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    Stat of the Day

    by UteThunder
    2015-05-17 11:32:37

    Michigan has opened a football season away from home just five times in the last 25 seasons and only twice in the last 22.

    Overall Record: 19-5-1
    ---Home Record: 18-2-0
    ---Road Record: 1-3-1

    '90 @ Notre Dame - L
    '91 @ Boston College - W
    '92 @ Notre Dame - T
    '98 @ Notre Dame - L
    '12 vs. Alabama(Arlington, TX) - L

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    Utah Football Scheduling

    by UteThunder
    2015-05-06 20:31:33

    After seeing TheJuggernaut's post a few pages back saying he has heard that Chris Hill is looking for a big name opponent to replace BYU with in '17 & '18, I decided to take a look at any teams that might fit the bill and whether they might have openings that match up.

    For Hill to sell any cancellation or postponement of the '17-'18 BYU games to the media and the general fanbase, the new opponent has to be from a P5 conference obviously, but I believe it would have to be one of the bigger names from those conferences; similar to the way the Michigan series was announced as a "couldn't pass it up opportunity". With that in mind, I didn't bother looking at teams like Indiana or Duke.

    Here's the list of teams with openings in 2017 & 2018.

    ACC: Florida State, Miami*

    BigXII: Kansas State, Oklahoma*, TCU, TX Tech**, West Virginia

    B1G: Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin

    SEC: Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Georgia**, LSU**, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas A&M

    *Only has an opening in '17
    **Only has an opening in '18

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    Random Football Scheduling Thoughts.

    by UteThunder
    2015-05-03 14:33:42

    I have been one of those fans thinking the BYU game should continue to be played. But I actually enjoyed not having them on the schedule last year and I am looking forward to not having to play them again this year.

    Having the Aggies come back on the schedule this year has me thinking the idea of getting on a rotation between BYU and USU sounds really appealing, especially if there is any way Utah could get a 2-for-1 out of the Aggies to make the rotation work on a 5 year basis.

    If we were only going to play one of them going forward, at this point I think I would prefer to play the Aggies.

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    Responding to annarborUte's request for 2008 and later recruiting numbers . . .

    by UteThunder
    2015-04-28 22:25:32

    Utah recruiting rankings - Rivals:

    2008 - #60 (prior to the Sugar Bowl season)

    2009 - #44 (signing day was post Sugar Bowl, but many of this years recruits were committed prior to the 13-0 run; still, a nice little recruiting bump)

    2010 - #32 (here is where we see the real fruits of the '08 season followed by the 10-3 '09 season; worth noting, this class signed prior to the Pac-12 invite but the rumors had already begun)

    2011 - #37 (pretty much the same spot as the year before, the Sugar Bowl luster was probably beginning to fade, however, the Pac-12 excitement likely picked up the slack and a second straight 10-3 season didn't hurt either)

    2012 - #28 (following an 8-5 inaugural season in the Pac-12 including a Sun Bowl victory, it is clear the Pac-12 is helping with recruiting)

    2013 - #44 (after going 5-7 the ranking drops a fair amount, that's weird, but I would imagine the drop would've been even greater if Utah was still in the MWC)

    2014 - #67 (back to back 5-7 seasons result in the ranking dropping even further, a total mystery; again, if Utah was still in the MWC I would expect the drop to be greater than it was)

    2015 - #41 (9-4 with a Vegas Bowl victory and the ranking climbs significantly, funny how that works)

    Looking at these rankings reveals 3 facts:

    #1 - There was a Sugar Bowl bump.

    #2 - The expected fall back to recruiting normality was staved off by the Pac-12 invite.

    #3 - Conference affiliation without on-field success will result in lackluster recruiting and vice versa.

    Bottom line - Utah will never be USC and without multiple NY6 bowls or CFP appearances within a short time frame, nobody should ever expect Utah's recruiting rankings to be in the top 25 consistently.

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    Best bracket on Yahoo's Tourney Pick 'Em has 38 of 40 games picked correctly so far. I don't know if he is a Ute fan or not, but he has Utah in the Final Four. Just thought it was interesting that someone who has picked so well thus far has Utah.....

    by UteThunder
    2015-03-21 22:28:58

    ...making it that deep into the tournament. We lose to Louisville in his bracket.

