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    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-05-07 12:26:29

    Dreamin' is free.

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    That is some serious wind out there. Be safe kids. Especially you guys out in the Farmington and Centerville area.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-04-30 20:45:37

    I will not be surprised if the huge Chinese Elm (or whatever it is) next door comes crashing down on our shed and our power line. That thing is swaying way more than a tree that big should sway when the gusts hit.

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    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-04-26 19:53:44

    War is peace
    Freedom is slavery
    Ignorance is strength
    Being raped is an honor code violation

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    Better Call Saul. Clue for season 3?

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-04-26 19:05:11

    I saw this online. It's not an official Tacoma conspiracy theory or even a Tacoma approved theory.

    If you take the first letter of each of the season 2 episodes and rearrange them you can spell "Fring's back".

    Coincidence? Yeah. I think it's just a coincidence. We all know Fring will be back next season anyway. I can't wait. He's the only well dressed, calm, clean cut character I know who can scare the shit out of you by simply saying. "I hope your meal was to your satisfaction."

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    RIP Prince. It's hard to believe so many bought the flu story. That reeked of BS from the start. Still, whether he did it intentionally, accidentally or if someone did it to him it's still a tragedy.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-04-21 19:15:25

    I don't say that because he was famous. Death is a tragedy whether your a billionaire or a bum.

    Great musician though. Fantastic writer. Master of the guitar, and many other instruments. He was also a fascinating personality whether you liked him or not. It's too bad so many gifted people go so soon.

    Thanks for the great tunes Prince.

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    Brandon Cox.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-04-16 17:59:11

    I'm so tempted to make an "I told you so post". It's too early though. I'll wait until January.

    GO UTES!!!

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    Ladies and gentlemen your Toronto Utes!?

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-04-14 12:20:48

    I'm seeing Jakob pegged for Toronto in several mocks. I know who I would root for in the East. Actually I'm already rooting for them this year.

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    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-03-29 20:23:20


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    Am I the only one who still loves "Better Call Saul"? On the IMDB message boards it's being ripped as being too slow.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-03-29 12:00:22

    I suspect the people ripping it are the type that want non-stop shootouts, car chases, CGI monsters, explosions, etc.

    I think BCS is the best thing on TV currently. Not quite BB great but close.

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    I'm going to my "safe space". Please send counsellors at taxpayer expense to help me deal with the "triggers" and "micro aggressions" I've suffered today. TIC.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-03-27 20:10:20

    Have a good night everyone. Looking forward to the FB practice reports tomorrow.

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    Looks like perhaps they've gotten a little overconfident after celebrating their vicarious win through the Catholic school from Spokane on Saturday. So much for proclaiming "we're number 69!"

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-03-22 19:32:43

    I'm getting pretty good at operating this shoehorn. Practice makes perfect.

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    Speaking of stickers and license plates and such, about 20 years ago a friend and I were heading down the 405 on a Sunday morning to go watch football at Charlie Mac's. We were passed by a car with Washington plates that read "GO UTES". We tried ...

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-03-22 13:31:03

    ...to catch up so I could give him a thumbs up and show my Utes hat. He was REALLY hauling ass though. I gave up after a minute or two because I was afraid of getting a ticket.

    I'm guessing the driver is probably a member of this board.

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    At least something is going right hoop-wise this weekend.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-03-20 19:06:30

    Cue the Jazz haters who inexplicably don't have this category unchecked in 3...2....1....

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    Championship game predictions.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-03-12 14:27:26

    PAC 12

    Utah has become a very, very good team. I fear Oregon may be slightly better and this seems to have been a favorable matchup for them this year. Having said that, I'm picking the Utes by 4 in a nerve wracking thriller. Why? The Utes have just been so mentally tough at the end of games lately. I think they will will themselves to avenge the earlier 2 losses. Late game heroics by Brandon seal the deal.

    Big Sky

    Weber hasn't exactly passed the eye test against lower seeds. It's easy to argue that they should have lost both. I think they bounce back and play better today, which they will have to. They beat the Griz a couple weeks ago without Bolomboy. I think they win by 8 or so tonight.

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    I can't believe it's still almost 5 hours to tipoff. At least I can watch Weber at 6:35.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-03-11 16:51:15


    Sadly I don't think Walton will be commentating that game either.

