The EXTRA POINT Podcasts

The Extra Point #17 – UTAH v. Baylor feat. Gabe Reid, Devin Kaufusi, & Mark Oberg

Andy Brown, Gabe Reid, and Cal Beck sit down to recap the Utes exciting contest with the Baylor Bears before interviewing former defensive tackle Devin Kaufusi about his experience playing at Utah. message board legend Mark Oberg then meets with the crew to talk about the death of the PAC-12 before previewing the Utes PAC-12 conference schedule.

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The Extra Point #14 – PAC-12 Championship Utah v. USC feat. Ja’Quinden Jackson & Gil Alvarez

The ecstatic Utefans crew breaks down the historic PAC-12 Championship game after the Utes repeat as champions. Running Back Ja’Quinden Jackson joins the show to talk about his performance against the Trojans as well as his background in Texas and his transition to the running back position. Former Utes kicker Gil Alvarez joins the crew to talk about football in the old days and his life as a DJ.

The Extra Point #12 – UTAH v. Oregon feat. Jaylen Dixon, Patrick & Owen White

Andy Brown, Jordan Wynn, and Cal Beck break down the Oregon/Utah matchup and preview the Colorado game. Utes Wide Receiver Jaylen Dixon sits down with the Utefans team to discuss his career at Utah and his mom’s epic cooking. Don’t miss father and son superfan duo Patrick and Owen White try to “Stump the Utes”!

The Extra Point #11 – UTAH v. Stanford feat. Tavion Thomas & Leslie Oberg

Andy Brown, Cal Beck, and Jordan Wynn break down the Stanford matchup and preview the Oregon game. Ute running back Tavion Thomas also joins the team to talk about his recruitment, his career performance against The Cardinals, and his love of taco salads. Don’t miss this week’s “Stump the Utes’ featuring super fan Leslie Oberg!