    Jacob's Wondrous Bracket

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    My Husband's Not Gay aired the other night on TLC. A lot of laughs in that one.

    by UteThunder
    2015-01-13 19:30:02

    Just want to see what Mullett does with that.

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    Assuming A-Rod is the OC, take the following into consideration before passing judgement.

    by UteThunder
    2015-01-05 21:23:14

    A-Rod does have experience as an OC.

    A-Rod will give this team a bit of continuity at OC as opposed to the option of bringing in someone from another team.

    A-Rod was actually a pretty good OC in comparison to what we have had since he was demoted. In fact, I would say his offense was the most productive we've had since Ludwig.

    A-Rod is much more experienced as a coach this go around, and he has worked under Chow, BJ, Erickson, and Christensen. Hopefully he's learned a thing or two since 2010, even if what he has learned is what NOT to do.

    This might not be a homerun hire/promotion, but it isn't a bad one either.

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    Looks like some of you are getting your wish . . . Mike Sanford Jr. is the new OC at Utah.

    by UteThunder
    2015-01-04 18:39:25

    At least that is who was calling the offense in my dream last night.

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    Where have all of the insiders gone? Why haven't we gotten the real story of what is going on with Whit?

    by UteThunder
    2015-01-03 17:11:42

    It seems like we use to get inside info all the time on this board, sometimes even with stuff going on with BYU, but not with this Whit/Hill situation. What gives?

    A few people have hinted at knowing the truth, but they don't share any of what they imply to know. All we've been left with is speculation.

    Come on insiders, shed some light on what is "really" going on.

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    What is everyone basing this opinion on that Roderick's position group gets worse or is the most underperforming on the team?

    by UteThunder
    2015-01-02 16:19:57

    A-Rod coached the QBs this year, and while their play wasn't prolific, it was certainly better than it was the year before.

    QB stats

    2013 - Comp% 53.2 - Yds 2835 - TD 22 - INT 21 - QBR 121.9

    2014 - Comp% 60.6 - Yds 2570 - TD 20 - INT 8 - QBR 130.9

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    Update on Scott Mitchell on The Biggest Loser

    by UteThunder
    2015-01-02 11:35:05

    Sadly, Scott was eliminated a few episodes ago.

    However, this season, when a contestant is eliminated from the show they aren't actually eliminated. They are sent to "Comeback Canyon" where they compete against another previously eliminated contestant for one week; highest percentage of weight lost stays and takes on the next eliminated contestant. At the end of the season, the survivor of Comeback Canyon will be back on the show for the finale and a chance to win the whole thing.

    Scott has been at this "Comeback Canyon" for the last 3 episodes and won again last night by losing 9 lbs in one week.

    So far, Scott has lost 124 lbs.

    Starting weight: 366 lbs.
    Current Weight: 242 lbs.

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    Interesting tweet from Kyle's brother.

    by UteThunder
    2014-12-29 19:08:24

    Relevant portion of tweet. Commenting on Hans Olsen tweeting out the odds of KW being gone.

    "Truth is, on Sat, I'd have given it similar odds." -- Brady Whittingham

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    A-Rod for OC

    by UteThunder
    2014-12-28 12:03:04

    I would like to see A-Rod get the OC position and here is why.

    - It's one option that gives the team some form of continuity on offense.

    - He has previous OC experience with Utah.

    - He has worked under Ludwig, Chow, BJ, Erickson, and Christensen as well as worked with Schramm.

    - Despite his intentions to go elsewhere, something has kept him with Utah . . . even after being demoted. He is unlikely to leave after just one year.

