Not that it's news, but Derik Stevenson is the definition of a zoob in every way. Derick honestly lives in a completely different reality than the rest of us.
  By TheBaron (Votes: 41)
I'm on my way to the Home of the Utes!!!
  By UteStuckInSeattle (Votes: 36)
Roscoe has said a lot of stupid things, but that might have been the most asinine thing he has ever said.
  By UteFanatic (Votes: 26)
giving Dick Harmon a back massage with Essential Oils.
  By vUUdoo (Votes: 24)
This Stevenson vs. Poppinga dust up has all the promise of a Palin family birthday party.
  By wannabeaute (Votes: 22)
RE: Who's Derik Stevenson?
  By codeRed (Votes: 19)
Am I the only one who finds it amusing and poetic that the BYU postgame show on KSL was interrupted by a test of the Emergency Broadcast System?
  By Jimmy Mac (Votes: 19)
My nephew is in his final semester at byu law. Here's what he wore to classes today:
  By San Diego Ute Fan (Votes: 17)
Project Burrito - Awesome
  By BayoUTE (Votes: 15)
Giving them relevance? No. Reveling in the irrelevance? Absolutely. We hate those pricks.
  By Mevsauce (Votes: 15)
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