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    Props to Damian Lillard. 41 points, 11 dimes and 5 boards. Arguably one of the top 2 players on the planet since the all star break.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-03-09 10:00:10

    Still he gets almost no local media attention. If he were a white LDS byu-p alum he'd be the most revered athlete in the history of the state. At least the national media is giving him his props.

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    I was hoping to get 2 teams from the state in the NCAA tourney. That could be tough now with Joel Bolomboy out indefinitely.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-02-25 11:32:04

    Terrible timing with the Montana showdown coming up Saturday.

    I noticed that nbadraft.net dropped him from 32 or 33 down to 48 on their draft board. I wouldn't think a deep bruise should warrant that kind of drop. It's not like he tore his ACL or something.

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    So when does the PAC get back in the playoff?

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-01-27 11:53:15

    I've looked at many "way too early" rankings and the highest I've seen a PAC 12 team is #7 and a couple of them didn't have a PAC team in the top 10.

    I realize they're called "way too early" for a reason but I'm kind of afraid that the PAC will cannibalize itself too often and get left out more often than not. (Until the playoffs expand)

    What say the board?

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    Ugh. That Metal Show is no more unless another network picks it up. AXS I'm looking at you. Otherwise no more Eddie, Don,Jim and of course Jennifer with the hottest walk on TV.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-01-19 18:43:26

    http://eddietrunk.com/119-an-important-me ssage-to-the-fans-of-that-metal-show/

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    I always root for Utes in the NFL but I don't let it effect which teams I root for. Alex is the exception. With all the garbage he's had to put up with I'm pulling for the Chiefs as if they were my favorite team.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-01-16 13:44:06

    He's put up with the boos and "we want Carr" chants from the whiner fans. The inexcusable benching and being replaced by the preening bicep kissing peacock, sportswriters saying Kaep led them to two straight NFC title games even though the first one was ALL Alex, sportscasters constantly acting like he is a liability, not an asset to KC.

    I want Alex to win this one so bad. Not just win it but be the main reason they won it. I don't think they will. I think NE wins comfortably but I so want to be dead wrong.

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    So WTF happened today? I've been away from the board and it appears something bad happened to the PDS. I can't figure out what it is from the posts though.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-01-13 18:04:13

    Surely it can't be anything about them not getting an invite from the Big 12 because anyone with half a brain knew they weren't getting in. What happened today?

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    If they were smart they would try and act big time and shrug their shoulders and say "meh, their loss". They know this but their anger is so great that they can't help themselves.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-01-07 09:57:40

    Everyone from the AD, the coach, their fawning media to the thousands of dimwits on zoobyboard are screaming in unison "we desperately need Utah and they don't need us at all. They big-timed us and it hurts so bad we can't stand it."

    Please keep up the whining, bitching and gnashing of teeth zoob nation. Please continue exposing yourselves as irrelevant, whiny, hypocritical pussies.

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    It's a conspiracy!

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-01-06 17:32:31

    http://www.cougarboard.com/board/message. html?id=15250553

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    My predictions for next week's AFC Wild Card games. I hope I get them both wrong.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2016-01-03 18:09:15

    Pittsburgh 34 Cincinnati 21

    Houston 23 KC 20

    While I'm at it I might as well pick the whole AFC playoffs.

    Divisional playoffs:

    Pittsburgh 35 Denver 24
    New England 38 Houston 10

    AFC Championship
    New England 31 Pittsburgh 21

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    Go Houston! I hate the SEC.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2015-12-31 10:09:47

    Yes, I know FSU is not in the SEC. They just seem like they are.

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    All this talk about old zoob basketball teams got me wondering how I would rank the 10 zoobs I loathe the most.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2015-12-29 14:37:28

    Frank Arnold and Greg Kite easily top the list. Hard to believe that as annoying as Ainge is he was only the 3rd worst on that team.

    On second thought I'm not going to do a top 10. It's giving me a headache.

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    It's really hitting me that Gionni Paul isn't going to be here anymore. One of my favorite players ever. Can't we change his name and claim that's he's some new freshman?

    by Tacoma Ute
    2015-12-28 14:19:47

    Hopefully he goes to a team I like on Sundays. I'll root for him no matter what even if he has a *gasp* star on his helmet.

