I love Stevie Tui'kolovatu had to sit in the locker room and listen to his boys sing Utah Man.
  By Ute2004 (Votes: 21)
Saw Coach Whitt this morning...
  By MauchDawgUte (Votes: 17)
It's easy. He was a walk-on. He had issues academically. Utah worked with him to get him and keep him eligible and graduate. Utah helped him and worked with him to help develop him into a player that has a shot at the NFL.
  By Ute2004 (Votes: 15)
My favorite part of the game is when the clock said zero and we had more points than them that was nice.
  By Junior Ute (Votes: 15)
"Leaders step up...How BAD do you want this??" - Whit @ Halftime
  By Crafty Ute (Votes: 14)
Hey 'ZonaUte
  By Texas_Ute_Fan (Votes: 11)
We are 1-0. Every game is big. Every team left on the schedule has the capability of beating us. And we have the capability to beat every one of them.
  By Newbomb Turk (Votes: 11)
Next win is Whittingham's 100th. Let's get it in Berkeley!
  By NarfUte (Votes: 11)
With that performance Taysom Hill slipped to #2 and Tanner Mangum took over first on the Heisman watch list.
  By jhill (Votes: 10)
Post game thoughts
  By FlyfishingUte (Votes: 10)
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