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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Welcome to the Off-season

    My two and half cents.

    by UTE-MAN
    2014-04-20 06:35:40

    Once upon a time there was a very good QB. We all had seen him play and work his magic on the field. But one day he felt it was time to take his game to a higher plane, so he declared himself ready for the draft. He was taken number 1, but was on the most retched team the league has seen in many a day. Well you guessed it, he looked awful most of the time, throwing picks and getting blasted in the backfield. All of us that watched this display of totally crap football booed and booed the franchise, for we new he was not the fault of this debacle. Then the team got new players and draft pics and year by year they got better, was it the QB getting better or was it just that they had the other pieces to play with now. Yes the QB was the same, but now he had others that could play at the same level and the team prospered.

    Fast forward to another time another place.

    Once upon a time there was a QB, is he a good QB, well I don't know for sure just yet. All I know is that he throws lots of pics and gets hit in the backfield a lot.

    The moral of the story is when your O line looks like Swiss cheese and receivers can't get open or hang onto the ball, any QB is going to look like crap.

    Lets just hope with some changes made to the coaching staff, some new talent, and a new start, we can make a better showing this year.

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    by Greginslc
    2014-04-20 15:27:13

    This year is confusing.

    The ham and fixings turned out great; but since today is 4/20, the wife was looking for the Twinlies, Tiger Tails, and Snowballs.


    GO UTES!!!!

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    That whole "it's the O-Line" excuse is getting very tiresome.

    by SeaTacUte
    2014-04-20 09:07:32

    For every o-line breakdown there's also been a whole lot of:

    1) holding on to the ball too long
    2) staring down the receivers
    3) scrambling before needing to
    4) throwing the ball into the dirt
    5) throwing the ball 3 yards over the receivers head
    6) throwing the ball wide
    7) throwing the ball into a defenders hands

    At some point in time, hopefully people are going to realize that maybe - just maybe - the skill set simply isn't there.

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    Thoughts and ramblings from the spring game.

    by prestonmadera
    2014-04-20 10:59:34

    As far as the whole QB situation goes it became apparent to me yesterday that if we are going to run Christensen's offense for years to come, Connor Manning is the odd-man-out at QB. He reminds me a lot of a more talented version of a healthy Jordan Wynn. If you remember, a lot was said about the zone read and Jordan. It was pointless to run with him because he was never going to keep the ball, and it put our run game in a bad spot against high quality opponents. I think it was pretty evident yesterday that the QB keeping the ball will be a big part of our run game. All that being said, I thought Manning was fairly impressive. I also thought that the big play ability of cox is very intriguing. The last QB thought is that if I was Kendall Thompson I would like my chances to come in and compete for that job. In my eyes his only real competition is Travis. The best part of bringing Kendall in is the fact that his arrival is really going to create a QB battle and whoever gets the start will be better for that.

    The most impressive thing about the scrimmage yesterday was the depth at RB. I feel like we have some big time talent and depth at that position. Bubba and Booker definitely pack a punch, and the other guys looked good too. I love the versatility of the position group and I'm sure there will be some high level competition in practice to earn reps come fall.

    Another bright spot for me was the WR group. Again, the depth is very good, especially when you consider that Dres and Scott didn't play. Hatfield, Allen, McClellan and Thomas all were fairly impressive. I like the weapons, especially when you add in a decent TE group. We have a nice combination of Big guys, and quick guys.

    It was hard to get a good feel for the O-line for several reasons; Not everybody played, the mixing and matching of groups is harder to deal with than people think, and because I think only 2 D-line guys who will get reps come fall actually played yesterday (Pita and Dimick, if someone else played let me know). Overall I think based on experience and confidence alone this group gets better.

    Now, as far as the defense goes . . . Whit and Kalani must be pretty confident in that group, and what they can do. NOBODY played, I mean seriously, did a single defensive starter play yesterday? I wasn't paying super close attention to the defense, but I think maybe Justin Thomas was the only possible starter that played on D. This raises more concern for the O because they didn't play against anybody, but I think that Kyle likes points to be scored for the fans in the spring game, which I can understand.

    Anyways, overall I was impressed with the athleticism and also the pretty solid discipline showed by the team. Whit has not lost this team, and I feel he is still the man for the job. The hard part about it is that even with all the significant improvements in depth and talent from last year it is very possible that we finish 5-7 again. Here's to hoping we take the next step forward and at least get to a bowl game!