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    Very puzzling. It would take all of 3 seconds for those who don't like AA to ignore him. So easy. Yet people take the time and effort to make post after post...

    by Tacoma Ute
    2015-12-22 11:37:27

    ...telling him how awful he is, asking him to stop posting, asking for him to be banned, etc. To each his own. I'm just trying to understand, that's all.

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    I don't always root for the Steelers, but when I do, it's usually against Denver or Dallas.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2015-12-20 17:04:32

    This is kinda fun.

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    There's a lot of talk that Odell Beckham Jr. will get suspended for his antics today (punches thrown, 3 PFs, etc.). What surprises me is that Tom Coughlin tolerates it.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2015-12-20 15:39:58

    I realize Coughlin has mellowed considerably from his past ultra-disciplinarian days but I'm surprised he allows this nonsense. Perhaps he's desperate because he fears for his job.

    At any rate I love the fact that Beckham went on a 5 minute strutting peacock-fest after tying the game. It only made him look like a bigger buffoon when the Panthers cut their hearts out a minute later.

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    Top 10 Most Recently Posted Messages:

    Truth bothers you? Of course it does. You are a brainwashed indoctrinated libtard. I'd expect no less.
    (49 days ago, 1 stars)

    This post will never be recategorized to Politics. If the barbs were directed the other direction it already would've happened.
    (50 days ago, 2 stars)

    In my neighborhood we call that "evening".
    (50 days ago, 4 stars)

    You almost say "drink in a smoky room filled with sneaky heathens" as if it's a bad thing.
    (50 days ago, 5 stars)

    He is indeed. An incredible player and fun to watch.
    (50 days ago, 1 stars)

    Damian Lillard is a baaaaaaaaad man. I mean that in a good way.
    (51 days ago, 3 stars)

    He will. I'd bet all 5 of my appendages on it.
    (51 days ago, 1 stars)

    Apparently we are his scouting system.
    (51 days ago, 0 stars)

    Somebody had better alert all of the local foot fetish hookers to stay far, far away.
    (52 days ago, 3 stars)

    LMAO. This thread would have never been moved to a different category if it had a bunch of anti-libertarian or conservative stuff in it. NEVER. Not in a million years. It's open season to criticize them in ANY category. Same ol' UFN. No wonder...
    (52 days ago, 1 stars)

    What of the Charles West transfer rumors? Was that all nonsense or is it still pending?
    (52 days ago, 0 stars)

    Well, Bernie has spoken out against the illegal NSA surveillance and he isn't the rapist enabler war monger Bush buddy Hillary, so there's that. Still, he does seem to appeal to people who want to bitch and moan, not work and get everything for free.
    (52 days ago, 1 stars)

    I have to strongly disagree. The best thing for us is to have them remain in independence hell where they are.
    (52 days ago, 4 stars)

    It must be a very warped sense of humor. Otherwise byu-p wouldn't exist.
    (52 days ago, 1 stars)

    Indeed! The 85 was hyperbole. She still does it for me.
    (53 days ago, 1 stars)

    I want Debbie Harry. I want her now. I don't care that she's 85.
    (53 days ago, 1 stars)

    (53 days ago, 2 stars)

    Ummm.....byu sucks. Sorry that's all I can think of.
    (54 days ago, 0 stars)

    West Point and Clinton just called. They're angry that they didn't get a mention.
    (54 days ago, 1 stars)

    Was she hot?
    (54 days ago, 1 stars)

    Nowadays they'd probably arrest you for a hate crime if you put a bible verse on there but if you posted a pro-tranny bathroom message you'd win an ESPY.
    (54 days ago, 3 stars)

    Almost. I've been almost completely without communication since the storm. They finally showed up and fixed everything.
    (54 days ago, 1 stars)

    I'm alive and well. (Some would dispute the "well" part :D ). A portion of my shed roof blew off and a lattice blew to pieces. Easy fixes. Considering how fierce the winds were I'll take it.
    (58 days ago, 0 stars)

    That is some serious wind out there. Be safe kids. Especially you guys out in the Farmington and Centerville area.
    (60 days ago, 0 stars)

    Yay! Dr. Carter will look great in burgundy and gold.
    (60 days ago, 0 stars)

