Thank you, Dres! It's been a pleasure to have you as a Ute! All the best!
  By UteStuckInSeattle (Votes: 84)
Did I ever mention I grew up a byu fan?
  By H-man (Votes: 25)
There is an easy fix for that.
  By HoyaUte (Votes: 19)
This is the result of giving simple-minded people a template to use for defining 'Goodness'. In their minds going to the ward building on Sunday and not drinking coffee are the true measure of a person's worth.
  By Weenus (Votes: 14)
If Todd Graham was in a restaurant and suddenly choked on his meal, I'd order a double of Maker's and pull up a chair to watch him slowly die.
  By Mullet Ute (Votes: 13)
Poutasi (added "this season" in the quote box so the stat context is clear)
  By HCHooligan (Votes: 12)
Time for me to brag just a little..those U of U medical students that just came up with the new catheter...well one is my nephew
  By runnutz (Votes: 11)
He broke his flux capacitor.
  By SforkUte (Votes: 9)
RedditCFB's latest illustrated rankings. :D
  By UtesMuss1 (Votes: 7)
I'm learning Python (programming language) and last night I wrote a little program that pops up the Utah fight song every 2 hours to remind me to get out of my chair and walk around. It makes me happy.
  By FortUiTous (Votes: 7)
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