B1G
2003 - LSU, SEC
2004 - USC, PAC-10
2005 - Texas, Big XII
2006 - Florida, SEC
2007 - LSU, SEC
2008 - Florida, SEC
2009 - Alabama, SEC
2010 - Auburn, SEC
2011 - Alabama, SEC
2012 - Alabama, SEC
2013 - Florida St., ACC
2014 - Ohio St., B1G
2015 - Alabama, SEC
2016 - Clemson, ACC

Their style of football may be boring but facts are facts. 8 out of the last 11 and 9 championships this century ain't bad. And yes, Newbomb, I know that the century technically began January 1, 2001. Deal with it - LOL

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Your favorite board had 21 posts today, not counting the thread I started (which was the longest thread today).

by Ute2004
2017-01-19 22:47:16

This site, which you detest so greatly, had over 100 posts since lunchtime.

As much as I applaud Tony and am grateful for his hard work, it still doesn't sniff this place.

You said your last post was Oct? I bet no one here noticed. If you don't like it, great, there are a ton of other Ute boards for you. Your attention seeking post isn't needed here. Other sites could really use your posts though. They need all the posts they can get.

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Got same email. For the cheap seats: Redzone (NEZ) up to $235 per ticket. No Crimson Club donation required. Reserved Bleachers (corners & SEZ) are $335, again no CC donation required.

by UTAuley
2017-01-19 16:23:44

I've bought the $100 level Crimson Club since I've been a ticket holder, mainly for the store discount, and can't think that I've ever used the parking pass. Getting an assigned parking spot will be interesting...wonder how much it'll sell for?

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just got this in the email

by FlyfishingUte
2017-01-19 15:30:55

Thank you for your loyal support of Utah Football as a season ticket holder. Your loyalty has helped us attain a 98-percent season ticket renewal rate for the last six years, which ranks at the top of the Pac-12 Conference.

With this letter we have included 2017 football season ticket pricing, and later today, you will be receiving your football season ticket invoice by email. The deadline to renew your tickets is Monday, April 24, 2017. I hope you will join us in Rice-Eccles Stadium next fall when we host seven games, including games against Stanford, UCLA and Washington State.

While the per-game ticket price did not increase, your total ticket price will reflect an increase from your 2016 invoice due to our seven-game schedule. The increase allows us to cover the additional operational costs associated with the extra game.

Additionally, in response to our parking challenges, we will begin providing assigned parking lots for members of the Crimson Club. Members will be assigned a lot in which to park on game day based on their annual donation to the Crimson Club. This will offer our donors the security and comfort of knowing where to park and how to access their specific parking lot each game. More information will be coming to Crimson Club members about this new parking plan.

If you are not currently a member of the Crimson Club and want to become one to take advantage of the opportunity for reserved parking for football games this fall, contact your account representative at 801-587-9894 or donate online at www.crimsonclub.utah.edu prior to the deadline.
To renew your 2017 season football tickets or inquire about payment plans, please contact your account representative or the ticket office at 801-581-UTIX.

We look forward to a great 2017 season!


having assigned parking lots for ALL Crimson Club members just seems like a fiasco waiting to happen?

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Yes, it matters to me, well, maybe not so much Collette specifically, but inside info does matter.

by MinnesotaUte
2017-01-19 08:11:14

I have frequented this board over the years for that type of inside info because as an out of stater, I get nothing if I don't get it from UFN. So yes, I do want that, but it's not a matter of sitting back, there is simply not much I can do from MN.

I've commented several times on Jayce, he is a serviceable backup for Collette, which is fine, better than having nothing. He is an upgrade from Reyes clearly, and relieves Kuz from having to back him up. But he is nothing to write home about now. Hopefully he develops over the next few years.

Bealer I've more or less written off. He just isn't strong enough but should be able to give some rest to Jojo, Devon, Zo, & Ced when we play the bottom half of the PAC which is historically awful.

Larry is in for the long haul, I really doubt he will go anywhere. If he does, feel free to put me on suicide watch. As far as poachable, I don't really see any PAC coaches in the top 5 going anywhere, and the bottom is so bad, they all should be worried about their jobs rather than looking for promotions.

Thanks for asking, sorry I don't start more threads, but I've tried hard to keep many basketball threads alive over the past month to no avail. So my fear is that new threads just hang out there making me feel bad.

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Actually almost felt bad for Wazzou.

by utefansince79
2017-01-19 09:15:38

They seemed to just give up and it didn't hurt that the weather likely kept a lot of fans from attending.

Good to see some of our reserves, including Johnson, Bealer, and Van Dyke get some meaningful minutes.

Tough night for Daniels who just never got on track.

Now we go to Washington who had a huge comeback against Colorado to win in OT after being down by almost 20. Utah SHOULD win that one but have to show up ready to play.

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Not sure I see it, I think he will be more like a Delon or Josh Grant type player in terms of impact.

by MinnesotaUte
2017-01-19 09:25:05

I think he may end up with more notoriety because I think we are going to be pretty damn good for the next several years which will give him exposure that Josh never got, nor did Delon really. Both capped out at sweet16 whereas Andre got to final game, and even Keith made it to Elite 8. But impact-wise, Andre was a once in a lifetime player. I don't think anyone, including Devon, will ever have the total impact and total career that Andre did. (Never is a long time I know, but think about what Andre's total career, kinda ridic don't you think?)

And really that has a lot to do with his game, and that's why I don't like the comparison. The "game" is the impact. Andre was a matchup nightmare for every team we play, could play inside, outside, on offense or defense, he was a true floor general, was a passing savant, just a flat out winner. I hope Devon proves me wrong, and I do think he may just be one of the top 10 or 20 players to play at the U, and certainly in top 10 of guards if he continues at his current clip.

But the skills Devon has aren't remarkably different than a lot of elite guards around the country. Andre on the other hand was in a whole different conversation, even at the time. We'll see, but I just don't think it's fair or accurate to even start the Andre Miller comparisons at this stage. Hell, if he improves a lot next year, he might declare and only play two years here which would put him in the same boat as Delon.

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There should be a law passed that if you go to a company for care and the initial Dr is a preferred provider, then all other doctors that see you must be bound by the insurance and agree to their fees.

by Ute2004
2017-01-19 13:09:07

It's a scam and they do it on purpose. You have the initial Dr. be a member of the insurance and all other specialists be out of network because they can charge you whatever they want.

For example, if you need procedure A done, and the insurance agrees to pay the preferred doc $100 for that procedure but the out of network guys charge $250 for the same procedure, what the companies/hospitals do is have Dr A (who gets $100) diagnose then refer you to Dr B (who charges $250 because he is out of network) to do the procedure. Then they give Dr. A a % of the money.

It's bait and switch and big scam. One of the many reasons why our system is broken from top to bottom.

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