    Yeah, but we left East Timor and Andorra in the dust!
    (60 days ago, 5 stars)

    We got whipped by USU and SUU. I think we will have some guys make it as UFAs though. Also, Booker will be a starter before long. Possibly from day one.
    (60 days ago, 0 stars)

    The Jags are absolutely tearing it up in this draft.
    (60 days ago, 0 stars)

    It would appear that many of us grossly overestimated our prospect's draft stock. Oh well. Maybe they will surprise as late picks or UDFAs.
    (60 days ago, 0 stars)

    Tamba Florida. The Big Guava. Cigar City.
    (61 days ago, 1 stars)

    Oh oh. Is it legal in Utah to sip Jim Beam while reading National Geographic? Asking for a friend.
    (61 days ago, 3 stars)

    If people want to blow skunk that isn't my business but why do they get so defensive about it?
    (61 days ago, 6 stars)

    I was going to put Killery or Hitlery but that would have agitated over half the board.
    (61 days ago, 2 stars)

    Maybe so if it didn't come across as so contrived and phony.
    (61 days ago, 1 stars)

    Cmon Goodell. Stop the creepy phony hugging. You don't care one iota about these players beyond how much money they will make you...before the concussion lawsuits.
    (62 days ago, 1 stars)

    I think Dallas just made a pretty durned good pick. #%!
    (62 days ago, 0 stars)

    You must have a pussy-assed security detail then. Some how I've been able to navigate the mean streets of O-Town unscathed for 50 years. So has everyone else I know. The myth of "dangerous" Ogden is a creation of elitist SLers.
    (62 days ago, 0 stars)

    That's what I would have thought but I also never would have believed that there would be people who think it's perfectly OK that men in dresses are allowed to go into bathroomsthat little girls go into. I shudder to think how much weirder society...
    (62 days ago, 2 stars)

    He was wearing a Red Sox lid. He thought the B stood for byu-p.
    (62 days ago, 1 stars)

    You should have asked him to explain gravity.
    (62 days ago, 0 stars)

    You're in luck then. Target stores will have a bathroom just for you within a year or two.
    (62 days ago, 2 stars)

    Wait a minute. Dendrophilia? Oh oh. You were spying on me with my cryptomeria japonica last night weren't you.
    (62 days ago, 1 stars)

    Give the social justice warriors time. They'll get around to all of those and more.
    (62 days ago, 1 stars)

    No Gionni? I realize he messed up by running injured at the combine but I'm sure there are plenty of teams who have done their research and realize how good he can be.
    (62 days ago, 0 stars)

    Barely manage it? LMFAO. He grew it exponentially. I have problems with him too but let's at least deal in facts. That was a ridiculous statement.
    (63 days ago, 0 stars)

    That would be the obvious fit. They should have never left. Aren't they already back in the Big Sky in hoops?
    (63 days ago, 0 stars)

    Him and every other candidate in either party for the last half century.
    (63 days ago, 3 stars)

    Smart move. They were in way over their head from the start.
    (63 days ago, 1 stars)

    Future seasons
    (63 days ago, 0 stars)

    (64 days ago, 8 stars)

    Cool. As far as episode 2.10 upon a second viewing I rate it near perfect. At first I was a little disappointed that we didn't find out more but they made the right call in not rushing anything.
    (64 days ago, 0 stars)

    Better Call Saul. Clue for season 3?
    (64 days ago, 1 stars)

    The local media would have burned the pictures. In fact, they probably still would today.
    (64 days ago, 2 stars)

    I don't think the hard-on has died down yet. Just a couple months ago they were wetting their panties over him signing a 10-day with the awful Knicks and scoring one garbage time 3.
    (64 days ago, 2 stars)

    I think so too but I just couldn't help myself because you know there are zoob lurkers who think that's really what happened.
    (64 days ago, 1 stars)

    Be careful. Criticizing grammar or even criticizing being late for work are now considered racist by some. No, I'm not making this up. The idiocracy is in full swing.
    (64 days ago, 0 stars)

    "Destroy?" A last second Hail Mary is destroying them? "Powerhouse?" I guess I mistakenly moved my calendar forward 33 years.
    (64 days ago, 6 stars)

