It's so big. Soooooo big.
  By H-man (Votes: 17)
Who is going to be the one to move closer to the doctor?
  By BaldHatu (Votes: 13)
So we should vote for the guy behind Trump University and Trump Mortgage?
  By Hayes6 (Votes: 8)
No you haven't.
  By H-man (Votes: 7)
There's a problem with anybody arguing against Clinton on the basis of her being a liar (and she is) - Trump is the worst pathological liar to ever win a major party nomination, bar none in over 200 years.
  By TheBaron (Votes: 5)
I can't wait to drink a beer and watch something with nudity on that.
  By DownhereUte (Votes: 5)
We were okay until you said "I'm just here for the gangbang, Officer"
  By Mullet Ute (Votes: 4)
No drum and feather....
  By Crafty Ute (Votes: 4)
I like Tesla, don't know if I'd call myself a fan, but I appreciate what they are doing.
  By 480ute (Votes: 4)
Yeah, but it does go with the other Block U's on the towers. I just wish they had gone with solid red instead of this new crappy license plate block U.
  By H-man (Votes: 4)
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