At some point, our opponents are going to conclude their only shot at ever returning a punt is just to place a guy one yard in front of each pylon.
  By EUte (Votes: 22)
It's because Jay Drew is a really active blogger, much like a lot of the housewives in my neighborhood.
  By Utes49ers (Votes: 20)
RE: I see Michigan is a five-point favorite
  By Utehawk15 (Votes: 18)
Funny line from PAC-12 blog today:
  By Ute2004 (Votes: 16)
Decal Day...
  By Crimsonute (Votes: 15)
Would BYU finish 3rd in the PAC12?
  By Utehawk15 (Votes: 13)
RE: Is anyone still wanting to argue that Phillip Rivers isn't elite?
  By Utehawk15 (Votes: 12)
Utah would finish first in the SEC. Hey, this is fun. I like making statements that can't be proved or disproved. So, yeah, Utah would finish first in the SEC.
  By Newbomb Turk (Votes: 12)
What an ass#%!@ feltcher.
  By Chad Sexington (Votes: 11)
nah, the cougs beat them and would beat them again. saying texas would beat them now sounds like a certain fan base saying they would beat us if the game was at the end of the season.
  By mr_urson (Votes: 10)
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