KVH is rehashing some old Majerus quotes tonight on twitter (good stuff) ...
  By sweetgrass (Votes: 9)
You should become a BSU fan.
  By UtahUteGuy (Votes: 6)
It is always good to cross-check impression vs. data.
  By Vegas Ute (Votes: 5)
Booker to Denver!!!
  By Ute2004 (Votes: 4)
  By joefan (Votes: 4)
In the post immediately before mine you called him "a disgusting human being!". You threw him away as trash after seeing one single, painfully emotional performance. As I said he was a 100% believing church member until 5 months ago,
  By Puget Ute (Votes: 4)
miss Big Rick. Life guarded for him briefly when he was swimming. He had some epic stories I always told him no way in hell I could get him
  By FlyfishingUte (Votes: 3)
The Drake Relays have a 107 year history, Utah has sent a team for the last 11 years... The Utes have won 1 event at Drake, well make it two...
  By Vegas Ute (Votes: 3)
Yeah, but we left East Timor and Andorra in the dust!
  By Tacoma Ute (Votes: 3)
I would now call them "ex ambassadors". See what I did there?
  By UtahUteGuy (Votes: 3)
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