    Because the Muslims do the same thing to this day openly but it's supposed to be OK because it's part of their culture and according to the SJWs it's wrong to criticize any culture.
    (64 days ago, 1 stars)

    I ain't payin' his salary.
    (65 days ago, 0 stars)

    Dreary? Undoubtedly dreary? I'm almost afraid to ask but what happened?
    (65 days ago, 0 stars)

    We'll be fine. Well, unless Yellowstone buries us in ash before the season.
    (67 days ago, 2 stars)

    I believe he's 28.
    (67 days ago, 0 stars)

    I am ecstatic and he's definitely not too old. Then again, no matter who we sign I have a perpetual fear that Snyder will figure out a way to meddle and screw it up.
    (68 days ago, 0 stars)

    In their minds most Utes are drinking from a flask 24/7. That's simply not true. I set mine down for a few hours while I sleep.
    (68 days ago, 0 stars)

    Those zoobs sure love to make $#!+ up.
    (68 days ago, 7 stars)

    More things are coming to light. Start with TMZ and go from there. No matter what happened though we lost a musical genius.
    (69 days ago, 0 stars)

    RIP Prince. It's hard to believe so many bought the flu story. That reeked of BS from the start. Still, whether he did it intentionally, accidentally or if someone did it to him it's still a tragedy.
    (69 days ago, 1 stars)

    I couldn't care less if they did that. They could make it the most pathetic stereotype of a whitey and I would have a laugh. I wouldn't get my panties in a bunch like a little pussy. Meanwhile the Redskins logo shows a noble, proud, handsome badass.
    (72 days ago, 2 stars)

    Ya just had to throw in that SJW Skins comment.
    (72 days ago, 2 stars)

    Yep. Not what I was hoping for in the season finale..
    (72 days ago, 0 stars)

    I'm in!
    (72 days ago, 0 stars)

    Wait a minute. I read that you have to have intelligence, clarity and patience to enjoy it. That might count me out. :D
    (72 days ago, 0 stars)

    I trust your judgement. Sounds like I have a lot of binge watching to do.
    (72 days ago, 0 stars)

    What is that?
    (72 days ago, 0 stars)

    I have a feeling that the finale of "Better Call Saul" will be brilliant. I also have a feeling that I'll bawl like a baby when I realize that the season is over.
    (72 days ago, 0 stars)

    You have a completely valid point but the libtards don't have the balls to criticize Islam so we are just supposed to pretend that the atrocities of Sharia law are a conspiracy theory.
    (73 days ago, 7 stars)

    (73 days ago, 6 stars)

    Any of the first 3 because a loss in any of those would be a devastating program-shaking embarrassment.
    (73 days ago, 0 stars)

    Delon with a DNP-CD yesterday and the heavily favored Raptors get pimp-slapped at home. C'mon Toronto put the man in the game next time and avoid an embarrassing first round exit.
    (73 days ago, 2 stars)

    I think I'll mow at about 2 am. Nah. It would wake the neighbor's. Not the mower sound. The sound of me cussing as I run over my young seedling trees in the dark. :D
    (74 days ago, 0 stars)

    Indeed it is. I really need to mow the lawn tonight but I tweeked my back putting up the bat house. Yes, bat house.
    (74 days ago, 0 stars)

    Brandon Cox.
    (74 days ago, 0 stars)

    I loved George Allen. I wish he could have gotten at least one SB ring. He was a character. He had a player whose first name was Dallas. (Dallas Hickman IIRC) He refused to address him by his first name. Lol
    (75 days ago, 0 stars)

    I just wish he had made a much, much longer post. I thoroughly enjoyed it but I just wanted it to keep going.
    (75 days ago, 3 stars)

    Huge fan. I go back farther than that though. Larry Brown was the RB in my earliest memories. Billy Kilmer was filling in for an injured Sonny Jurgensen at QB.
    (75 days ago, 0 stars)

    Well, they definitely need more balls.
    (75 days ago, 4 stars)

    NFL schedule released. My boys open on MNF against Pittsburgh. I think I vaguely remember them beating the Steelers once...like a quarter century ago. Sigh
    (76 days ago, 0 stars)

    Is that Charles Laughton?
    (76 days ago, 4 stars)

