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    "Don't let TDS fans realize that the attendance is down at Weber St., or they will start to think they have a better athletic program than the Wildcats, too."
    By: 6 for 6, January 26, 2005

    "Thought from Tony Roma's: Coach Giac spent time during the breaks milling around and talking to the fans. Utah Warfare let Giac know that we really do hate BYU and that they suck. Personally, I think that's important information for coach to have. "
    By: loyter, January 25, 2005

    "[When a Zoobie challenges you to a bet,] Don't just bet money, bet humiliation When you deal with people like this you can judge whether they really believe their team can win or not by betting humiliation. Bet him he will have to burn a U into his lawn, will have to wear the U t-shirt to all BYU games for the rest of the year, has to testify during fast meeting that the Y got whipped by the "only true" team in the state. Just use your imagination, and the zoob, who has more money than brains, (can you say a nickel) will fold faster than a wet dish rag stained green with jello."
    By: renegadefly, January 25, 2005

    "And some thought Sparc and Timothy couldn't co-exist together. You look at their conference numbers, it's about dead even. What balance. You'd be hard pressed to find a better back-court in the nation right now. When one scores, the other is making the pass and vice versa. Two PG's, captains, leaders, all on the court at the same time. Props to Sparc for coming back - and to Timothy for leading the way among the guys for that return."
    By: The Voice, January 25, 2005

    "Some advice--never bet against a zoob lawyer--he's not going to pay if he loses."
    By: Hod Sanders, January 25, 2005

    "I suppose once The B's athletic program has ultimately collapsed to a pile of rubble there will still be 5,000 Fine Young Men and 5,000 sweet spirits gathered in the midst of it warming their hands over a trash fire in an oil drum."
    By: Maji Man, January 25, 2005

    "As for BYU, damnit who cares. I mean even I've moved on from anger to pity towards that program. Only 1280 has to be the only place in the nation outside of Utah Valley who would even put them in the same conversation as us [noting their better attendance figures]. I'm glad 12,000 horny idiots have someplace to go on a Monday night that keeps them from roaming the public and rubbing themselves on trees and such."
    By: Mr Crimson, January 25, 2005

    "Upon checking out BYU hoops roster, thinking it's got to be Garner Meads last year, I see him listed as a sophomore. What the ... that dude has been around seemingly forvever, and he's got two more to go! Has a grandfather ever played D-I hoops? "
    By: Ultimate Ute, January 24, 2005

    "The attendance at basketball games does have something to do with football, especially recruiting. Not only does a half full unenthusiastic arena deter would be bball recruits, basketball games are often the platform the football team to showcase the Utah fanbase and facilities. Not only that, but the revenue generated from football and basketball run the whole athletic department (aside from gymnastics which is self-sustaining) So the more Utes who show up to watch this incredible team the more money there is to go around the athletic department including the football team getting to keep more of their money."
    By: stretchiute, January 23, 2005

    "Today's Lowlight: Ute fans BOOING SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson when he came out to present the team with a key to the city Seriously, how low can you get? The guy behind me kept yelling out things like, "Cut him short!" "Get him off the floor!" "Shut this guy up!" Very classy. It seems that many people aren't really Ute fans, just Rocky haters. And as much as I dislike certain politicians, I certainly wouldn't boo and jeer them if they came out to honor my Utes."
    By: WebMonkey, January 22, 2005

    "Hooplor declares that Bryant Markson is now the Apostle of Dunk. Hooplor has spoken."
    By: Hooplor, January 21, 2005

    "There was Shelly Meyer sighting up on the hill and a fly on the wall heard that she and her family thinks Gainsville sucks. The coaches that were held over are a-holes and the town stinks. Another complaint is that the assistant coaches are having to live in student housing as they can't afford any of the houses that are decent in Gainesville. Coach Mullin's wife is beside herself and cries daily that they are stuck there. Does any of this matter...........nope. Just proves the grass is not always greener."
    By: Execute, January 21, 2005

    "Watching Arizona and Stoudamire play tonight makes me even more impressed with the defensive job that Marc Jackson accomplished on him. I think it is ironic that Marc is probably the most unselfish player on the team right now, plays very good defense, is the best feeder of the post on the team, and brings some toughness that is sorely needed. Who would have thunk it?"
    By: Forever Crimson, January 20, 2005

    "This board is sooo boring. All we talk about is our winning teams, recruits and our players being drafted in the first rounds of the NBA and NFL drafts. Why can't we talk about relevant topics like homeschooling?"
    By: TribUTE, January 20, 2005

