The overwhelming majority of the blm land that herbie and his boys want control of are uninhabitable and contain oil, gas, coal, and minerals. I'm 100% behind Utah controlling rights to minerals within its State.

Posted By: snake
Date: Thursday 12 January 2017, at 12:04 am

Washington or extremists should have no control of mineral rights. I have been to several committe meetings and have access to closed caucus discussions. To say that Utah lawmakers want to take over the Wasatch National Forest and sell it to developers is ludicrous and untrue.

I have been to every oil and gas well in Daggett, uintah, Duchesne, and Emery counties. There are thousands and thousands of well locations and I have set foot on every one. I have inspected equipment on each location. 30% of these locations are not inhabitable. Not even by weeds or bugs. Some of these locations can't sustain any vegetation at all. When any person outside Utah hears oil well, all they can say is shut it down.
People who have no idea what Wonsits Valley even looks like or how ungodly that area is, are closing down exploration and production of State owned minerals. This is what the big debate is over. If you think Ellis Ivory, Boyer, or anyone else would buy and develop this barren territory you are nuts. If there was one place on the planet where drilling was meant to happen, its in the southern portion of the Uintah Basin. Most of this land is BLM. I spent 11 years in the patch and never saw anyone camping in the wastelands of the patch.
I'm all for staying out of National Forests for any development period, but blm land that can't grow weeds should be fair game and designated for State use as it sees fit.

For anysingle person to designate monuments as wilderness is wrong too. If it truly is the people's land, the people should have a say. For one man to make that call is not in line with the principles this country was founded on. If the president was to use some obscure act to forbid divorce, the people would feel their rights are being violated. I feel the same way about the use of the antiquities act. Only one man has a voice. That is scary
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