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    If you take out the BYA years like BYU prefers, 5 times before LaVell and 4 times since, for a total of 9 non-LaVell wins. (+24)
    by TheBaron
    Spin it however you want Nancy...but the fact remains...only NINE wins outside of the Lavell era. (+21)
    by utahpunk
    Things to remember going into tomorrow's opening game. (+17)
    by Greginslc
    If Bronco would just be honest about why he wants to play Utah, it would sound like this... (+17)
    by Samak
    Stream test and info :) (+17)
    by Cochoz
    The only thing Utah needs is a W and to be injury free. (+16)
    by BaldHatu
    The numbers.... (+15)
    by Vegas Ute
    I obtained some footage of Junior Salt blocking an ISU lineman tomorrow night. (+15)
    by utebehindenemylines
    Remember for tomorrow! (+13)
    by Flyer
    I love your ritual on a change of possession ... (+13)
    by vUUdoo
    Just a random thought on Utah vs. TDS (+13)
    by High Uintas
    1...DAY...MORE!!! (+11)
    by Kula Shaker
    Au Contraire. Many of the games BYU played in Salt Lake City were "home games" for BYU. (+11)
    by Ute in DC
    Two things: (+11)
    by Weenus
    Yep, it doesn't matter who they have coming to LES, the Utah game is the only way they can sell that place out (they couldn't even get a sell out for Texas last year). (+10)
    by TheJuggernaut
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    "My kid was born 12/25/92. Utah played its first bowl game in 63 years (or something like that) on 12/29 in Tucson and I went. You can have kids any time, how many BCS bowl games can you attend? Try lots of whining & moping -- it worked for me."
    By: pangloss, December 15, 2004

    "The hardest thing to do in life is to listen to sports radio while trying to fool the wife you're listening to her."
    By: HolyShiUTE, December 15, 2004

    "My wife was due Fri., Sept. 3--the day after the a&m game. Our doc said the fresh air and exercise would do her good, so we went. The U gave us a pass to park next to the stadium just in case, and our daughter was born the next day. She went to the Air Force game three weeks later, too."
    By: concerned, December 15, 2004

    "My wife is Due 12/25... I asked her Dr. to induce early but the Douchebag said, 'Going to the Fiesta Bowl wasn't worth the risk.' What the hell does he know?!?!"
    By: Ann_Arbor_Ute, December 15, 2004

    "BCS Bowl births are more rare than childern births. Go to the game."
    By: Cougar Jazz Fan, December 14, 2004

    "So my wife is due with our first child January 15. I have Fiesta Bowl tickets. Am I crazy to go??"
    By: Sacramento Ute, December 14, 2004

    "'We do this the Brigham Young University way,' Samuelson told reporters during the press conference, 'and we hope you understand that but don't worry very much when you don't.'"
    By: newmanscott22, December 14, 2004

    "The difference between BY High and the Utes can be summed up in the banner ads on the message boards. CoogerBoard: "" "Fiesta Bowl Packages!!!" "
    By: TMtnUte, December 14, 2004

    "BYU stat of the weak: Since they are our rival, any time is the right time to trash on them. 20 years ago, the Coogies claimed 1984 MNC after humbling an unranked, 6-5 team by seven whopping points in the grandaddy of them all: the Holiday Bowl. Since then, the Coogs have gone 3-10-1 in bowl games. Three wins in twenty years! And two of those three wins were by a combined seven points! Way to represent, Coogs. But hey, now that Bronco is at the helm and he plans on coaching "by the spirit," perhaps things will change and next season the Coogs can win a bowl game for the first time nine long years. Maybe something simple, such as the Las Vegas Bowl."
    By: ute4ever, December 13, 2004

    "The Oregon fans griping [about Ludwig] is just another way of saying 'we didn't want him anyway.' How else could they justify a lateral move for a guy from the Pac-10 to the MWC? I have a very good feeling about the program. I'm still a little nervous about recovering this recruiting class, but overall, I beleive this hire takes us from two shot wonders to consistently great program."
    By: Wakara, December 13, 2004

    "Gordo and the 1280 clowns said the same thing Friday, Bellotti was holding Ludwig back from opening up the offense. He had a lot more success at Fresno. If they can observe and learn the spread in the coming weeks from the outgoing coaching staff, I think they can continue things here. Has anyone thought that maybe this is why Kyle has said he wouldn't mind allowing Urban to coach the game? Maybe he wants his new staff to learn from him and the outgoing O. guys. "
    By: Big Mac, December 11, 2004

