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    Hello from the hospital (again) and a request for those still experiencing redirects (+24)
    by WebMonkey
    Something we may have missed due to our "adjusted" expectations. (+21)
    by Newbomb Turk
    Runnin' Utes back to #9 in Mark Titus' weekly power rankings on Grantland. It's always a great read if you haven't before, but a word of caution about this week's installment... (+19)
    by SanClementeUte
    This is Y you have eight children. And U R broke. (+12)
    by Duhwayne
    Wow that was almost as bad as the BYU video.. (+10)
    by Vegas Ute
    Speaking of basketball... I play with a group every week and run into this anywhere there is pickup. (+9)
    by UtesMuss1
    LadyUte beware! (+7)
    by SubstiUTE
    Well y'all, when I wake up in the morning it'll be 1/2 way through this hell otherwise known as "recovery", and in 3 weeks I'll be able to walk on my right leg again. Thanks for helping keep me sane so far. (+7)
    by leftyjace
    Clay has fastest 100m @ combine (+7)
    by HCHooligan
    Spaces like that big gray thing should be covered with solar panels. (+7)
    by Maji Man
    I've been inside that cistern. It's pretty cool. (+7)
    by Kula Shaker
    ROFL (+6)
    by UtesMuss1
    Right now Brandon Taylor has a higher career 3pt percentage than Nick Jacobson. (+6)
    by stgeorgeutefan
    RE: Welcome to the world of Politically Correct! (+5)
    by UTAuley
    Welcome to the world of Politically Correct! (+3)
    by Flyer
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    "Can I just give props to KW - what a statement he made! I often had said this year that criticisms of our defense this year were actually just compliments of our offense. The defense was just stifling, and to see the Pitt QB on his butt virtually every play was great. I think we have some great years ahead of us!"
    By: Rocker_Ute, January 3, 2005

    "As if the Ute defense needed any extra motivation [Pitt QB] Palko did bring some of the misery on himself. After having been sacked about six or seven times he started getting a little testy with Hackenbruck. I said out loud, 'You shouldn't do that' and sure enough Hack got him back not too much later."
    By: UTE98, January 3, 2005

    "First, the tailgate food was totally underwhelming. The Liberty Bowl party before the game was 10 times better, with BBQ, chicken, lots of salad & dessert choices, and I keep thinking free drinks. (I remember tipping bartenders, but not having to buy a drink. I didn't have that many, really!) To charge someone $20 and just to get in a fence and then charge them more for everything beyond a sandwich and potato salad is not very cool."
    By: HoopUte, January 3, 2005

    "I haven't found out what Trev has had to say [about the Fiesta Bowl], or how he would like his crow prepared. That's a project for later today. I noticed ABC let Craig James simply dodge it by only talking about the Rose Bowl during halftime of the Fiesta Bowl. Nice job, chumps."
    By: HoopUte, January 3, 2005

    "In Texas, after rain storms, you see fire ant mounds pile up. Well, that's what Phoenix looked like to me. Utah fans swarmed the city like fire ants attacking an intruding cricket. Total inundation. I'd guess we owned 2/3rds of the stadium or more. The rest were corporate sponsors and several thousand Pitt fans. Utah fans basically had the entire home field side, plus both endzones and some of the Pitt side."
    By: TheSportsProfessor, January 3, 2005

    "It was nice to see the order in which Gatorade baths were given. 1)Kyle Whittingham 2)Gary Anderson 3)Urban Meyer. Kyle got the biggest shot, his shirt was just trashed."
    By: Diehard Ute, January 3, 2005

    "...Which then brings us to.......the tailgate. The world's BIGGEST rippoff. The Fiesta Bowl should really be embarassed, they fleeced people, willingly, just because they could. You pay $10 to park, then $20 to get into a place that has horrid food, and doesn't include your drink. The Fiesta Bowl may treat the players and coaches really really well, but they screw the fans over in some ways."
    By: Diehard Ute, January 3, 2005

    "Funniest sign I saw at the [Fiesta Bowl] game: 'My wives let me come.' 2nd place: 'lex Smith is my prophet.'"
    By: MeSoVanHorny, January 3, 2005

    "All the Pitt fans were extremely hospitable and they were just fun to be around. The Utes definetly represented well themselves. I'd say we had at least 45,000 fans in red, if not more. Overall this was the greatest football atmosphere I have ever been apart of, from New Years Eve all the way through the pregame party and the Fiesta Bowl itself. If we are ever lucky enough to get back to the Fiesta I strongly suggest to everyone that was not able to make it this year to do anything they can to go next time. It was definetly worth every penny. I'm still shaking with excitment from the Utes big win and I can't wait till next season..."
    By: 98Ute, January 2, 2005

