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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Utah vs. Fresno State

    Saturday, September 6 @ 1:00 PM MDT
    TV: Pac-12 Networks

    Predict the Score, Win a Prize!

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    Remember that time the boss said "come on up to my office and sign that deal for $75 million". Me either.

    by maverick83617
    2014-09-01 09:49:19

    But some guy does.

    Note: 75 is the average for 5 years, after this 2014 year is added to the 4 years of new money.

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    One random thought about Utah State tonight

    by Utes4Ever
    2014-08-31 22:53:36

    Monday or Tuesday of last week I was listening to one of the local AM radio hacks talk about the USU vs. TN matchup (my apologies, I didn't bother to recall this person's name). His position was that USU would beat Tennessee on Sunday because last year Tennessee was a horrible team that finished 5-7 that beat no one noteworthy except an #11 South Carolina team.

    My knee-jerk response to this statement was thinking back on 2013 and how USU could not beat a 5-7 PAC 12 team who beat no one noteworthy except a #5 Stanford team.

    Funny how history has a strange way of repeating itself.

    Welcome back to earth, USU. I hope the crash back down isn't too painful.

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    It could have been 80 had the starters not been pulled.

    by ocgreg
    2014-09-01 10:11:08

    Cal State Fresno is just not a very good football team, but they're a lot better than Idaho State.

    Utah -10 sounds about right.

    Fight On!

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    Hatfield listed starter over Orphey...

    by Crimsonute
    2014-09-01 11:11:51

    Josh Furlong ‏@JFurKSL 6m
    Dominique Hatfield is now listed as a starting Cornerback over Davion Orphey

    Not a surprise after last week.
    Press Release

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    The best and worst from Thursday night.

    by Proud2BaUte
    2014-09-01 09:03:01

    By far the best was Clay returning two kicks for touchdowns. He was amazing. I suspect there are more to come.

    The worst IMO was that we got no take-always. That was a huge problem for us last year and is something we desperately need to change this year. I honestly thought that we would be able to generate some turnovers against a weak ISU team.

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    And Eli Manning has two Super Bowl rings.

    by TheBaron
    2014-09-01 11:51:17

    The only point you're making is that Utah was good enough at the other 21 positions to win games in spite of starting a DIII QB. Imagine if Utah had a halfway decent QB during that time instead of Hays. On second thought, I don't want to imagine it because the answer depresses me.

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    Best: multiple options at every skill position. Worst: LB reads and gap coverage were appalling.

    by Duhwayne
    2014-09-01 10:59:07

    With a soft middle, better teams can pound the rock until our safeties cheat and then throw over the top at Orphey. That's gonna hurt.

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    RE: Is it really necessary to talk $#!+ on USU? Can't we just give them their juice box, pat them on the head and say nice try?

    by High Uintas
    2014-09-01 00:20:39

    If only we could. Unfortunately there's an industry built around the premise that all local teams are equal, regardless of the conference, or lack of conference, that they play in.

    To buy into this industry's premise means that you have to deny that the P5 teams are better than the upstarts like USU. Ironically, Utah in 04 and 08 is part of the proof to this premise, according to them. What they ignore is that there has been a massive gap widening in the talent levels and instead of using Utah's difficulties playing in a P5 conference as proof they instead maintain that Utah has gotten much worse the last 4 years.

    Is it any wonder that listening to and reading this industry's propaganda is so frustrating to Ute fans?

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    Fresno State returns senior free safety Derron Smith who had more career picks than any FBS player entering this season, with 14.

    by Utehawk15
    2014-09-01 09:06:03

    Could be a good test for Wilson to see if he can get those INT's down.

    In total the Bulldogs return 8 starters on defense.

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    2 Tickets for sale-Fresno State

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2014-09-01 13:10:50

    Have a little league game so can't make it this week. 70$ for the pair-section 10 row 51. Face value is 90$.

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    Brief summary from memory...

    by Maji Man
    2014-09-01 13:04:48

    Not happy with run defense, but it was a matter of missed assignments, not getting manhandled.

    Clay moved up on depth chart due to both performance on special teams and receiver. He is dangerous when he gets the ball.

    Preparing for both Fresno QBs.

    Going up against former coach Schramm is a "non-factor" ... things have changed at Utah since he's been here and Schramm's offense has evolved.

    Looking forward to Siaosi Aiono's return to lineup.

    Not really surprised by any results in the Pac-12 games over the weekend.

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    I didn't pick it, but I certainly thought it was possible. I mean, just look at all of the close calls USU has had since GA took over in 2009:

    by UteThunder
    2014-09-01 12:38:13

    2009 - @ Texas A&M 38-30

    2010 - @ Oklahoma 31-24

    2011 - @ Auburn 42-38

    2012 - @ Wisconsin 17-16

    2013 - @ Utah 30-26

    2013 - @ USC 17-14

    Toss in wins over BYU in 2010, Utah in 2012, & NIU in last year's bowl game and it wasn't a stretch for anyone to believe that the Aggies could knock off Tennessee.

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    Impressed by USC? Really? Against a team that they steam rolled in the bowl game? Do you remember that Fresno lost their NFL QB? Wouldn't you expect USC to steamroll them? And impressed with Arizona for beating down UNLV? Give me a break. Since when

    by Ute2004
    2014-08-31 21:46:06

    is beating UNLV in football impressive? Color me not that impressed. I'll be more impressed with Arizona if they steamroll UTSA next weekend, and even that isn't impressive.

    I'd be more impressed with a QB who thought his career was over, then coming in and playing a good clean game, taking some hits than Arizona beating UNLV.

    I'm not saying Arizona sucks. Right now, I have them above Utah and ASU in my conference rankings. I'm just not saying that drumrolling UNLV exceeds my expectations. Same with USC. If Utah beat a mid-major in their bowl game by 20+ points, that mid-major then went and lost their best players, would you be impressed when we win by 30 points the very next game? So why are you so impressed with USC?

    For reference, my power rankings are:

    Cal - I don't expect them to stay this high
    Arizona State
    Oregon State

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