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    Utah @ Michigan

    Saturday, September 20 @ 3:30 p.m. EDT (1:30 p.m. MDT)
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    Attempting to put my physical life back together

    by Carolina Cycling Ute
    2014-09-19 14:06:57

    As you can tell from my moniker I'm a cyclist, or at least one at heart.

    I used to race when we lived in Salt Lake and in Austin. Sometime in the mid-90's work and other parts of my life got in the way of riding with consistency. I've tried to get back onto the bike a few times over the years but things seemed to get in the way of staying on the bike.

    Since I became unemployed here in NC, I've found myself with time to get on the bike. And with that time came some soul searching and some discovery. One of the things I discovered is a way to earn a living without working for someone else. That helped brighten my mood considerably.

    Along with that discovery came a renewed desire to get fit again. So I've been riding, with a plan (glad I kept my old training plans around). Still debating if I want to get back into racing, but I have found a renewed love for being on the bike.

    Now comes the hard part. Many of my rides have been what used to be warm up or cool down rides for me back in the day. So a new battle is going in my head to pay more attention to my body and the plan than to the old memories. I hope that in the near future my memories and coincide with fitness levels again.

    Just thought I'd share some of what's happening in a (former?) athlete's head.

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    Okay, gotta brag here about my sister for a moment. She's in the Orchestra at Temple Square. They accompany the Tabernacle Choir. The choir and orchestra just completed recording Handel's Messiah. All of it. A very ambitious undertaking. Here's some

    by San Diego Ute Fan
    2014-09-19 18:50:07

    highlights, for those interested...

    Here's the full story

    The Choir performed the full oratorio at Easter 2014 and filled not only the Tabernacle but also three overflow venues on Temple Square. The Salt Lake Tribune described the concert as a “rousing performance that brought [the] usually well-behaved audience to its feet cheering.” Tens of thousands of people around the world viewed the performance via a live stream on the Choir’s website and on its YouTube channel that same weekend.

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    Angst Nation

    by Texas_Ute_Fan
    2014-09-19 19:46:39

    Lighten up...we gonna win...trust me. This ain't your daddy's Wolverines, nor is it your daddy's Big X.

    My hell, Lance freaking Rice came within 3 points and a wide-open receiver on the last play of the game from winning there. But for that, the Utes would be undefeated in "The Big House." Granted, it's a small sample size, but I digress.

    It isn't like we have been smashed 50-0 there.

    What the hell? Grow a big hairy pair!

    WHO AM I, SIR?

    This one just seemed kinda right to get the party started...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN4UUz-9VG A

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urfeUXJM-p g

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    I'm so tired about hearing how amazing Michigan's defense is. They aren't. Yes, their initial stats look ok, but if you dive a tiny bit deeper, you realize that their defense is actually very average. Let me throw some #'s at ya:

    by Ute2004
    2014-09-19 20:34:19

    - Michigan has 4 sacks through 3 games. They have no pass rush. In comparison (and remember, both Utah and Michigan have played two patsies and Michigan has played 3 games vs Utah playing two) Utah has 8 sacks by my count.

    - Michigan has 1 TO in 3 games.

    - In the first half, Notre Dame averaged 6 yards per play. Their first two drives of the second half yielded over 5 yards per play and 1 TD. Then ND shut down their offense. From that point on (remember, ND averaged 6 yards per play in the first half and first two drives of the second half), ND average 1 yard per play.

    So, why does Michigan's defense look so good? It's not their defense. They gave up 6 yards per play to ND when ND tried and were down by 28 points when ND stopped playing. That isn't stout defense at all.

    What covers up Michigan's defense is their offense. And no, their offense isn't good. It's just SLOW. BIG TIME. In Michigan's three games, they have averaged 2 plays/min vs ND, 1.96 plays per minute vs Miami (no, not that Miami), and 1.82 plays per minute vs App St.

    They are old school slow. Huddle up, take a deep breath, relax, run the clock down, go run a play.

    Compare that to Utah's offense this year. We averaged 3 plays per minute vs ISU and 2.63 plays per minute against FSU.

    Michigan struggled BIG TIME vs hurry up teams last year. We will score points tomorrow. Throw in that Michigan ran a 6 man front vs ND, which ND ate up, and two of their 4 starting DB's are hurt....Well, you decide how great their defense is.

    Call me a homer, but the numba's don't lie.

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    Utah still undefeated for the Fall... Soccer takes care of Aggies up in Logan

    by Vegas Ute
    2014-09-19 18:22:56

    Freshmen Fuel Utah Soccer to 3-0 Win at Utah State

    Soccer 6-0-2
    Volleyball 10-0
    Football 2-0

    The Volleyball team has a real test tonight in Provo vs. a Top-25 BYU Volleyball team. The Utes will be moderate underdogs in that match.

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