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    #25 Utah vs. Colorado


    Saturday, November 28 @ 12:30 pm
    TV: Pac-12 Networks
    Radio: ESPN 700

    Predict the score, win a prize!!!

    Summoning the spirit of Rick Majerus

    by Hammer
    2015-11-27 22:30:08

    At the Hunty tonight my son got to play in the 5 min halftime scrimmage with his team the South Valley Rebels. It was a riot. The crowd got into it a little with those 5th graders trying to showboat dribbling through their legs and such. My son stayed true to the fundamentals taught by Big Rick and his current coaches. He caught the ball in the mid to high post, in one motion squared to triple threat and gave a deadly shot fake, his defender [big man] flew to the moon, and he burned him for a layup. The crowd went wild....well, maybe in my own mind they did.

    Very fun night.

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    Oregon State is a good example of what can happen when a program doesn't appreciate a winning coach.

    by Ute in DC
    2015-11-27 19:39:50

    Their fans became disenchanted with Mike Riley. He sensed his days at OSU were numbered so he left.

    Maybe Gary Andersen and Oregon State will be better soon, but I don't think they anticipated going 2-10 (0-9) this year.

    It's possible Utah could find the next Urban Meyer with the next coaching hire, but the odds are against it. It's much more likely we take a step backwards.

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    by stonguse
    2015-11-27 19:48:01

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    If you do the math the difference is not significant by any stretch of the word.

    by TheBaron
    2015-11-27 17:06:23

    If Stanford goes to the playoffs, the PAC-12 will receive a $6M check for Stanford's playoff appearance, plus the massive Rose Bowl payout (the PAC-12's share is approx. $40M/yr when the Rose Bowl not part of the Playoff rotation), plus the PAC-12's guaranteed annual share of the playoff revenue, plus the regular bowl game revenues. If Stanford loses the PAC-12 championship game, the PAC-12 will receive a $4M check for Stanford's NY6 appearance, plus the massive Rose Bowl payout, plus the PAC-12's guaranteed annual share of the playoff revenue, plus the regular bowl game revenues.

    A net difference of $2M, divided 12 ways, is $166,666.67 per school at the absolute maximum. Once you factor in bowl costs and conference shares, both of which the conference deducts before dividing and distributing the post-season money, Utah's net gain from Stanford in the playoffs would be quite a bit less than $167K.

    Utah playing in the best possible bowl is the biggest net positive for the program. As for the other 11 schools in the PAC-12, who gives a $#!+? Trust me when I say they don't give half a $#!+ about Utah.

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    Michigan had a LOSING season and was headed the wrong direction.

    by Ute in DC
    2015-11-27 20:21:38

    Florida had a losing record when they fired Muschamp and was coming off a losing 2013 season. Utah is 8-3.

    Also, Florida and Michigan pay more than twice as much as we do. They can afford to buy out their old coach's contract and then turn around a pay their new coach, including making a huge buyout to his old school.

    Are you seriously advocating that Utah fire Coach Whittingham?

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    Utah vs Idaho State; The view from the cheap seats

    by Ute_In_Texas
    2015-11-27 21:29:46

    A few random observations:

    Not much to say about his one. Idaho State is baaaaad. Really, really, bad.

    As expected, Kuzma had a big game. He struggles against size, but really beats up on smaller teams.

    Utes were +19 on the boards. 14 turnovers is too many against a weak opponent.

    Hope Chapman's ankle is OK.

    Nice to see Tucker hit a few shots. Still waiting for Taylor to heat up.

    Bealer might have earned himself a few more minutes with his offensive explosion, but 3 fouls in limited minutes?

    I thought Wright was starting to find himself last game. He looked solid in the first half of this game too, but seemed to lose interest in the blowout and turned the ball over too much.

    Idaho State shot 58% on 3's. Good thing they only were able to get 12 of them launched.

    Utes covered the 27 point spread. It was looking doubtful when Larry cleared his bench and ISU still had their starters in, but eventually ISU subbed in some freshmen and the cover was safe.

    Next up is TDS. Another 30 point win would be just fine with me!

    My 2 cents.

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    Wash St. looks pretty pedestrian against UW. The Falk kid is definitely the heart and soul of that offense

    by FlyfishingUte
    2015-11-27 16:53:42

    The backup can't get anything done.

    OSU being more competitive that I thought they would be against the Ducks.

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    I'm not saying you are wrong, but I am saying it's total bull$#!+ that Oregon could be gifted a NY6 game over Utah.

    by TheBaron
    2015-11-27 17:17:48

    Utah has a better resume than Oregon and beat Oregon, in Eugene, by 42 points! Utah is criminally underrated in the polls right now if you compare Utah's SOS, resume, and W/L record to a lot of programs ranked ahead of the Utes. There is some extreme recency bias and a heavy dose of geographic bias going on in this year's polls.

