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MWC expansion

Posted By: SportUTE
Date: Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 02:31 pm

I guess Hair is in wheeler-dealer mode. I'd assume SDSU stays. Insane to be the "Hawaii" of the Big East. My projected lineup:

Boise St.
Fresno St.
SDSU <== Unofficial at this point

Utah St
Air Force
New Mexico
Colorado St.
<== BYU???

So, has this been "all according to our plan" for BYU and their minions, or is it a hat-holding humble pie episode? I can see Hair wanting to make them squirm for the headaches they have caused over the past few years, but is there really any other candidate than SDSU/BYU to go to 12 for the MWC?

Humor me, I'm sentimental about the MWC for old times' sake....

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Messages In This Thread

SportUTE icon NEW: MWC expansion
SportUTE - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 02:31 pm [ID# 1477359] [reply]
o NEW: I thought SJSU was in? (nm)
sancho - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 02:34 pm [ID# 1477360] [reply]
SportUTE icon NEW: Heavy Duty talks, but nothing official... (nm)
SportUTE - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 02:35 pm [ID# 1477361] [reply]
o NEW: So they are giving BYU one more chance, and SJSU is the backup plan? (nm)
sancho - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 02:39 pm [ID# 1477364] [reply]
SportUTE icon NEW: SDSU is probably in regardless, BYU or another school to go to 12. Rumors of them pursuing Tulsa and not BYU is interesting but not credible IMO (nm)
SportUTE - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 02:47 pm [ID# 1477368] [reply]
o NEW: No, I'm talking about San Jose State, SJSU, not SDSU. (nm)
sancho - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 02:51 pm [ID# 1477371] [reply]
UtahMan77 icon NEW: SJSU is in. Utah St and SJSU replaced SDSU and Boise when they left the 1st time.....leaving byu in the cold (nm)
UtahMan77 - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 02:56 pm [ID# 1477375] [reply]
o NEW: So, assuming SDSU is in as well, they are set at 12, and BYU only gets in if they want to go to an unwieldy 14. (nm)
sancho - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 02:58 pm [ID# 1477378] [reply]
o NEW: San Jose State joins the MWC next year with USU (nm)
SigEpUte - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 02:57 pm [ID# 1477377] [reply]
SportUTE icon NEW: Thanks for the clarifications. BYU seems to be in a pickle (nm)
SportUTE - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 05:22 pm [ID# 1477453] [reply]
o NEW: I don't understand why Boise doesn't cut the dead weight here and start its own conference:
sancho - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 03:06 pm [ID# 1477381] [reply]
LA Ute icon NEW: For several years now BYU has had a plan in place for this eventuality. They are never surprised. (nm)
LA Ute - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 03:22 pm [ID# 1477386] [reply]
rbentz icon NEW: I would think Boise would be in the Mountain or eastern division and San Diego and San Jose would fill in the western division leaving the Zoobs homeless once more. (nm)
rbentz - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 05:51 pm [ID# 1477465] [reply]
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