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Please REMEMBER THIS HIGH when Arizona thumps us by 30...

Posted By: UtesRus
Date: Friday, January 6, 2012 at 10:27 am

..and not throw these same guys and coaches under the bus. It was a great win by the guys last night, it was good to see them battle, shows heart and fortitude, and I'm proud of their effort. We finally have a coach who has communicated to a group of young men that the 'U-T-A-H' on their jersey MEANS something and that they should play balls out every game. It's been too long since we've had a coaching staff and players who RESPECTED THE 'UTAH' on their jerseys.

We've won a National Championship, countless conference crowns, was in the NCAA Finals, and have a long tradition of coaches and players who've built the Utah Basketball's legacy that needs to be represented with hard work, guts, and courage. Last night's effort showed glimpses of that with the coaches and players. I know that we are a ways away from being on the same level that Utah Basketball is accustomed to, but at least we're heading in that direction.

Nice win Utes, keep fighting, thank you for respecting the jersey you're wearing by not quitting and committing to doing what needs to be done to win. This Utah fan appreciates your hard work, effort, and to leave it all on the court - win, or lose.

Go Utes!

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UtesRus icon NEW: Please REMEMBER THIS HIGH when Arizona thumps us by 30...
UtesRus - Top 25 Poster -- Friday 6 January 2012, at 10:27 am [ID# 1306624] [reply]
SforkUte icon NEW: Oh it will be forgotten and there will be under the bus throwing. (nm)
SforkUte - -- Friday 6 January 2012, at 10:28 am [ID# 1306627] [reply]
UtesRus icon NEW: This board needs an RX for Depakote... (nm)
UtesRus - Top 25 Poster -- Friday 6 January 2012, at 10:34 am [ID# 1306631] [reply]
UBlender icon NEW: This is why I'm trying to contain the exuberance, so that when the next crash comes we don't act surprised and start calling for everybody's head. We might be improving but we are still probably the worst team in this conference. (nm)
UBlender - Top 25 Poster -- Friday 6 January 2012, at 10:45 am [ID# 1306637] [reply]
o NEW: It is in the official (or afficial for all real sports fans) hand book. It is the absolute right for fans to forget! Band wagon jumping has a special table in the hall of fame. (nm)
Flyer - -- Friday 6 January 2012, at 10:32 am [ID# 1306630] [reply]
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