snake what do you think will happen to our prime hunting and fishing places IF Utah were to ever take over Public Lands?

Posted By: FlyfishingUte
Date: Wednesday 11 January 2017, at 09:35 pm
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This really isn't about treehuggers as you put it.

Do you really trust the Utah Legislsture to ensure public access to prime hunting and fishing land?
They won't. Look no further than the misnamed cooperative wildlife management areas. Your chances of drawing one of the so called sportman tags is slim and none The Utah legislature would sell off all the best PUBLIC land to the Ken Ivorys of the world.

People take for granted our PUBLIC lands. If we aren't vigilant and oppose Herbie's attempted illegal land grab you won't have any place to hunt. Doubt what I'm saying? Look at how it's worked out in Texas

I'm not fond of some of the things on their agendas but right now they are sportsmans allies.
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