    "Thank you everybody on here and all 60,000 or so Ute fans who showed up in Tempe to support our team. Thank you Urban Meyer for re-vitalizing our football program and bringing us to the national stage. Thank you Alex Smith for being such a class act and a hell of a quarterback. Thank you the senior class of 2004 (Best Senior Class EVER). Thank you Fiesta Bowl for throwing such an awesome party. Seeing a sea of red when I started approaching Sun Devil Stadium was awe-inspiring and a once in a lifetime moment."
    By: hatu_it_is_revenue, January 2, 2005

    "About Pitt Fans I will offer this observation. The high quality ones came to Tempe and the poor ones that constitute the dickheads stayed home and posted on our board. I didn't run into one Pitt fan in Tempe that wasn't fun and enjoyable to talk with or deal with. We even bought a few of them a drink and let them join our party before the game. After the game those I talked to were gracious and complementary. As usual the ones that don't know crap and like to talk big behind the protection of the internet came over and played big man...big mouth and tiny mind."
    By: Dixieute, January 2, 2005

    "I'm still trying to figure out with the attendence... How come the largest home crowd the Utes have ever played in front of (I'm guessing 60K Ute fans from what everyone is saying and from what I have read) was in Tempe, AZ? I'm glad to see all of those Ute fans show up but what the crap...where have you been? I just find it interesting. Here is to a great Utah crowd and an undefeated season."
    By: FloridaUte, January 2, 2005

    "All of [BYU's] 15 [bowl game] losses were against teams inferior to Pitt. BYU played its bowl games against unranked teams in the middle of the big conferences and usually lost, as the statistic demonstrates. I hate to kick a paper Cougar when he's down but a lot of BYU fans are saying, 'Too bad Utah played such a cruddy team in a game that was so boring.' Sour grapes to the nth degree."
    By: SeattleUte, January 2, 2005

    "I love Alex Smith. He's the man, no other way to say it. I also love Morgan Scalley. He's made big plays all career long. ... But NOBODY is more awesome than FIFITA!!!! I think he's the best DT in the country, or at least he will be next year. I loved seeing him get so much love last night by the TV guys...he deserves ever word of it. He practically lives in the backfield, and is just a terror rushing the passer from the tackle spot. He's my favorite football player to watch. Can't wait to see him anchor our DL next year!!"
    By: BigMike, January 2, 2005

    "Something Strange [at the Fiesta Bowl]! When the Jumbotron had 'Congratulations to Pittsburgh' then 'Congratulations Utah State'! That is how much respect we have recieved!"
    By: OOtahRules, January 2, 2005

    "With its [Fiesta] bowl win, Utah has won as many bowl games as BYU. BYU's bowl record is 7-15-1, Utah's bowl record is 7-3. Utah has a better bowl winning percentage and has just as many wins as BYU, even though BYU has played in 13 more bowl games."
    By: JazzyUte, January 2, 2005

    "A cool fact about Utah's defense in bowl games. Utah has only given up 29 points COMBINED in four straight bowl games. That's pretty impressive!"
    By: JazzyUte, January 2, 2005

    "I have to think that somewhere across the green, Ron McBride is smiling right now."
    By: RaiderUte, January 2, 2005

    "That should be the largest home crowd in Utah history! [referring to the Ute crowd at the 2005 Fiesta Bowl]"
    By: UTE with a Laptop, January 1, 2005

    "I realize some may have already made the trip to Tempe but still there is no excuse for those at the game to be that damn quiet. The most noise made was when cheerleaders were throwing $#!+ into the crowd. What a joke that several people will rather make noise to get a cheap ass shirt then to support the Ute basketball team."
    By: mpfunk, December 29, 2004

    "God Bless Coeds, I keep getting older, they keep staying the same age."
    By: Mr Crimson, December 23, 2004

    "Hey whiney Muss members, feel free to bite me with your excuses for not going to the games. First of all most of us on the board went to college and in fact the U. We know what its like being a college student. And when you say you have things to do, you know what, you don't. Hitting on that chunky blonde Tri-Delt is not something to do. Believe me you'll get your turn. Every one of us here showed up for every High Point, Whitworth and Simon Frazier because we were fans. What your whining about hoops shows me is that you're nothing more than a bunch of front running losers. Quit being pathetic and show your asses up to the games."
    By: Mr Crimson, December 22, 2004

