What a way to start my first season in the MUSS!
  By joefan (Votes: 27)
couple of hoop bad asses last night
  By sweetgrass (Votes: 22)
The 4th quarter drum thing was a total FAIL
  By TheUteBlog (Votes: 21)
Glad I don't have to read any more bull$#!+ about Harbaugh!
  By UtahUteGuy (Votes: 17)
On behalf of those of us who sit in the North End Zone, one thing to remember when you hear someone speak of new restrooms in the north concourse...
  By 61_Shasta (Votes: 17)
Utes get some love from CBS Sports
  By OldAsDirtUte (Votes: 16)
I'll take three picks over three sacks.
  By The Thrill (Votes: 15)
The cadence got dumbed down to accommodate the abilities of 45K white people trying to clap in unison.
  By alUmnUs (Votes: 15)
oh jeez. We just beat Michigan. Not freaking Utah State. We looked great in this game. It's called big boy football, not MWC weenie crap. It's also called first game of the year.
  By Ute2004 (Votes: 15)
Okay Internet provide me this video.
  By UTE98 (Votes: 14)
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