    "Tim Drisdom just made the fans a promise. He said if there are at least 14,000 fans in attendance at Saturday's game, he will play the piano next week on HT700. Matt Thomas really wanted Tim to sing, but Tim laughed and said no thanks to that, but that he'd play the piano. Driz has noticed the pathetic fan attendance and he really wants the fans to support this team. So everyone get your butts to the game! No excuses!!"
    By: CuteUte, January 20, 2005

    "Evidently you didn't read the handbook 'Free agency and how to enforce it.' They give it free of charge to all incoming Utah Legislators."
    By: wannabeaute, January 19, 2005

    "The problem with BYU basketball is they do not have a good post man, a decent power foward, a small forward that can shoot the ball, a two guard that can light it up from outside consistently and a point guard that can penetrate and score, as well as set up others. Other than that, they are not bad. This from a BYU fan."
    By: JohnVA, January 19, 2005

    "Watching Giacoletti in the huddle, he's all fire & brimstone, talking a mile a minute, and it is very evident there is zero selfishness on this squad. These guys are really a team! "
    By: Ma'ake, January 17, 2005

    "After viewing Fiesta Bowl video, and the awesome Utes, and how it seems they could have competed with anybody, I'm left with a quote by poet John GreenLeaf Whittier; 'Of all the words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these .. it might have been.'"
    By: Ultimate Ute, January 17, 2005

    "Last spring Giaco spoke to L.A. area alumni. One of his comments was that Jonas Langvad was the best shooter on the team and that Giaco expected big things from Jonas. I remember thinking, 'What? That red-haired guy who never plays and we never hear anything about?' That Giaco comment is starting to take on some new significance now!"
    By: LA Ute, January 16, 2005

    "Two games into the season and the MWC should fully recognize that doubling Bogues (I can only presume they did because he only had six shots) is the quickest way to get flat out rolled, punked and bitch slapped, left bleeding in some back alley and no one calling for aid. "
    By: SoCalPat, January 15, 2005

    "There's a good reason [the Wyoming Cowboys] play their basketball games in the 'AA'... Jus' told the old lady I was headin' out to the AA meetin'. She fell for it ageen, boy howdy!"
    By: Maji Man, January 14, 2005

    "Somebody [on Cougarboard] asked about BYU memorabilia and I offered that what stands out in my mind is the callous on the bottom of my scrotum sack that has been growing with each swift boot to the sweet spot over the past few years. "
    By: Goatnapper'96, January 13, 2005

    "Lon Kruger really is nothing more at this point than Weekend at Spoonhour's 3. "
    By: mpfunk, January 13, 2005

    "Interior Defense. I am not smart enough to identify exactly what has changed here, but early in the season we weren't rotating well at all. Our interior defense stunk. Lately, we have shut down the penetration and forced teams out of their offense. That is alway easy to do against UNLV, which goes out of its way to recruit the lowest Basketball IQ athletes in the country."
    By: Wakara, January 11, 2005

    "That's college football for you: Ninety percent of it is pure speculation. Utah can just wait another hundred years or so for a team like this to come along. Oklahoma, Miami or Florida State can expect unbeaten seasons occasionally, but not Utah. The Utes went decades without winning even a conference title before Ron McBride arrived in the '90s. This was Utah's team for the ages. The Utes were perfect. They did everything they could do. Due to no fault of their own, they never got a chance to play for the national title. They'll always wonder what would have happened if they could have met USC, Oklahoma or Auburn on the field.... The only thing that ever stopped them was the BCS."
    By: Doug Robinson - Columnist, Deseret Morning News, January 11, 2005

    "[Giacoletti's] playing defense on opposing superstars and taking them out of the game. Damnit, I'm a Ute fan. I don't care a lick about the players on my team, I only go to the games to see quality opponents - and sit at home and whine when there isn't a team I consider worthy on our schdule. So, you can imagine my consternation when potential NBAers like Salim Stoudamire, Brandon Bass, and Odartey Blankson are publicly pantsed by the guy with the cocky smirk [MJ] or the guy with the pathetic assist/turnover ratio [Bogut]."
    By: ColoUte, January 11, 2005

    "RE [top recruits becoming interested in Utah]: That reminds me of something my grandpa used to say...he'd say, 'Being 12-0 is a good thing.' Now I believe him."
    By: loyter, January 10, 2005

