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    Guy (allegedly) raped someone. I don't feel bad for him one bit.

    by Virginia Ute
    2016-09-30 17:18:15

    I'm not sorry his poor little football game career is over, dammit he raped someone. I feel bad for the real victim.

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    Takes a really really special team to go undefeated in the P12. Love my Utes, but don't see them being that special team.

    by Virginia Ute
    2016-09-30 15:25:15

    if we make it to the P12 championship game it'll be with 1-2 losses.

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    Are you $#!+ting me!?

    by BaldHatu
    2016-09-30 23:46:08


    >> Comment...


    Haters gonna hate

    by UTEthanasia
    2016-09-30 12:34:07

    >> Comment...


    RE: Happy days are here again. 55-52 we win again. Is it MAC or WAC who cares again. Happy days are here again.

    by ohio-ute
    2016-10-01 00:14:04

    No. Toledo won. They had more yardage and more time of possession. And if they had not of had two turnovers. . .

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    Will our fanbase ever get over BYU? Who cares if it is optimistic? Even if he were a Utah fan, why is it a bad thing to think big? Especially when we've just beaten USC? And did it with three drives over 75 yards each? Wowza. We've never done that vs

    by Ute2004
    2016-09-30 16:17:39

    that level of competition.

    I don't think we will go undefeated, because no one does in the PAC-12.

    Hell, I still think we are closer to an 8 win team than a 10 win team. I hope USC Troy is the real Troy and not SUU/BYU/SJSU Troy. We will find out Saturday (which is what makes being in the PAC-12 so damn fun).

    I freaking love it.

    >> Comment...


    GO Rockets!!

    by Maji Man
    2016-09-30 15:36:39

    >> Comment...



    by Wildcat
    2016-09-30 13:47:48

    I think Stanford wins comfortably (more than a TD). Arizona exploited some of Washington's defensive weaknesses and Stanford will open those up even more.

    >> Comment...


    Well that's just great Brace yourselves for the inevitable. If only we had our offense playing like this when we played the Utes

    by FlyfishingUte
    2016-10-01 00:25:40

    See I knew our offense was awesome! That field goal by The Nut to end the game was amazing! D you see Jamal of only he had run like that against Utah WVU and UCLA we would of won!

    Can't wait see the media know polishing fest and hear about how the Turds Down South are back and should be five and -0

    Mack Brown could of run against that Toledo defense tonight

    >> Comment...


    Sitake talking out of his ass in sideline presser ...

    by UTAuley
    2016-10-01 00:17:33

    "A great game, I loved how these guys fought it out"

    No defensive minded coach should call it a great game when teams combine for over 100 pts and your defense gave up over 500 yards in the air and just under 700 yards of offense to a team from the MAC.

    But "good" win I guess for the kitty cats. Now only need four more to get bowl eligible. SUU and UMASS are likely wins. Mississippi State also likely win. Michigan State is a loss. Have no clue on BSU (haven't watched them once this year). Utah State to close out season ... Aggies may have chance to play spoiler.

    >> Comment...


    Maction is a nice palate cleanser.

    by Ute in DC
    2016-10-01 00:10:15

    Unsurprisingly, the Urban Dictionary definition of Maction described these two teams to a tee: "Football played in the Mid-American Conference. Not as good talent wise as the BCS, but always high scoring and more entertaining."

    >> Comment...


    you and me and most people here know that but I suspect Greg Wrubell creamed his slacks at the end of the game

    by FlyfishingUte
    2016-10-01 00:33:17

    And the sheeple thst follow that program are gulping it down faster than Tahitian Noni and essential oils

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