HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL YOU DRUNKEN UTE FANS. We all have different opinions but at the end of the day we're all still UTES.
  By runnutz (Votes: 7)
That 40% are the dim witted minority - kind of like the 30% of Republican primary voters that support Trump. Some times there is no accounting for stupidity.
  By pangloss (Votes: 5)
Forget political correctness, let's just bring back courtesy, respect and common decency.
  By USS Utah (Votes: 4)
This lefty's view
  By pangloss (Votes: 4)
Delon Wright scores 24pts on 9/9 shooting in his first game with Raptors 905.
  By Pl0x0rz (Votes: 4)
OK, I listened to part of it - but I'm drinking wine tonight and couldn't take the full 2 hours
  By pangloss (Votes: 4)
And if you're referring to issues like the Kim Davis affair, that is not ecclesiastical. She was not performing an ecclesiastical function, but a civil one.
  By Newbomb Turk (Votes: 3)
Link on the overlaps?
  By Newbomb Turk (Votes: 3)
More free publicity for Trump.
  By 89ute (Votes: 3)
And there it is...
  By Newbomb Turk (Votes: 2)
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