Gov. Spencer Cox honored five athletes with Utah ties who competed last year in the 2020 Tokyo Games. Gymnasts MyKayla Skinner, Grace McCallum, Kara Eaker and Amelie Morgan, and swimmer Rhyan White met briefly with Cox before being recognized by the Utah Legislature on Wednesday.

“We love how athletic you are. We love how hard you trained. But we love the way that you represented the state of Utah,” Cox said. “I know it’s not home for all of you, but you spent time here, and whether it’s the U.S. you represented, or the U.K., it was really special to see that camaraderie in the way you carried yourselves. The world needs that right now more than ever before.”

Cox presented each of the athletes with a certificate of recognition, as well as a commemorative coin. He thanked them for making “us all feel better about life and about each other,” and spoke of the unifying power of the Olympics.

“As we enter another Olympics coming up, we know there’s so much division, so much toxic discourse, and the Olympics seems like one of the only things we have left that really pulled all of us together — regardless of what country you’re from,” he said.