#1 this year, #2 last year. Which is why I think people calling for Whit's head are nuts.
  By SkinyUte (Votes: 24)
This is why you should always open against a weak team. Get all the summer suspensions out of the way.
  By sancho (Votes: 14)
Utah #1 toughest schedule in the nation
  By joefan (Votes: 12)
Cron called back up by Angels
  By Big Kahuna (Votes: 9)
I'm trying to decide whether to applaud or shake my head in disbelief. Utes have come a LONG way since the MWC days.
  By SeaTacUte (Votes: 8)
Battle of Alberta tonight...
  By EUte (Votes: 7)
RE: Hmmmm
  By UteStuckInSeattle (Votes: 7)
the OL stunk last year
  By oc_ute (Votes: 7)
Just received my season tickets with a wrapping gift from the Crimson Club and a note from Coach Whitt saying he loves me.
  By SubstiUTE (Votes: 6)
Why on earth are they a topic at PAC 12 media day though? I don't think people have "blind hate" for BYU. They have 20/20 crystal clear vision good reasons to hate them.
  By Tacoma Ute (Votes: 5)
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