Aaron Lowe’s death has conjured up memories of Ty Jordan, who died on Christmas night

I can’t believe we’re back here.

I can’t believe we’re back in this position of mourning, of grieving a University of Utah football player. I can’t believe we’re mourning, grieving this particular Utes football player, which has conjured up the emotions and the scars of the last Utes football player we all mourned.

Aaron Lowe and Ty Jordan played for West Mesquite High School together, so they knew the same people, had the same teachers, the same school counselors, the same coaches, the same mentors. Many of the phone calls, emails and text messages that had to be made to those people nine months ago in the wake of Jordan’s death had to be made again this week.

The same people, being asked to speak on the death of a college student, being asked to answer the same questions nine months after unfathomable sorrow.

I can’t believe we’re back here.

Only a few of those same people were up for answering those same questions this week. The majority of those same people did not and, well, can you blame them? This isn’t merely grief, but rather grief compounded for families, for friends, for teammates, for coaches both current and past.

Grief is not a strong enough word to explain what Lowe’s mother, Donna Lowe-Stern, is going through right now, but she picked up the phone on Tuesday afternoon. She spoke glowingly of her son, glowingly of Jordan, glowingly of the University of Utah, glowingly of Kyle Whittingham.

Lowe-Stern didn’t shed a tear in nearly 10 minutes on the phone. There may not have been any more tears to shed in those moments. Unfortunately, there surely will be more. Lowe-Stern shared her plans to return to Texas with her son this week. She said a wake is planned for Oct. 9, a funeral for Oct. 10. The funeral will come almost nine months to the day Jordan was buried.

I can’t believe we’re back here.