    And here is a quick look at the offense he ran:

    AFA 267 yds, 23 pts
    Wyo 363 yds, 22 pts
    UNM 557 yds, 45 pts
    TCU 284 yds, 28 pts
    SDSU 391 yds, 38 pts
    BYU 298 yds, 23 pts
    Cal 389 yds, 37 pts

    Pitt 405 yds, 27 pts
    UNLV 338 yds, 38 pts
    UNM 428 yds, 56 pts
    SJSU 427 yds, 56 pts
    ISU 593 yds, 68 pts
    Wyo 431 yds, 30 pts
    CSU 648 yds, 59 pts
    AFA 327 yds, 28 pts
    TCU 199 yds, 7 pts
    UND 265 yds, 3 pts
    SDSU 500 yds, 38 pts
    BYU 296 yds, 17 pts
    BSU 200 yds, 3 pts

    Couple of quick notes/reminders:
    This doesn't include the first half of '09 when Schramm was in the booth.
    True Freshman, Jordan Wynn, took over in the second half of that Wyoming game.
    Wynn suffered an injury to his throwing shoulder against Iowa State and was hampered by that the rest of the year.
    Those were some damn good TCU teams.
    How many wide open, sure TDs, were dropped in the first half of that BSU game?

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    So, with BYU being an independent, I was curious as to what type of punishments their players would be subject to for the brawl from the NCAA.

    by UteThunder
    2014-12-23 13:16:36

    According to the NCAA rule book, all players involved in the fight with remaining eligibility will be suspended for the first half of their first game next year.

    However, there is some grey area with the rule and we all know how BYU likes to use loopholes to get around the rules.

    The grey area is this: the NCAA rule for fighting only specifies that fighting is not allowed before a game, during a game, and during halftime of a game. There is no mention of fighting immediately following a game.

    It will be interesting to see how the NCAA, AAC, Memphis, and BYU handle this situation.

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    Every BYU fan I have ever talked to vehemently denies that the LDS church does this for their away games, and yet, here one of their own admits it is happening.

    by UteThunder
    2014-12-21 14:37:00

    Free Tickets to Miami Beach Bowl for Local Ward Members

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    I have a hard time believing this is true, but it might explain the over the top celebration by BYU yesterday.

    by UteThunder
    2014-11-30 14:40:24

    Over this holiday weekend I had a discussion with an individual claiming to be well connected to the BYU athletic department. I'm putting this under rumors because I don't know this person very well and I am having a hard time believing his story.

    He claims Bronco's recent contract extension was nothing more than an insurance policy for recruiting because this is his last season. BYU didn't want a lame duck HC hurting recruiting, plus the season long distraction of who will be his replacement. He will wait until after NLI signing day 2015 to quit. The other half of this story is that Robert Anae is expected to be named as their next HC.

    Bronco could have been coaching his final regular season game which I guess could explain the over the top celebration for beating a 5 win Cal team.

    Like I said at the top, I have a hard time believing this, however, it does seem plausible.

    Anyway, just thought I would share.

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    After the Washington State loss, I vowed to never defend KW again. I'm going to stick to that.

    by UteThunder
    2014-11-22 16:52:02

    With 7 wins, Kyle has obviously saved his job . . . . for now. If he can't figure out how to field an effective offense he will be right back on the hot seat next year, even with 7 wins.

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    Update: Scott Mitchell on The Biggest Loser TV show

    by UteThunder
    2014-10-20 20:45:56

    I'm not sure if anyone has been following Scott Mitchell on the Biggest Loser. I thought I would give an update for anyone interested in how he is doing, but not interested in actually watching the show.

    He is still on the show and doing well.

    I believe they just finished week 6; after a starting weight of 366 lbs, Scott lost 7 lbs this past week and is down to 295 lbs for a total weight loss of 71 lbs so far. By the way, He is on the Red Team(woot woot!)

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    So USC stole 6 points from Arizona last night by 'icing' their kicker twice?

    by UteThunder
    2014-10-12 10:14:10

    I didn't stay up to watch the second half, but right before half, Arizona kicked a FG and made it, however, USC had called timeout. After the timeout the 2nd attempt was blocked.

    Now I hear USC pulled the same thing at the end of the game and the kicker missed the game winning 2nd attempt?


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    Remember when people were questioning why Travis Wilson wasn't a team captain again? I'm pretty sure the coaches worried the current circumstances could come to fruition and didn't want the awkwardness of benching a team captain.

    by UteThunder
    2014-10-06 17:07:56

    Good foresight on their part, although, if KT is really the better option it would have been even better if the foresight had included picking the right guy to start from day 1.

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    Probably won't happen, but BYU could be facing a 5 game losing streak.

    by UteThunder
    2014-10-05 18:53:41

    After Friday night's loss to the Aggies, their next 4 opponents could be set-up to beat BYU.

