Dude, Utah is 7-1 and if first place in the south, ranked in the top 20, and Game Day is coming to town. Step back and look around - this is awesome.
  By loyter (Votes: 13)
Presenting my GameDay sign!
  By joefan (Votes: 13)
Ball didn't go in the hoop.
  By UtahUteGuy (Votes: 9)
That time at the Vegas Bowl when Joe Williams parents hung out with us at our tail gate and I was thinking Joe who? Boy do I feel like a dumbass.....
  By West_PHX_UTE (Votes: 5)
I'll sell mine for $999,900. See how a free market economy drives costs down?
  By The Thrill (Votes: 5)
I think I might try to block the human race.
  By mokus (Votes: 5)
Heathenfan.net Lives!!!!
  By annarborute (Votes: 4)
I will sell for the low, low price of your virgin daughter, 10 acres of land and 3 of your finest milk cows.
  By mokus (Votes: 3)
Do you also pray for your sons to never be drafted?
  By Big Z (Votes: 3)
You fell for it buddy.
  By stonguse (Votes: 3)
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