By Rocker Ute (Votes: 24)
It's commencement season! Congratulations to all the graduates. Including those at our neighbor school to the south. Go forth to serve!
  By Duhwayne (Votes: 16)
just updating my list of who my kids can't play with ...
  By sweetgrass (Votes: 12)
I don't care what people believe, they have the right to have their own beliefs, follow whatever church, have faith in whatever god they want. But the second they use those beliefs as rationalization for pushing ideology or a way of life onto ANYONE
  By PDXUtefan (Votes: 12)
Maybe because they don't have answers.
  By javadave (Votes: 12)
Brigham Young had 55 wives and called slavery a divine instution. No offense, but I am going to have to side with Honest Abe here.
  By Ute Bear (Votes: 11)
I always just assumed Loiter was a Duggar.
  By scratch (Votes: 11)
LDS leadership continues to excommunicate members who publicly express their doubts.
  By utebehindenemylines (Votes: 10)
Too bad...
  By UtahFanSir (Votes: 10)
So you're 100% OK with the founder of Mormonism ...
  By Maji Man (Votes: 10)
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