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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Welcome to the Off-season

    She's a great Utah Man!

    by Crafty Ute
    2014-04-23 18:48:13

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    Haven't seen this posted yet. Congratulations to Georgia Dabritz

    by LadyUte
    2014-04-23 18:07:57

    who was named Female Collegiate Athlete of the Year at the Governor's State of Sport Awards. Corrie Lothrop won the award last year. GO UTES! —

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    Just sent this to President Pershing...

    by 4evrute
    2014-04-23 16:31:54

    Dear President Pershing,

    As a life-long Ute, (my father had season tickets when the basketball team played at the Deseret Gym), an alum, a season ticket holder for both football and basketball, and a strong Crimson Club supporter, I want to encourage you to retain the words to "Utah Man."

    Changing "Utah man" to "Utah fan" does not seem more inclusive. In the same way the Declaration of Independence declares "all men are created equal," the word "man" used in the song applies to all, not simply to the male gender.

    While the student leaders are an important part of the University community and it is good their voices have been heard, they are not the only members of the community. Faculty, staff, alumni and all current students voices count and should be heard. In my opinion, those offended by the words to the fight song are searching hard for something about which to be offended. There are far more important issues facing the university and the community at large.

    Please do not change the words to "Utah Man." It has been an important part of the University of Utah and it's supporters for generations. As a supporter of the University and as a woman, I have been and will always be a "Utah Man."

    Thank you.

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    Also a pretty fair coed.

    by Maji Man
    2014-04-23 20:31:38

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    My REAL concerns about Utah Man

    by GvilleUte
    2014-04-23 20:44:15

    Personally, I'm more concerned about the obvious references to drug use ("snuff", "jolliest"), gambling ("never bluff") and gang-affiliation ("gang" appears twice!), not to mention the pro-yelling and shouting stance the song takes. How about a little peace and quiet, amirite?

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    I think the folks at ASUU need to talk to the ones at ASUCLA about the Bruin fight song, "Sons of Westwood:"

    by LA Ute
    2014-04-23 23:50:01

    We are Sons of Westwood,
    and we hail Blue and Gold.

    True to thee our hearts will be;
    our love will not grow old.


    Bruins roam the hills of Westwood
    By the blue Pacific shore.

    And when we chance to see
    a man from U. S. C.,
    Ev'ry Bruin starts to ROAR!

    U (clap clap clap)
    C (clap clap clap)
    L (clap clap clap)
    A (clap clap clap)
    U-C-L-A Fight, Fight, Fight.[/QUOTE]

    This was written in 1913.

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    It's what happens when you lose your swagger

    by Milton Vanderslice
    2014-04-23 15:58:04

    I used to think we could beat any team at any time.

    Then the TCU game happened and things changed man, things changed.

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    Using the word man or men to reflect a population has been done forever and is considered proper English.

    by SeaTacUte
    2014-04-23 17:11:02

    Even in our Constitution - "...that all men are created equal."

    If you use it in the right context - like the Utah fight song or our Constitution as examples - it's understood that it includes all genders.

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