    Thur. 10/9: @ UCF - The Knights played on Thursday, BYU played on Friday and it's a long road trip.

    Sat. 10/18: Nevada - The Wolfpack won't have the advantage of extra prep time, but they are 3-2 with the two losses coming on the road against undefeated Arizona(35-28) and at home to 4-2 Boise State(51-46).

    Fri. 10/24: @ BSU - The Broncos will play Fresno on the preceding Friday, BYU will play on Saturday; and the game will be on the blue turf.

    Sat. 11/1: @ MTSU - The Blue Raiders will be coming off of a bye and BYU has to once again fly across the country.

    All of these games are winnable, but there are circumstances which will give 3 of these teams an advantage over BYU. Throw in the injuries they suffered Saturday night and BYU could realistically lose all 4 of these games resulting in a 5 game losing streak.

    My prediction is 2-2 with losses against UCF and BSU.

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    Apparently ESPN doesn't think much of the B1G or the ACC. Previewing Stanford @ Notre Dame during halftime and the following graphic pops up on the screen:

    by UteThunder
    2014-10-03 22:09:04

    ND: 1st game vs Power Five team this season

    Notre Dame's schedule so far?

    @ Purdue
    @ Syracuse

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    I have been one of Kyle Whittingham's most ardent supporters going all the way back to his struggles in 2005. I just can't do it anymore. I won't do it anymore.

    by UteThunder
    2014-09-28 11:49:56

    Last night's loss was the last straw. I've always been able to explain away any loss as being understandable due to some set of circumstances beyond Whittingham's control.

    But not this loss. This loss can't be justified or rationalized or explained away due to circumstances beyond Whittingham's control. If anything, this loss sheds new light on the previous losses I have defended.

    Whit is a great man, but he is not the great coach I thought he was.

    He is an above average G5 coach; a below average P5 coach.

    I want a new coach.

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    Games that have my attention today, plus a few games that could help Utah jump into the rankings if Utah wins big today.

    by UteThunder
    2014-09-27 09:33:44

    Games of interest . . .

    Utah vs. Washington State - Pac12 Network

    #6 aTm vs. Arkansas - CBS

    #16 Stanford @ Washington - FOX

    #18 USC vs. Oregon State - ESPN

    Michigan vs. Minnesota - ABC/ESPN2

    Games that could help Utah climb into the rankings . . .

    #21 Nebraska vs. Illinois(3-1) - B1G Network

    #22 Ohio State vs. Cincinnati(2-0) - B1G Network

    #25 Kansas State vs. UTEP(2-1) - Not Televised

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    Not very many likely or realistically possible losses for top 25 teams this week. Looks like Utah will need to beat Wazzu & UCLA to join the top 25.

    by UteThunder
    2014-09-21 15:03:50

    Bottom 10 of the AP Top 25, realistic chance of an upset are in bold.

    #25 Kansas State vs. UTEP
    #24 Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech
    #23 E. Carolina -BYE-
    #22 Ohio State vs. Cincinnati
    #21 Nebraska vs. Illinois
    #20 BYU -BYE-
    #19 Wisconsin vs. South Florida
    #18 USC vs. Oregon State
    #17 LSU vs. New Mexico State
    #16 Stanford @ Washington

    Maybe Utah can steal some votes this week from E. Carolina & BYU with both of them being out of sight, out of mind.

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    Michigan might be down, but I don't think they are nearly as down as many would have us believe.

    by UteThunder
    2014-09-21 12:05:58

    Looking at their schedule, I don't think it is a stretch to say Michigan will make a bowl game.

    They're certainly capable of picking up wins in all of the following games:

    vs. Minnesota
    @ Rutgers
    vs. Penn State
    vs. Indiana
    @ Northwestern
    vs. Maryland

    The only games I would say are likely losses would be @ Michigan State and @ Ohio State. However, those are rivalry games with the whole "anything can happen" angle, and they do get a bye week to prepare for the Spartans.

    Unless the team quits on Hoke, or they face catastrophic injuries, I think Michigan finishes the regular season anywhere between 6-6 and 9-3. This was a good win and a better win than the 2008 2 point victory over what turned out to be a 3-9 Michigan team.

