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Oh the humanity!!!!

Posted By: utefan_42
Date: Friday, April 13, 2012 at 12:41 pm

I can't imagine how the human race has ever managed to survive for so long with all the dangers lurking out there.

I mean think about it..the rigors of learning to crawl, and walk as a child..all those sharp deadly corners and hardwood and tile floors you have to face as an infant.

Fortunately, someone has finally come up with a way to save all our children from such atrocities...

I give you the Crawling helmet

Never again do you have to live in fear that your child will bump his/her head on the floor, saving you countless hours of emergency room visits and mounting medical costs. I only wish someone had thought of this sooner.

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Messages In This Thread

utefan_42 icon NEW: Oh the humanity!!!!
utefan_42 - -- Friday 13 April 2012, at 12:41 pm [ID# 1346365] [reply]
SeaTacUte icon NEW: Someone is going to make a brazillion bucks off of that from all the helicopter parents. (nm)
SeaTacUte - -- Friday 13 April 2012, at 12:57 pm [ID# 1346374] [reply]
Maji Man icon NEW: Waiting for the study that shows it constricts natural skull development and helmeted kids grow up with soft undersized heads. (nm)
Maji Man - -- Friday 13 April 2012, at 01:03 pm [ID# 1346375] [reply]
o NEW: My first thought. (nm)
Irving Washington - -- Friday 13 April 2012, at 04:02 pm [ID# 1346458] [reply]
KyleWouldDoIt icon NEW: I bet Max Hall had one of those when he was a baby...might explain his attraction to overly large helmets. (nm)
KyleWouldDoIt - -- Friday 13 April 2012, at 01:39 pm [ID# 1346386] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: His folks must have carved some earholes out of his helmet. No way one of those things would allow his ears to grow so wildly without any alterations.
480ute - Top 25 Poster -- Friday 13 April 2012, at 01:48 pm [ID# 1346388] [reply]
Maji Man icon NEW: After a bath they clothespinned him to a clothesline by his ears to dry. (nm)
Maji Man - -- Friday 13 April 2012, at 01:50 pm [ID# 1346391] [reply]
Maji Man icon NEW: The Hall family is fastidious about their baths, that's why they hate bear spray so much. (nm)
Maji Man - -- Friday 13 April 2012, at 01:57 pm [ID# 1346397] [reply]
UTE Warrior icon NEW: what a fart face (nm)
UTE Warrior - -- Friday 13 April 2012, at 06:00 pm [ID# 1346509] [reply]
LadyUte icon NEW: That is absolutely ridiculous. (nm)
LadyUte - -- Friday 13 April 2012, at 01:49 pm [ID# 1346390] [reply]
o NEW: We went to a baby store in Manhattan when our stroller gave out. I listened to them offer baby wipe warmers with straight faces to an expecting couple. The dupes bought them. They will sell these. (nm)
Duhwayne - -- Friday 13 April 2012, at 07:10 pm [ID# 1346530] [reply]
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