By Andrew Brown

Utah is no stranger to changes at the quarterback position during the season. In 2003, Utah Quarterback Brett Elliott went down on the final play of the game against Texas A&M. His replacement? Alex Smith. Brett Ratliff came in for an injured Brian Johnson in 2005, and Jordan Wynn replaced Terrence Cain in 2009. Each of these quarterbacks went on to have successful seasons with the Utes, with the most notable obviously being the future #1 pick and NFL standout, Smith. Utah thought they had the perfect fit with Charlie Brewer, but after watching Cam Rising with the team, it’s clear who the true leader of this Utah squad is.

              Cam Rising was a transfer from Texas in 2019 and has stuck with the team through thick and thin, having been complimented for his positive and infectious attitude. In Fall Camp he was named the Captain of the Football Team, which obviously shows he has the respect of his teammates. With Utah’s record now falling at 1-2, will Cam Rising follow a long tradition of strong play by Utah reserve quarterbacks? Does his performance in the loss against SDSU indicate a sign of things to come? Well, it all depends on his offensive line.

              So far this season, Utah’s battle at the line of scrimmage has left a lot to be desired. The O-line has practically been manhandled by opposing defenses. Our receivers have been inconsistent. The D-line is uncharacteristically spotty. We do not have the makings for a truly successful Division 1 Football team. In 2018 Utah managed to very convincingly win four games in a row after two tough losses to Washington & Washington State. Can this team do something similar, having been picked to finish second or even first in the South?

Cam Rising obviously has the makings to be great, but can his teammates and coaches put him in a position to succeed?  With the less than auspicious start to the season for the Utes and a lot of question marks on both defense AND offense, it’s incredibly difficult to make any realistic prediction for the season at this point. But, if history has any bearing on this situation, I’d say Utah has a fighting chance.