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    Tracking my Pac-12(plus BYU & Utah State) pre-season picks, Week 4

    by UteThunder
    2014-09-21 11:20:18

    Week 1: 12-2
    Week 2: 9-4
    Week 3: 7-3
    Week 4: 7-1

    Season: 35-10

    Games I missed on this week . . .

    Utah State @ Arkansas State

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    On the topic of Utah State saying they will only play Utah if it is on equal terms:

    by UteThunder
    2014-09-14 14:11:34

    It's fine if Hill wants to tell the Aggies no, but not if he is going to turn around and schedule home-and-homes with San Jose State & Northern Illinois.

    We should only be looking elsewhere from the Aggies for scheduling under a few scenarios:

    1) We get a 2-for-1 or a 1-and-done in our favor from another G5 team.
    2) We get a P5 team on the schedule.
    3) We get a G5 team from Texas or Florida or maybe even Hawaii on the schedule.

    Northern Illinois and San Jose State offer nothing to make them more attractive than playing Utah State. Not even the trip to California because we already play 1 or 2 games per year in California.

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    Tracking my Pac-12(plus BYU & Utah State) pre-season picks, Week 3

    by UteThunder
    2014-09-14 10:39:44

    Week 1: 12-2
    Week 2: 9-4
    Week 3: 7-3

    Season: 28-9

    Games I missed on this week . . .

    Houston @ BYU
    UCLA @ Texas
    USC @ Boston College

    A quarter of the way through the regular season, here are the teams I haven't missed on yet:

    Arizona State
    Oregon State
    Utah State

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    Since it's our bye week, and we would be playing BYU today if not for the 2 year break, here are some fun rivalry numbers. Feel free to share them with your local BYU fan when they try to say Utah has only had 2 or 3 good seasons.

    by UteThunder
    2014-09-13 09:31:28

    - Over the last 12 years, Utah has beaten BYU as many times as Utah has beaten Utah State: 9-3 against the Cougars; 9-1 against the Aggies. Nice company to be in BYU.

    - Over the last 3 years, Utah has posted a better winning percentage than BYU against P5 teams: Utah 11-18(.379); BYU 6-10(.375). But they would compete better than Utah if they were in the Pac-12 . . .

    - During the BCS era, Utah posted a better winning percentage than BYU against P5 teams: Utah 32-30(.516); BYU 23-31(.426). Before joining the Pac-12, Utah's record was 21-12(.636). But they would compete better than Utah if they were in the Pac-12 . . .

    - All-time record against teams currently in P5 conferences, Utah has posted a better winning percentage than BYU: Utah 114-175-6(.397); BYU 103-172-7(.378) - for BYU that includes all games against Utah. If we exclude the pre-Pac12 games, their record DROPS to 72-121-3(.375). But they would compete better than Utah if they were in the Pac-12 . . .

    - Over the last 20 years, Utah has posted a better winning percentage than BYU: Utah 161-80(.668); BYU 165-85(.664) - and that includes the past 3 years of Utah playing significantly more difficult competition. Taking out the last 3 years the numbers are: Utah 143-61(.701); BYU 139-72(.659). But we've only had a couple of good seasons while they have been having the same success they had in the 80s . . .

    - Over the last 20 years, Utah has had fewer seasons than BYU of .500 or worse: Utah 4; BYU 5.

    - Over the last 20 years, Utah has had a better bowl record than BYU: Utah 11-2, BYU 8-5.

    - Over the last 20 years, Utah has won just one fewer conference championship: Utah 5; BYU 6 - and both teams won the same number of MWC championships: 4.

    Looking at these numbers I find it hard to fathom how they can think their program has been so superior to ours over the last 20 years or where they get this notion that if they were in the Pac-12 instead of Utah, they would have won many more games than Utah has so far. Looking back at our last 3 schedules, there's no way they win more games than we did in any of those years. More probable, they would lose 1 or 2 more games each year than what Utah did.