    "Everybody [on the team] is absolutely PUMPED to play for Coach Whitt, and he already has shown a completely different style than UM, which many players enjoyed. As a matter of fact, two of the starters (on the offensive side of the ball, surprisingly) yelled something to the effect of, "If Urban (they didn't refer to him as Coach Meyer) wants to be a part of this, tell him to show up to the damn practices. If not, then he can stay in Florida". Everybody went nuts."
    By: superute, December 10, 2004

    "Craig James is a full-blown idiot, and here's proof that he couldn't argue his way out of a paper bag. Did you notice what he said about Reggie Bush in his Heisman piece? He compared him to Marshall Faulk. Uh, Craig, didn't Faulk play against the same competition that Smith did? What makes him so special and immune from your anti-Utah, anti-non BCS conference rants? If you're going to blow your load over Faulk, the collegiate player, then why are you dissing a QB from the same conference who has been equally as impressive against his peers?"
    By: SoCalPat, December 9, 2004

    "Did she [Shelley Meyer] talk about how happy she is to be near so many giant bugs and excitment over easy access to crack cocaine?"
    By: Mr Crimson, December 9, 2004

    "The only thing missing from the Shelly interview [regarding how much she loves the Gainesville community] was how much the Meyers love to snow ski... I wonder who writes their scripts for them? Whoever it is, I wouldn't recommend that they quit their day job."
    By: TexanUte, December 9, 2004

    "Amongst the many great perspectives Kyle shared on Wednesday.... This one has got to be the best...I couldn't agree more: 'The bottom line is we didn't have a magical offense. We have magical players Alex Smith, Marty Johnson, Steve Savoy. That's what makes this thing good. The players are the nuts and bolts. The scheme will be good, but the players are what drives the offense.'"
    By: Crimson1, December 9, 2004

    "Just read today in the Arizona republic and East valley tribune (both local arizona papers) negative comments on utah fans, specifically mormon ones. First of all , the media and ASU stdents keep calling us the Kindergarten conference and second of all, The owner of Monti's La casa vieja restaurant (food and service are horrible) can't help himself by always saying in the paper and on the local news, that "When people from Utah travel, that they come with a ten dollar bill and the ten commandments and have no intention of breaking either one". Implying that we are cheapskates and self righteous prudes. Anyway for what it is worth, thought you fellow Utefans would like to know what they are saying about us... We are getting put on the chopping block down here.. media and Mill avenue owners saying not expecting much from Ute fans, and that sales will suck and no one wants Utah vs. Pitt."
    By: HALO2KING, December 8, 2004

    "They didn't hire him [Dick Harmon] to gain credibility. They hired him to be a bad BYU gossip writer. He does that job well."
    By: Diehard Ute, December 8, 2004

    "Morgan just gave me chills. He said how he and his wife were freaking out because they didn't know if Whit had gotten the Job and he said he got a phone call around 12:00am from Whit and he said this is what the conversation was like... 'KW: Morgan; MS: Yes coach? KW: A Utah Man Sir, A Utah Man Am I!!!!!!' Morgan said he and his wife started freaking out jumping up and down, from there they called Pouha and Pouha stood up on a table in the library and anounced it and all the students were cheering and throwing papers in the air. Damn I'm proud..."
    By: uteaholicslc, December 8, 2004

    "I wonder if you'll see a billboard that reads: 'Gator Football, fasten your seatbelts' and then next year: 'Gator footbal: you ain't seen nothing yet'"
    By: fuegote, December 8, 2004

    "If King Kyle can get Mullen to stick around and coach the offensive spread then all of us old utes will never need Viagra again. "
    By: runnutz, December 8, 2004

    "The October Sports Illustrated issue was right after all, "mistakenly" and prophetically showing a picture of Whittingham as the Ute's head coach. "
    By: Ultimate Ute, December 8, 2004

    "Always love to see a new Ute on the board. Especially since the 2,396,421 people who have signed up in the last little while are all trolls form Fl, ND, Tx, and Toledo. The best way to know poster's personality is to read many of their posts. And while doing so not taking anyone too seriously because most of the Utes have a mean sarcastic streak. This board is 99% entertainment and 1% informative. Okay... maybe that is an exageration. You'll find tons of good information here. But when one of the devious law students posts a rumor just to be funny... sit back and watch the mayhem develop. Nothing funnier than the cougarboard, every MAC board, radio shows, and even news outlets citing their solid source that Amstutz is eating a twinkie in celebration of his new contract with the U of U."
    By: Tokolosh, December 8, 2004

    "No disrespect to Auburn intended, but... Whomever wins the Orange. If VaTech can beat Auburn, and UTAH can beat Pitt, I say we hang a banner in REO(KW)S that reads: UNIVERSITY OF UTAH RUNNIN' UTES - NATIONAL CO-CHAMPIONS - 2004"
    By: crzdutenut-o-rama, December 8, 2004

