A Zoob co-worker just tried to talk smack by making fun of Utah facing a 6-6 team in our bowl game. I quickly reminded him that tha 6-6 team we face is from the Big10 -- and back in 1984 all you had to do to win a national championship was beat a 6-6
  By ex'dute (Votes: 20)
This discussion was entirely about Carson's (lack of) qualifications for the job. The only person bringing race into this is you.
  By SkinyUte (Votes: 15)
Sounds like they would be happy to never play anybody again. Let's make that happen.
  By The Thrill (Votes: 12)
Don't confuse the people in this discussion with "the left". This is a civil, sensible conversation. Don't bring up some nebulous group of people and confuse them with these civil sensible people here.
  By mokus (Votes: 8)
This should never be forgotten.
  By The Thrill (Votes: 8)
Side note: Trump has already appointed lots of white folks to cabinet positions. I haven't seen one of us "lefties" complain about the fact these folks are white.
  By SkinyUte (Votes: 7)
I miss WYO
  By utahpunk (Votes: 7)
Shoehorn Community College set to play old MWC foe Wyoming in the Poinsettia Bowl
  By mokus (Votes: 7)
I remember going to the last game Utah played in Laramie and the same horror stories were told about how Wyoming fans treat Utah fans as well. The actual experience was the complete opposite. We parked at a little church lot across from the stadium
  By GUBA (Votes: 7)
When Trump does racist and discriminatory things (which he has done many), we will continue to call him out on those. This, however, is not one of those things.
  By SkinyUte (Votes: 7)
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