    "Why do Y fans think they know everything about football and basketball? A few years ago when the U played the Y at the Marriott Center, a Utah player threw down a transition dunk on a Y player. That player was injured under the basket, so the Utah player hung from the rim for a while. Immediately the Y faithful let the refs know there should be a technical by making "the noise", then standing up and making obnoxious "T" motions with their arms and hands. In reality, a player may hang from the rim without penalty if there is an injured player beneath him, making this scenario a no-call. Any halfway decent basketball fan knows this."
    By: KyleWouldDoIt, December 22, 2004

    "With [BYU's] Nashif, Rose and Ainge on the court at the same time I thought I was at a Star Trek convention."
    By: jhill, December 21, 2004

    "[Regarding using the weak schedule as an excuse to miss games:] Yeah, great students. Don't give a rats ass about the Utes, only who they play? That's a joke. I never want to hear another 'Old People Stand Up' chant [from the MUSS] in that place until the Student Section is full for an entire season."
    By: Diehard Ute, December 21, 2004

    "Saying you're the best thing going in SLC sports talk radio is a little like saying you're the world's tallest midget. "
    By: RaiderUte, December 20, 2004

    "USU is a "sleeping giant" that been asleep for 40 years (Merlin Olsen). It's going to take a lot of coffee to wake up that giant. lol"
    By: UTE with a Laptop, December 19, 2004

    "[Marc] Jackson's shooting percentage from 3 point land is 60% and his overall shooting percentage is very high. He was 5-6 last night. 6 shots does not make a detriment to the team. Heck, Chaney had 10 shots. Maybe Jackson should be less of a team player and shoot more."
    By: docUte, December 18, 2004

    "I love seeing a picutre of 2 LDS RMs [returned missionaries] on the Utah team tackling a BYU player. In the Church News! Grins!"
    By: LA Ute, December 16, 2004

    "Breaking News... Bronco's Dad thinks his son will be a good coach. That is some fine reporting Dick! (Link) ... More importantly, Bronco's dad doesn't just think his son will be a good coach, he thinks his son is 'special.' I wish my dad would say that about me."
    By: lilpenny, December 16, 2004

    "Big Rick said that when Urban was hired at Utah that some people thought UM could be the next Rick Majerus. So Rick said 'Well, I stayed for 15 years and he only stayed for 2. And I damn near became a Mormon.' That comment got a big laugh from the crowd at the USC press conference."
    By: CuteUte, December 15, 2004

    "My kid was born 12/25/92. Utah played its first bowl game in 63 years (or something like that) on 12/29 in Tucson and I went. You can have kids any time, how many BCS bowl games can you attend? Try lots of whining & moping -- it worked for me."
    By: pangloss, December 15, 2004

    "The hardest thing to do in life is to listen to sports radio while trying to fool the wife you're listening to her."
    By: HolyShiUTE, December 15, 2004

    "My wife was due Fri., Sept. 3--the day after the a&m game. Our doc said the fresh air and exercise would do her good, so we went. The U gave us a pass to park next to the stadium just in case, and our daughter was born the next day. She went to the Air Force game three weeks later, too."
    By: concerned, December 15, 2004

    "My wife is Due 12/25... I asked her Dr. to induce early but the Douchebag said, 'Going to the Fiesta Bowl wasn't worth the risk.' What the hell does he know?!?!"
    By: Ann_Arbor_Ute, December 15, 2004

    "BCS Bowl births are more rare than childern births. Go to the game."
    By: Cougar Jazz Fan, December 14, 2004

    "So my wife is due with our first child January 15. I have Fiesta Bowl tickets. Am I crazy to go??"
    By: Sacramento Ute, December 14, 2004

    "'We do this the Brigham Young University way,' Samuelson told reporters during the press conference, 'and we hope you understand that but don't worry very much when you don't.'"
    By: newmanscott22, December 14, 2004

    "The difference between BY High and the Utes can be summed up in the banner ads on the message boards. CoogerBoard: "" "Fiesta Bowl Packages!!!" "
    By: TMtnUte, December 14, 2004

    "BYU stat of the weak: Since they are our rival, any time is the right time to trash on them. 20 years ago, the Coogies claimed 1984 MNC after humbling an unranked, 6-5 team by seven whopping points in the grandaddy of them all: the Holiday Bowl. Since then, the Coogs have gone 3-10-1 in bowl games. Three wins in twenty years! And two of those three wins were by a combined seven points! Way to represent, Coogs. But hey, now that Bronco is at the helm and he plans on coaching "by the spirit," perhaps things will change and next season the Coogs can win a bowl game for the first time nine long years. Maybe something simple, such as the Las Vegas Bowl."
    By: ute4ever, December 13, 2004

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