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    Also, if you post on cb, punch yourself in the face.
    (1 day ago, 15 stars)

    As nice as this is for Utah, I think it is an even greater compliment for Utah State & Fresno State. Utah's schedule is the only one on the list that doesn't include two P5 teams.
    (1 day ago, 0 stars)

    Leave Santa Claus out of this.
    (2 days ago, 12 stars)

    I couldn't have said it better myself . . . well, at least part of it.
    (3 days ago, 2 stars)

    So basically you don't like him because he didn't try to help SC after they got caught breaking NCAA rules? That's just childish.
    (3 days ago, 4 stars)

    The polygamy didn't come until several years after the "restoration" so, no I am not in favor of polygamy.
    (5 days ago, 0 stars)

    I think for the LDS religion to have 'evolved' the way it has is more confusing than when other religions change over time and is one of the main reasons I left.
    (5 days ago, 6 stars)

    In addition to being below 50% completions in those situations, it seems like most of the completions come up short anyway.
    (5 days ago, 1 stars)

    Wise decision? Why is that? Don't tell me you actually think you could sue someone for defaming your ANONYMOUS "identity" on a sports message board.
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    Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Are you #%!@ing kidding me? What reputation? You are an ANONYMOUS person on the internet.
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    You're not questioning authority. You are making accusations and painting with a broad brush while you are at it. That is anything but critical thinking.
    (9 days ago, 0 stars)

    LOL You must really hate cops. Was it a traffic ticket? Or did you do something worse that made you hate them?
    (9 days ago, -1 stars)

    Oh my god, give me a break.
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    Guilty as charged. I did try to read it, but after reading the first several paragraphs about wasps and ants I lost interest.
    (9 days ago, 0 stars)

    That's precisely the point.
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    This type of society sounds awful and reminds me of the HOA nightmares people endure.
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    Correction: Southern Utah is in the bracket. They are losing to Colorado Mountain College.
    (9 days ago, 0 stars)

    Your guess is correct.
    (9 days ago, 0 stars)

    Stat of the Day
    (9 days ago, 0 stars)

    My inner 13 year old couldn't help but laugh at these lines in your post.....
    (10 days ago, 10 stars)

    Most(maybe all?) of the "LDS bashing" I have seen on Utefans.net is directed at the organization, not the members. And there is no problem with that whatsoever.
    (10 days ago, 7 stars)

    No, you are just throwing out some pessimistic hyperbole. That is.....unless you actually believe Utah's offense is as bad as you claim, which statistically speaking, it isn't....so yeah, got anything else?
    (12 days ago, 1 stars)

    We won 9 games and finished last? Well that stinks.
    (12 days ago, 1 stars)

    Pfft! Show me one year's worth of this data. I'd be shocked if Utah has averaged less than 75 yds of offense per quarter for an entire season even one time in the last 40 years.
    (12 days ago, 0 stars)

    Whoa whoa whoa!!
    (13 days ago, 5 stars)

    The only way an Indy BYU gets in with a 10-2 record is if the 2 losses are against CFP teams and the runners-up from the P5s all have 3+ losses. In other words, it ain't happening.
    (13 days ago, 1 stars)

    The same thing can be said for New Mexico . . . UNLV . . . Wyoming . . . San Diego State . . . How can they say this like BYU helped Utah & TCU get to the BCS?
    (14 days ago, 6 stars)

    This "cheating" doesn't bother me one bit. Good for Brady giving himself a bit of an advantage by bending a rule. If this was a pitcher in baseball using a substance on the ball, he would be considered crafty, but Brady lets a little air out . . .
    (14 days ago, 0 stars)

    While I see potential for a somewhat easier win, I am expecting a game more along the lines of USC or UCLA last year.
    (16 days ago, 0 stars)

    But BYU's bigotry is based on having self-proclaimed higher morals which makes it okay for them.
    (17 days ago, 3 stars)

    Not really an apples to apples comparison.
    (18 days ago, 1 stars)

    I don't think we could go wrong with any of those opponents as I would like to see each of them come through RES, but if we are talking favorites . . .
    (20 days ago, 0 stars)

    But, but, but . . . $4,500!!!!
    (20 days ago, 5 stars)

    Utah Football Scheduling
    (20 days ago, 3 stars)

    When you put it that way, I'm a lot less worried. Thanks for doing the math for me.
    (22 days ago, 0 stars)

    Sure it doesn't . . . %)
    (23 days ago, 2 stars)