    "How appropriate for the Cougs. They are #232, and Harvard is #233 [in the basketball RPI]. Where else would you expect the 'Harvard of the West' to be other than one place higher than the 'other' Harvard?"
    By: Mineral Ute, January 10, 2005

    "For Those Who are Upset about BBall Attendance… First of all, let me say that I'd been going to games for 20+ years. With that being said, I know a lot of people (including me) that didn't renew tickets because of price. Not only did they up ticket prices, but also Crimsom Club dues. For myself, wife, and two kids, it would cost us over $1,000 and our tickets were even on the 29th row. I have a really hard time paying that kind of money for some of the crappy teams we play at home year in and year out. That being said, at this point, I'll be keeping my FB tickets, and attending BB games periodically."
    By: BigNumbers, January 10, 2005

    "Utah never had seasons like it did in 2003 and 2004 because [previously] it either lost close games or didn't have a clue offensively. I don't think KW had anything to do with either, and having been around UM for two years (and Mac for 10), he's got to have a better grip of what flies for an offense and what doesn't."
    By: SoCalPat, January 10, 2005

    "[Regarding] 'The Play': What looked like a simple short pass turns into a hook and ladder play run to perfection. I was actually laughing when I saw it because 1) the Pitt players were so shocked they really didn't do anything and 2) it was one for ALL those who doubted the Utes. That one was for Trev Alberts, Mark May, Craig James, John Saunders, A&M fans before the A&M game, all BYU fans, all fans of the BCS, all those who wanted Pitt to show us 'some east coast football', etc. Take that you filthy whores I said as laughed at the irony of Utah going 12-0 and imagined the looks on the faces of all those BCS sluts and Ute haters. Take that!!! We are you're daddy, you are our bitches... Take that and shut up.. Take that Trev... Take that Craig.. Take that Mack Brown and Jeff Tedford... Take that Mike Tranghesse you useless sack of crap.. TAKE THAT!!! YES........................... UTAH IS 12-0. TAKE THAT AMERICA."
    By: Utes38, January 9, 2005

    "(To Trounce_the_Cougs) Could you change your moniker to U'zguy? I don't know why, but it seems so appropriate."
    By: Wakara, January 8, 2005

    "You know after much deliberation, I'm declaring it doesn't really matter. The Utes went "12-0" and nobody can take that away, and if nobody beats you or is willing to play you, thus you shall be MNC with the others."
    By: UTE98, January 4, 2005

    "We at Wayne's Auburn Board have awarded the Utes a NC! We believe you deserve it, and proved it, on the field where it counts. To heck with anyone who says otherwise, and especially the talking heads who are in love with OU & USC."
    By: Tigress from Wayne's, January 4, 2005

    "Jim Rome's Summary of the Fiesta Bowl: Gator Fans Should Be Thrilled to Have Urban Meyer. Seriously, that was pretty much it."
    By: East Coast Bias, January 3, 2005

    "Ohio State brought 50,000 people to the 2003 national championship game at the fiesta bowl, the most ever. I think we brought more. Excuse me, Mr. Meyer, but THAT'S big time college football. If you didn't know better, you would have thought Pitt was the BCS interloper and Utah was the big conference school. Fact is, we are big time..team, facilities, fans, coaches. The BCS must Die."
    By: Wakara, January 3, 2005

    "I was walking along the sidewalk and noticed a two or three older gentleUTES sitting along the parade route. As the band started coming they stood up, began to clap, and one gentleman started to tear up. I almost went over and gave the old man a big hug. Imagine how long some of the alumns have waited for this day. WE WON THE DAMN FIESTA BOWL!!!!!! I too get chills when I hear the school song, but trying to put myself in this older UTE's shoes is difficult. My oh my, we've come a long way. It was a great experience. I'm glad I didn't miss it."
    By: mexiUTE, January 3, 2005

    "Can I just give props to KW - what a statement he made! I often had said this year that criticisms of our defense this year were actually just compliments of our offense. The defense was just stifling, and to see the Pitt QB on his butt virtually every play was great. I think we have some great years ahead of us!"
    By: Rocker_Ute, January 3, 2005

    "As if the Ute defense needed any extra motivation [Pitt QB] Palko did bring some of the misery on himself. After having been sacked about six or seven times he started getting a little testy with Hackenbruck. I said out loud, 'You shouldn't do that' and sure enough Hack got him back not too much later."
    By: UTE98, January 3, 2005

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