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    Reading comprehension not taught at USC?

    by 480ute
    2014-04-20 10:23:16

    I never said Utah would win this season. Never even came close to saying that.

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    Question for you... (and some blather).

    by Vegas Ute
    2014-04-20 09:31:12

    How much has the population in easy driving distance of Nebraska's stadium grown since their last expansion?

    In the case of the UofU the answer is almost 1,000,000... If the UofU can't add another 10,000 ticket buyers to fill (most of the time) a 55,000 seat RES then the folks that need to be fired are not Architects, Coaches, and Accountants, the people who will have failed would be those in Marketing and Promotions.

    1998 Utah population: 2,048,753
    2014 Utah population: 2,946,100

    Utah Football has had (I think) 24 consecutive sellouts, and even if an expanded stadium means a few non-sellouts per year there is no doubt a 55,000 seat RES sells 50,000+ more ticket per year than a 45,000 seat RES.

    A 1,000 MUSS members graduate every year, some move out-of-state of course, but many (half?) enter the local job market and should be almost automatic sales for tickets. That is a build in mechanism for future growth.

    Yesterday the UofU went to the effort (good for them) of doing an actually through-the-gates head count for the Spring Game and got 12,056. Of course I still heard a local media member say that the "real crowd was less, maybe 10,000, but that is a subject for another day.

    OK 12K is long way away from the 70K at Penn State or Alabama, but let's put that in regional perspective.

    Utah - 12K
    BYU - 6K do they need to shrink 65K LES some more?
    USU - 6K and USU made a big push to get people there.

    Then on the Pac-12 wrap-up show last night I heard that ASU proudly announced that they got 8,000 people to their Spring Game, the most they have ever gotten to come.

    Remember no sane Expansion Hawk (and I am one) is pushing for a 80,000 seat stadium, or even 65K, almost all the talk has been aiming for around that 55K mark, maybe 60K at the biggest (depending on how the construction $/seat works out).

    We are aiming for roughly the same size that has worked for Oregon, Stanford, and many of our conference-mates. The vast majority of us Hawks are still aiming for a "smallish" modern, efficient stadium, just one that provides for some growth and won't need to price out families and those entering the job market. Oh yah, we want more Men's bathrooms too.

    A reasonable expansion is hardly a case of being foolish or getting "too big for our britches."

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    Nothing personal, but ewwww.

    by 480ute
    2014-04-20 17:48:41

    Seems super unpleasant after filling up at Chuck-A-Rama.

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    No way in hell Manning throws six INT's in one game!

    by Uman
    2014-04-20 15:45:07

    Think about that the next time the QB makes a run and gets hurt. There is a reason most QB's are not expected to run the ball. A quick release, great ball placement, and the ability to read the defense is more important than the ability to take off and run in any offense.

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    Yea, if I were Kendall Thompson I'd be anxious to get here.

    by UtahUte72
    2014-04-20 11:06:16

    I would think I have a pretty good shot at the starting job, particularly with the health issues surrounding Wilson.

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    I think people are taking Fresno State, Michigan and WSU too lightly

    by SeaTacUte
    2014-04-20 12:07:51

    Fresno State went 11-2 last season beating Boise State, slaughtering Wyoming (you know - the school our new OC is from), San Diego State and Utah State.

    Michigan ended up with a 7-4 season with wins against Notre Dame and Minnesota. And very close losses (3 points or less) against Nebraska, Ohio State and Penn State. They return almost everyone this year.

    WSU has become exponentially better every year Leach has been there and they're starting a 5th year QB who will be one of the best in the PAC-12.

    The only gimmie games I see on the schedule are Idaho and Colorado. And even Colorado is iffy considering they've beaten us once in PAC-12 play and it's been an adventure beating them the other two times.

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    Even that stat could be parsed further.

    by UtahUte72
    2014-04-20 09:54:12

    Tipped balls caused by a high hard throw that the receiver barely touches.

    Tipped balls that the receiver had a good throw and simply spaced the catch.

    Tipped balls that were high but possible catchable.

    So even then there is some shared responsibility.

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    So based on your judging of Utah's depth guys

    by Gugstanley
    2014-04-20 10:44:59

    USC will be beating Utah by that score? Hard to tell anything when 15 potential starters were wearing street clothes yesterday.

    The only thing I took away from the game was a small football tossed in the crowd. I would have had two but pass interference by the guy behind me caused a tip ball.

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