    Looking at the last 20 years, they've had two: Oregon and Oregon State. Looking ahead they have zero. I thought their Wake Forest series was H-H but it is a 2-for-1.
    (23 days ago, 0 stars)

    I tend to agree with that. We will get to see what is more important to high school kids: prestige of playing in a P5 conference or having a few extra bucks in your pocket while playing mostly mid-majors.
    (23 days ago, 0 stars)

    Considering he refused to pay the hooker, as many as he wants.
    (23 days ago, 10 stars)

    It will be interesting to see how COA impacts recruiting. Have to admit, this has me a little worried.
    (23 days ago, 0 stars)

    If we are willing to play at Northern Illinois, Fresno State, and San Jose State, then there should be no problem with going to Logan.
    (23 days ago, 5 stars)

    Random Football Scheduling Thoughts.
    (23 days ago, 2 stars)

    Your guess IS your opinion.
    (23 days ago, 0 stars)

    0-9? They get Colorado at home this year, so they should be able to pull off 1-8 at a minimum. But I would bet they get a couple others along the way.
    (23 days ago, 0 stars)

    The players drafted during the first 5 years of his tenure were Crowton recruits.
    (24 days ago, 5 stars)

    So you want them to work for 10 years without a deadly weapon (aka: a gun) to earn the right to carry a deadly weapon (aka: a gun), but you think you didn't say cops shouldn't have guns?
    (24 days ago, 0 stars)

    I forgot about the possible suspensions, but I won't count on anyone actually missing that game until I see it.
    (24 days ago, 1 stars)

    Trying to be objective, 2-2 or 3-1 seem more likely.
    (24 days ago, 0 stars)

    SMH . . .
    (24 days ago, 6 stars)

    I really need to donate so I can start giving red stars. Well done.
    (24 days ago, 0 stars)

    How dare you joke about jockeys! Don't you realize they put their lives on the line every day riding horses for sport?!?! They are American Heroes.
    (25 days ago, 0 stars)

    And when you can show me one example of an unprovoked horse killing a jockey with malicious intent, you will have my sympathy for jockeys.
    (25 days ago, 0 stars)

    I agree, and I'm sure people could successfully avoid further suspicion with a polite decline to a search, but if I want to get on with my day I would likely just consent.
    (25 days ago, 0 stars)

    He declined. Similar to racists and homophobes who hate out of ignorance, Wannabe has no interest in educating himself.
    (25 days ago, 1 stars)

    Comparison not valid.
    (25 days ago, 4 stars)

    Most of the time, if you have nothing to hide, it wouldn't be a bad idea to give consent to a vehicle search. Many officers will use this question as a tool to gauge nervousness and whether they need to reassess who they might be dealing with.
    (25 days ago, 0 stars)

    Speaking to your final paragraph . . .
    (25 days ago, 0 stars)

    Let's hear it?
    (25 days ago, 0 stars)

    Good luck with that.
    (25 days ago, 0 stars)

    So you believe the constitution should only be applied to law violating citizens, er . . . I mean citizens, and not to the men and women in blue? Guilty until proven innocent, am I right?
    (26 days ago, 0 stars)

    Quick question . . .
    (26 days ago, 0 stars)

    The first sentence of your subject line says just about everything we need to know about this case.
    (26 days ago, 0 stars)

    (26 days ago, 0 stars)

    I agree that he has probably been arrested a lot, but beaten up? Come on . . . get real.
    (26 days ago, 0 stars)

    So if the police were standing outside your door knocking and telling you to open up or they will kick the door open, you wouldn't open the door?
    (26 days ago, 0 stars)

    Have you not been reading Wannabe's posts on this and all other cop news??? The dude has a deep-seated hate for the police.
    (26 days ago, 0 stars)

    You would go because you want to confirm that all cops are excessive force using, constitution trampling, #@%holes. But you know that won't happen, so better to just hide behind your keyboard and ignorantly hate.
    (26 days ago, 1 stars)

    Sooooo . . . they can't try to apprehend the suspected arsonist . . . ??? What about rescuing possible victims?
    (26 days ago, 0 stars)

    So he just sits their with his hands up and the police keep telling him to stand up??? And just how long are they suppose to do that?
    (26 days ago, 0 stars)