    EDIT: WSU just got blown out by UW to end the season 8-4 with a loss to an FCS team. Add in Utah's significantly larger fan base and TV ratings draw and WSU isn't a threat to take a bowl spot from us. Also, Utah can't tie at 6-3 with both USC and UCLA. One of those two will be 5-4 in PAC-12 play after tomorrow. Whether they lose tomorrow or on Dec. 5th, USC is looking at a 5 loss season. If USC beats UCLA tomorrow and loses to Stanford in the PAC-12 championship game, it will be Utah 9-3, UCLA 8-4, and USC 8-5. Utah comes out looking pretty good to the bowl committees in that scenario in spite of losing to both LA schools.

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    I could use a stream of the game tonight

    by Ute_In_Texas
    2015-11-27 18:03:12

    I'll be back around game time looking for a link. TIA for any help.

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    That was great.

    by utahute05
    2015-11-27 23:26:24

    I think since the first shot of the game was a made three pointer it got our attention and from then on we were really into it. I was really impressed by the ball handling skills and passing of the teams. That's awesome that your son was out there and that he scored. Congrats.

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    Congrats.. that was awesome!

    by EUte
    2015-11-27 23:27:38

    My family and I went to dinner after the game and we were all remarking how good those kids were- several of them really played their hearts out. Not to mention that mini game went right down to the wire- exciting stuff!

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    PAC-12 is awesome, I love watching the other teams in this conference ...

    by sweetgrass
    2015-11-27 15:00:46

    I rarely did that in the MWC

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    Stanford in the playoffs absolutely helps Utah. That guarantees 2 teams in NY6 bowls.

    by Crimson Barn
    2015-11-27 18:01:15

    The Rose MUST take a Pac 12 and a B1G team. This is not the BCS era any longer. Unless Rose is the Semi it is contractually obligated to have those two conferences in its game. With WSU going down, that likely means Utes to Holiday if we beat the buffs.

    >> Comment...


    Not exactly. I'm not trying to state which is more plausible, I'm simply stating that Stanford in the playoff is ABSOLUTELY beneficial to Utah.

    by Crimson Barn
    2015-11-27 18:48:27

    That guarantees 2 teams in NY6 bowls. You stated that "Stanford in the playoff does nothing to help Utah" which is absolutely false. Any Pac-12 team in the playoff this year is 100% beneficial to all Pac schools. I don't care if it's plausible or not, Stanford in the playoff is good for Utah individually, as it will get a better bowl selection, and will benefit the conference as a whole with more money.

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    You are reading the distribution model (mostly) correctly, but you are reading my post incorrectly.

    by TheBaron
    2015-11-27 19:09:37

    This part of your post is mostly correct:

    The model states that teams get 6 million for a semi and an additional 4 million for a team that plays in the Fiesta, Peach, Cotton. There is no additional payout for the Rose beyond the contract amount (51 million).
    The only issue is that you are mixing up the base $51M P5 conference CFP share with the ~$80M Rose Bowl payout that gets split by the PAC-12 and the B1G this year. This year the PAC-12 will get both the ~$51M CFP share AND half of the ~$80M Rose Bowl payout no matter what.

    This part, however, doesn't apply to the two scenarios being discussed:
    So based upon that info, Stanford making the semi nets each member 500,000 vs. them just making the Rose that has no additional payout.
    This math is incorrect for the two scenarios being discussed. If you read my post again, I never factored in any "additional" payout for the Rose Bowl; just the ~$40M PAC-12 share that the PAC-12 will receive in literally every possible scenario.

    Here is the math from my previous post:

    If Stanford wins the PAC-12 and sneaks into the playoffs, the PAC-12 will get:
    *The ~$51M guaranteed CFP revenue distribution
    *The PAC-12 share of the ~$80M Rose Bowl payout for either USC or UCLA taking Stanford's place in the Rose Bowl, which is worth ~$40M to the PAC-12
    *$6M for Stanford making the playoffs

    If Stanford loses the championship game and gets selected as an NY6 at-large, the PAC-12 will get:
    *The ~$51M guaranteed CFP revenue distribution
    *The PAC-12 share of the ~$80M Rose Bowl payout for either USC or UCLA playing in the Rose Bowl, which is worth ~$40M to the PAC-12
    *$4M for Stanford being selected as a NY6 at-large

    Those are the two scenarios I discussed in my post. The difference between those two scenarios is $2M; not $6M.

    Of course, there is a third scenario that is far, FAR more likely to happen if Stanford wins the PAC-12 championship like many people on here are clamoring for. If Stanford wins the PAC-12 championship, but gets left out of the playoffs, Stanford will play in the Rose Bowl with no other PAC-12 teams selected to play in a NY6. I'm assuming this is the scenario you based your "$500K less per team" math on. In this scenario, the PAC-12 gets:
    *The ~$51M guaranteed CFP revenue distribution
    *The PAC-12 share of the ~$80M Rose Bowl payout for Stanford playing in the Rose Bowl, which is worth ~$40M to the PAC-12

    If that happens, there will be no $6M playoff appearance payout and no $4M NY6 at-large selection payout. This is the worst case scenario for Utah, both financially and in bowl selection. For some reason, we have a lot of fans that don't understand that Stanford winning the PAC-12 championship and finishing ranked 5th or lower is the worst case scenario for Utah, unless somehow the committee takes a massive $#!+ on Utah's face and gifts a 3 loss Oregon an at-large spot in a NY6 game over a more deserving Utah.

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