Ummm, no.

Posted By: Ute_fan_forever
Date: Tuesday 24 January 2017, at 07:02 am
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Maybe I should clarify a bit. I donít care what side it came from. I am against sending that kind of money to people and Nations that hate us. This is just one instance of this. There are many more not made available to the public you could bet. Now I donít have a link to prove that but I am pretty sure I am spot on.

And you see, I think you skipped over part of the story which I did spend the time to quote. So what does that quote mean to you? It sounds to me that a certain person slid it under the door just before he left office. Thatís all I am saying. Mad? Naa, not at you. Mad about the money leaving the nation when it could really go to say, help the homeless and mentally ill on the streets? Feed the hungry kids in America? Ya, a little angry. I hope I cleared that up a little.
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