    Nope. It was just impossible to miss your blind hatred for the police.
    (26 days ago, 0 stars)

    Oh my god, cry me a #%!@ing river . . . 99.999% of the time the people being "beat, killed, or maimed" are CRIMINALS!!!!!
    (26 days ago, 0 stars)

    It would be great if Utah bought out or otherwise postponed the upcoming games because we got another "Michigan-like" series that just couldn't be passed up. The ensuing hissy fit from their fans and media would be hilarious.
    (27 days ago, 4 stars)

    Responding to annarborUte's request for 2008 and later recruiting numbers . . .
    (28 days ago, 5 stars)

    This is true. If Utah had been the same football team they were in the 70's and 80's, I don't think the Pac-12 invites Utah. Utah didn't win their win in, but on-field success certainly helped.
    (28 days ago, 0 stars)

    Google the following and it will be one of the first images that come up: "Cosmo with his tail between his legs gameday byu mascot"
    (29 days ago, 1 stars)

    Questions a plenty
    (30 days ago, 2 stars)

    There are two problems I see with grown men wearing jerseys.
    (31 days ago, 1 stars)

    I don't know why, but your post reminded me of this.
    (31 days ago, 3 stars)

    Teaches special education in Utah County . . . . So she's a professor at BYU?
    (32 days ago, 19 stars)

    Not what I meant. All I am saying is that I don't feel like my rights have been violated when a career criminal has his violated.
    (34 days ago, 0 stars)

    He would have a very hard time coming across as sympathetic to just about any jury.
    (34 days ago, 0 stars)

    Insert "law abiding" and I agree.
    (35 days ago, 0 stars)

    The quick settlement and relatively low sum speaks volumes about the "victim" in this case.
    (35 days ago, 1 stars)

    No, but I remember the poster who said it should hardly bother anyone because the guy is a total dirtball and that the officers should be suspended WITHOUT PAY as well as being DEMOTED.
    (35 days ago, 1 stars)

    Haven't we already armed both sides . . . ?
    (36 days ago, 20 stars)

    You only think it is stupid because it exposes your bias against the police and the double standard you hold them to.
    (43 days ago, -1 stars)

    Ha! If you think that was more than a little bit of a beating, you have never been in a fight and you didn't see the pics of his SUPERFICIAL injuries.
    (43 days ago, -1 stars)

    I don't think anyone will run him down, but he could certainly fall back to the pack down the stretch, starting with that last bogey.
    (44 days ago, 0 stars)

    RE: You clearly don't get it. Society crumbles if we have this type of abuse of power. These #@%holes should see jail time.
    (44 days ago, 0 stars)

    Trained professionals, yes, but are they not human?
    (44 days ago, -1 stars)

    I wasn't attempting to change the subject, rather, just trying to gauge whether your sense of law & order extends to everyone or only to the men in blue.
    (44 days ago, -1 stars)

    I'm curious if you feel the same way about battered women who decide they can't take it anymore, "skip the trial part" and kill their husband in his sleep.
    (45 days ago, -2 stars)

    I never said it was.
    (45 days ago, 0 stars)

    Big difference between you or I doing this and being charged vs. police officers doing this and not being charged: They are authorized, even duty bound, to use force to subdue law violators.
    (45 days ago, -5 stars)

    They didn't need a briefing on his criminal history, they were familiar with him from prior run-ins with him.
    (45 days ago, -1 stars)

    Not a good look for those officers, but this should hardly bother anyone. The guy is a total piece of trash; he was fleeing and he has a long criminal record, including animal cruelty.
    (45 days ago, -4 stars)

    Does Big 12 still get into the playoff? Did I miss something? When did they get into the playoff?
    (49 days ago, 1 stars)

    The ACC let their intentions on this issue be well known last year. They want to have the option of pitting the top two teams in the CCG regardless of division. If the top team from the Coastal Division has .......
    (49 days ago, 2 stars)

    After reading the first one . . . yikes. That's some interesting spin and way too many "may haves" and "it's possible" to be considered a credible response to many of the questions raised by those with doubts about LDS history.
    (50 days ago, 3 stars)

    What essays?
    (50 days ago, 0 stars)

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