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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    #4 Utah vs. Arizona State


    Saturday, October 17 @ 8:00 p.m. MT
    TV: ESPN
    Radio: ESPN 700

    Predict the score, win a prize!!!

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    Kyle Whittingham IS going to USC......

    by alUmnUs
    2015-10-12 16:16:57

    .....in two weeks to kick their ass!!


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    Jayce Johnson with Coach K

    by Basketball Junkie
    2015-10-12 20:05:47

    Utah picked up a significant commitment on Monday, as Jayce Johnson has pledged to the Utes, he tells Scout.
    he 6-foot-11, 225-pound center from Santa Monica (Calif.) is Scout's 59th ranked 2016 prospect but he'll reclassify to 2015, graduate in December and enroll at Utah early.

    Utah doesn't have a scholarship available, so Johnson's family will pay Jayce's way for the second semester while he's redshirting and then he'll go on scholarship for his redshirt freshman year.

    "It was one of the hardest decisions of my life," Johnson told Scout. "At Utah, like every other place, I connected with all the coaches and players. I had a great experience. But what really stood out was Larry Krystkowiak.

    "He's a big man and knows how I feel. He's been there and done that; he's been in the NBA. He knows what it takes and is going to teach me and give me the advice I need."

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    7'0 4* Jayce Johnson just committed to Utah

    by NarfUte
    2015-10-12 19:19:04

    Huge get. Check out his offer list:

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    RE: Maybe Snoop will sing Utah Man the next time College Gameday comes to town.

    by 480ute
    2015-10-12 15:03:52

    I'm a Utah G and I live across the boulevard,
    Our gang is the hardest motha#%!@as on the yard,
    Our hos are all fine, each one's a dime piece,
    When we holla you'll hear it through the alleys and the streets

    ---Just a sample. I can arrange the entire hymn later this evening if you prefer.

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    Someone mentioned Gionni's tatt when I posted this pic a few days ago...here's your answer.

    by 3UteDad
    2015-10-12 20:15:45

    Even as Gionni Paul wears Utah red, there's still a constant reminder of his previous affiliation on his right biceps: a tattoo of the Miami "U," half orange, half green.

    Ink lasts for a lifetime, but that doesn't mean it can't be covered up. And Paul plans to swap out his old "U" for a new "U." He's thinking red for this one.

    "I'm really about to change it," he told reporters Monday. "I'm about to go over it. My heart is at the University of Utah right now. Forever."

    Utah football notes: Gionni Paul keeps dazzling for Utah defense

    Too bad we can't crowd source the funding for this.

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    Let's ask the question that needs to be asked:

    by H-man
    2015-10-12 17:01:05

    Has Roscoe removed his name from consideration yet?

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    RE: Interesting fact you may not have known about Danny Ainge

    by Big Kahuna
    2015-10-12 14:31:42

    So I posted this once before, funny story about Mr. Ainge.

    My younger brother and I regularly bummed tickets to Angels games, some years getting in to a lot of games for almost nothing. Angels sucked back then.

    On one Sunday, Toronto was in town and this was when Ainge was playing second base for the Blue Jays. The father of the starting pitcher walked up outside the main entrance to the park, saw my Utah letterman's jacket and asked if we wanted to sit with him for the game. We said yes and in we went.

    Seats were awesome, about 10 rows behind the Jays dugout. The father's son got shelled and was pulled around the 4th inning. The dad asked if I wanted a beer, I said, twist my arm (I was 20 going on 21 and he did not ask). One led to two. During all of this arrived a very good looking young lady and another more elderly woman next to her. They sat almost directly behind us (about one seat off).

    Beer being beer, our discussion drifted to Utah. I asked him what his son thought of Ainge. Dad said he was universally disliked by all of the Jays, bit of a prima donna. Not a great team mate.

    One more round, I was done, still kept the conversation going.

    At the seventh inning stretch the attractive lady my age tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I went to Utah. Yup. Asked if I knew Danny? I said no but I watched Vranes and Chambers beat BYU. She then said well I am his wife. The older lady next to her said and I am his mother.

    Without batting an eye the Dad of the pitcher looks at both of them and then at myself and says "Well Utah we need another round".

    Did not make the Christmas card list of the Ainge's.

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    Dear USC, I found you the perfect coach...

    by Milton Vanderslice
    2015-10-12 19:40:06

    Dave Christensen

    He was a former head coach at a P5 equivalent. (Don't worry about fact checking this one, I wouldn't lie to you) He's currently an assistant at Texas A&M. Yes, the same TAMU that just beat ASU. And I know that you hate losing to ASU.

    So it's a slam dunk right? You get a perfect head coach with excellent credentials. I promise you that if you hire him you will return to national title glory within 2 years max.

    you're welcome,
    Milton Vanderslice

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    Just relax & enjoy the great season you're having.

    by ocgreg
    2015-10-12 14:14:30

    1.) because he may not be asked, 2.) he may not want to come and 3) none of us are in control of the outcome.

    Fight On!

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