Found this on the internets, Wendy's in Beaver, UT got a new sign
  By DownhereUte (Votes: 17)
I'm not worried about this Brexit thing. I mean, when has a combination of economic downturn and extreme nationalism ever made something bad happen in Europe?
  By wannabeaute (Votes: 11)
Toronto Raptors #42, Jakob Poeltl. #WeTheNorth
  By UtesMuss1 (Votes: 11)
RE: And one last one for the day, as if we needed any more reminders that Trump is as dishonest and a flip-flopper as has ever existed in the political arena...
  By SubstiUTE (Votes: 10)
I know Wendy...it is not fresh.
  By The Thrill (Votes: 9)
Time for SLEXIT! I'm done with this kangaroo state govt!
  By Chad Sexington (Votes: 8)
Toronto Raptors Select Jakob Poeltl 9th Overall
  By UtesMuss1 (Votes: 7)
Yea, he is. Hell, he lies when it doesn't even do him good. When he's caught, he lies more. He never admits a lie or walks it back. He can't help it. He's a pathological liar.
  By pangloss (Votes: 7)
A cheesy definition of independence is PROVOLONE
  By The Thrill (Votes: 7)
Clinton victory = Texit?
  By pangloss (Votes: 6)
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