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"It doesn't take a rocket scientist, but since you have one handy . . ."


Member since: May 3rd, 2002
Star rating: 11715
Age: 58
Gender: M
Hometown: Brigham City, UT
Occupation: Wannabe Retireee
Education: Master's Degree
Favorite Website: http://utefans.net
Myspace profile:
About Me:
BSME from Utah in 1980; MBA from Westminster in 2001. Currently the Manager of R&D Engineering at Orbital ATK Aerospace Structures, Clearfield, Utah. Grew up in Brigham City, Ut. Married to the wonderful Ute football fan Sharon (I love Tight Ends) since Oct. 2003.

"You get back here you pious candy-ass sidewinder. Ain't no way that nobody is gonna' to leave this town. Hell, I was born here, an' I was raished here, an' dad gum it, I am gonna die here an' no sidewindin bushwackin, hornswaglin, cracker croaker is gonna rouin me biscuit cutter." -- Gabby Johnson

"It puzzles me why they put filling stations where they do. Just how did those fellas know there was gas and oil down there?" -- Dizzy Dean
My Favorite Teams:
University of Utah Football and Basketball
Chicago White Sox
Denver Broncos
My Favorite Victories:
Jan. 2, 2009 Utah shows an arrogant Alabama how to really play football
1978 Utah over BYU on Randy Gomez to Frank Henry TD pass
2005 Fiesta Bowl Utah over Pitt
1998 Utah over North Carolina in basketball
1998 Utah over Arizona in basketball
1988 Rice Bowl Utah 58 Zoo 27
2005 Chicago White Sox win the world series for the first time in 88 years
1998 Denver Broncos over Green Bay Packers to win their first Super Bowl after a boatload of embarassment in 4 previous tries.
My Favorite Players:
Utes: Mike Newlin, Bryon Wilson, Alex Smith, Dave Reville, Eric Weddle, Carl Monroe, Rob "and it's 4th & inches" Richeson, Steve Folsom, Wayne "Big Bear" Jones, Keith Van Horn, Michael Doleac, Andre Miller, Brian Johnson, Paul Kruger, Stephenson Sylvester, Zane Beadles, Brandon Taylor, Jakob Poeltl

Others: Dick Allen, Tom Seaver, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Carlton Fisk, Paul Konerko, John Elway, Rod Smith, Randy Gradishar, Louis Wright, Dennis Smith, Joe Namath


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