8 Minute mark Duke's Coach K talks about the rebuilding job at Utah credits K2 and Hill.
  By Junior Ute (Views: 205)
Nice write up on Ute Chase Hansen.
  By UtesMuss1 (Views: 192)
A guy at my grand daughter's soccer game said he was talking to a member of the Board of Regents at his son's game in American Fork. He was told the Regents were discussing whether they should allow UVU to have a football team.
  By UTEOF (Views: 186)
The truth shall set him free....
  By Flyer (Views: 176)
coaching carosel
  By pangloss (Views: 170)
I guess we have 4 weeks to sweat-out the Poeltl decision?
  By Maji Man (Views: 162)
Delon Wright, 2nd team All American...
  By MeSoVanHorny (Views: 161)
If you believe not giving service to gays is ok because it is a choice to be gay, then I assume you support the decision to make this sign too.
  By Daedalus17 (Views: 152)
Look, idiot, I can't prove its a choice and you cannot prove that it is not so it is fruitless to have that discussion.
  By Flyer (Views: 146)
Well maybe you now understand my refusal to open that door. I apologize for calling you an idiot and "yelling" at you. I have walked down is road far too many times and everybody's mind is already made up so discussion is futile.
  By Flyer (Views: 136)
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