    That will be interesting to see when the Cowboys 11 losses are scheduled. I don't know what order they will come in. I just know they'll come.
    (76 days ago, 1 stars)

    I've always liked him and his potential but if you post anything positive about him you're met with criticism about if he were any good he'd already be starting (totally ignoring the injuries) or you're met with lame jr high school jokes about his...
    (76 days ago, 2 stars)

    Unfortunately people have this all or nothing mentality. Fans would rather have their team win one Finals and suck every other year for 25 years than go to a few finals and be a playoff team 90% of the time.
    (76 days ago, 1 stars)

    Ladies and gentlemen your Toronto Utes!?
    (76 days ago, 6 stars)

    Yep, and they gave away a 6th three years ago.
    (76 days ago, 0 stars)

    Maybe if I understood what the hell that slogan even means I might think it was profound. Nah. It would still suck.
    (76 days ago, 0 stars)

    ...and yet the Rams continue to swim in mediocrity or below. Every year the experts say "watch out for the Rams" this year. They look impressive at times but end up at .500 or below. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Year after year.
    (76 days ago, 0 stars)

    Reading that article made me feel sick. Not the least bit surprised. Just sick.
    (77 days ago, 5 stars)

    This story needs to go viral nationally. That place needs to be exposed.
    (77 days ago, 4 stars)

    I still can't get over the fact that the Academy snubbed him for his work in "Knowing". Not even a nomination.
    (77 days ago, 0 stars)

    That advertising won't do them any good if none of us watch.
    (78 days ago, 2 stars)

    The only spoiler is that I guarantee you will love it.
    (78 days ago, 0 stars)

    Top 10 Most Recommended Messages:

    Karl Williams full ride scholly. (65 stars)
    2013-02-22 10:55:14

    I hate to break it to you but you just posted bull$#!+ from cougarboard. (46 stars)
    2015-09-01 10:32:59

    He got one thing wrong. He didn't sell them for "half of what they were worth." He sold them for half the price they paid for them. Big difference. (44 stars)
    2015-04-13 11:02:33

    Sounds like an answer to a Johnny Carson "Carnac the Magnificent" question.....Name a fictitious bitch, an alibi glitch and an alias snitch. (43 stars)
    2014-08-27 22:24:29

    Screw the cactus-zoobs! (38 stars)
    2011-02-03 14:28:55

    Poor guy. He already has a sprained face. (37 stars)
    2014-12-14 10:35:09

    Zane Beadles has been added to the Pro Bowl roster. (37 stars)
    2013-01-21 15:36:31

    Haiku time (36 stars)
    2015-09-03 10:36:25

    Roscoe is hoping he leaves for a mission so he can poach him from the Bengals. (36 stars)
    2014-10-15 14:44:16

    I think Travis is playing admirably for someone still shaken by the trauma of attending a Tim McGraw concert. (34 stars)
    2014-10-16 13:48:59

    Top 10 Most Viewed Messages:

    RE: Join my Fire Chris Hill facebook page I made. (2127)
    2011-12-13 18:12:58

    Why is everyone so damned sensitive about blue stars? So somebody disagreed with your post. Who cares? It's not like giving someone a blue star is calling them an #@%hole or anything. They disagree with the post strongly enough to express it in.... (1996)
    2011-12-13 19:34:13

    The Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the tri-lateral commission and the Knights of Malta are all USC fans so they ordered Kyle to cancel practice. (1509)
    2012-08-18 11:44:08

    Sad news WM. You are a class act and your hard work is appreciated by all. I hope and pray that whatever things you need to take care of work out well! (1424)
    2006-06-26 15:37:36

    Future banner at the Marriott Center: "2011 Men's Final Four*... (1400)
    2011-03-04 00:05:45

    I can't wait until "Fish" Smithson becomes a Ute! (1396)
    2010-10-10 07:42:27

    Brian Johnson cut by New York Sentinels of the UFL. That's disappointing. I was hoping he could at least catch on at that level. (1182)
    2009-09-29 08:48:02

    I hate BYU. (1154)
    2006-11-09 21:47:10

    Two painful questions UK fans don't want to be asked (1151)
    2005-03-22 10:03:12

    Trade suggestion--Kirilenko for Kipelov (1143)
    2007-09-23 21:42:53

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