I know that if you post his name on this board, he's probably going to get a call from Oregon St. tonight. ;)
  By KyleWouldDoIt (Votes: 19)
In this frame, we can see what appears to be a figure taking aim.
  By Homer_Crimson (Votes: 9)
Trading George Karl for Brian Shaw has got to be one of the worst coaching decisions ever.
  By sancho (Votes: 9)
Gabe York's missed free throw and put back wasn't all Isaiah Wright's fault.
  By Crimson Kid (Votes: 6)
Back and to the left.
  By UtesBy7 (Votes: 5)
Hey Mullet, remember that time we had tickets to a Human League concert and you went in disguise to keep people from thinking you were a waver?
  By loyter (Votes: 5)
Am I the only one that feels like the BYU football program has become some kind of bizarre cult?
  By Weenus (Votes: 4)
York already had a step past Wright before it hit the rim. Refs fault and JL should have gone after the ball after the initial box out. He kept backing away from the rim.
  By redfUsion (Votes: 4)
My wife watches it but doesn't laugh nearly as much as I do.
  By High Uintas (Votes: 4)
Nice message. It's more important to maintain a competitive advantage....bwaaa haaa haaaa
  By Chucker (Votes: 3)
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