    "Just because I haven't said this for a while...'BYU sucks; it sucked yesterday, it sucks today and it will suck tomorrow.' "
    By: Redhawk, December 8, 2004

    "A couple of thoughts on this most glorious of occasions [the hiring of Kyle Whittingham as Head Coach:] 1. Dick Harmon: is not a source. Also simply wishing really hard, not a source. 2. Michael C. Lewis: Tom Amstutz was only a possibility in my finals-addled brain. As for you, Mr. Crimson is not a source. 3. SUCK IT ZOOBS, I MEAN IT SUCK IT LONG SUCK IT HARD SUCK IT LIKE AN EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPER. 4. WE RULE."
    By: Mr Crimson, December 8, 2004

    "Thank heaven ND fired Willingham. If they had not flown out here, I am sure Urban Meyer would have dallied longer before taking the Fla. job, and Kyle would have taken the Y job because he had no alternative to consider. "
    By: concerned, December 8, 2004

    "Upon telling my wife that the Ute players might coach themselves, she replied, now how much did you say they're paying those coaches?"
    By: Ultimate Ute, December 7, 2004

    "I used to think there was more integrity in college football than in pro sports. No longer is the case. At least pro sports are honest about what they are all about. None of this for the student athletes crock of shit that college football tries to pass off."
    By: mpfunk, December 7, 2004

    "College Football story of the year: The 2004 Utah Utes... They did everything their coaching staff asked of them... Then got royally F#%&ed over by them... At least they have the knowledge that... They made their coaches a lot of money... I hope that makes them feel better."
    By: Vegas Ute, December 7, 2004

    "Urban said he was going to Florida so he could throw a ball with his son. Having not lived in Utah for 20 years, when was ball throwing made illegal?"
    By: Ultimate Ute, December 7, 2004

    "I want him coaching b/c the players want him and he is an excellent coach, but I can just here the line he's giving his new recruits. '...want a taste of what you are going to be a part of at Florida? Watch my system during the Fiesta Bowl.' I do feel a bit used."
    By: gsrodeo47, December 7, 2004

    "I hope KW was watching that [Urban saying Utah could beat OK, USC, and Auburn]. Maybe Patrick should ask him if he thinks TDS could beat Rutgers."
    By: IanFaith, December 7, 2004

    "Dan Hawkins signs 5 year extension at Boise State, with many other job offers on the table, nice to see a coach who wants to see his program through."
    By: GOshute, December 7, 2004

    "I'd like to welcome everyone here today. I am glad that we can finally put these difficult days behind us. As I began to contemplate who our new coach would be, my thoughts came to what makes a great University of Utah coach and what keeps them here. And my thought finally rested at this. We need a coach who is fat and swears, the University is at its best when that happens. Further we need a coach who could develop health problems that will keep him here. When I looked across the country only two men fit that bill, and since only one of them is a good coach the decision was made for us. Ladies and Gentlemen I'd like to introduce the next coach at the University of Utah, Tom Amstutz."
    By: Mr Crimson, December 7, 2004

    "He is no longer our coach, why should he coach? What should be the pinnacle of the Utah football season will instead be a 4 quarter infomercial showcasing Urban Meyer and the offense he will bring to the SEC. Television knows football is king in the south, so how do you think they will get and capture those viewers, by talking about Utah and the game ... hell no. As I said, the central focus will be about our ex-coach and Florida and their future."
    By: DistantUte, December 7, 2004

    "Anybody who thinks Chris Hill was not prepared for Urban to leave . . . doesn't know much about Chris Hill. He has a short list at all times with possible replacements for all his head coaches, and he keeps each list up to date. Now, he might have been surprised at how quickly the Urban Rocket Ship achieved escape velocity (with the Florida offier and then Notre Dame and the ensuing circus), but his succession plan for Urban is not something he just figured out on a cocktail napkin."
    By: LA Ute, December 6, 2004

    "For the record, I'm not mad at Urban Meyer anymore. I think what happened is that the Florida offer came so fast and was so big that he was like a deer in the headlights when the media would corner him about it, and he bumbled his way thru some things he now wishes he didn't say. That doesn't mean that I'm not still upset that he's leaving."
    By: WebMonkey, December 6, 2004

    "I sure am grateful for Quinton Ganther... as I watched that fine video of the BYU game put together by BIGAL, I realized for the hundreth time how lucky we are to have him. He's not only an awesome back, but he's also a great, humble person. I see him as a great example to the team. He never complained about touches, but instead said he'd do whatever was asked of him."
    By: Jax, December 6, 2004

    "What many people haven't heard yet is that Monkey was offered to run for 4x the paypal donations. He turned it down because he is a Utah Man. Plus his two daughters like it here. Hail Monkey!"
    By: UndispUTEd, December 6, 2004

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