LOL...them's the days
  By SeaTacUte (Views: 168)
I wish I had known years ago that my kids would be a bigger financial burden when they were out of the house than when they lived at home.
  By JumpmasterUte (Views: 166)
Suitable Discipline for TDS melee participants
  By njute (Views: 146)
Shocking The house killed Healthy Utah during a hearing and even more shocking
  By FlyfishingUte (Views: 139)
Apparently Marshall Henderson is doing pretty OK in Iraq
  By EUte (Views: 134)
Thanks, Larry H. Miller Co., et al...
  By Maji Man (Views: 123)
twice divorced. The first one thought I should give up bourbon and join a certain belief system. I couldn't do that
  By FlyfishingUte (Views: 122)
Are you married? If so it can be just as bad.
  By JumpmasterUte (Views: 95)
I have a co-worker who just had a baby at 49. I feel for him. Who has the energy at that age to raise a child.
  By JumpmasterUte (Views: 87)
Just watched my first 3 minutes of Jazz basketball this year.
  By High Uintas (Views: 74)
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