What could possibly go wrong? U T ( . )( . ) A H
  By UteThunder (Votes: 27)
For the "in your face Zoobs, these jokes write themselves" file of the day.
  By The Thrill (Votes: 11)
Are we really leaving it up to the NEZ to Paint 'UTAH' on the roof of the field house? I'd feel more comfortable if someone else was doing the spell check.
  By Rocker Ute (Votes: 8)
Utah football countdown, #44
  By Maji Man (Votes: 6)
I used to mark that game on my calendar as soon as the schedule came out. Now it does almost nothing for me. As I've said before this was my reaction to the last 3 games:
  By Tacoma Ute (Votes: 6)
Has anyone started an online petition yet to get Yucaipa High off of our schedule for the next several seasons? I'd sign that. There is no sensible reason to play those yahoos.
  By UtahUteGuy (Votes: 6)
Or you could look at these facts...
  By Vegas Ute (Votes: 5)
the problem is that even when we pummel them like a blue hair step child their coach and their fans rationalize
  By FlyfishingUte (Votes: 5)
One thing that cannot be disputed, Mo's love them some Disneyland
  By annarborute (Votes: 4)
LoLz, another validation measure debunked.
  By Maji Man (Votes: 4)
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