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    A lack of PAC-12 identity?

    by SeaTacUte
    2014-09-29 11:11:15

    Just came back from visiting Salt Lake - game aside, had a great time and again, great to meet some of the posters. But one overall impression I came away with was a lack of PAC-12 identity in the area. Some examples:

    For the 4 days I was there, listened to a lot of sports radio and good lord they have the worst I've heard. Homerism to the "nth" degree and zero coverage - I mean ZERO of other PAC-12 teams. Even though BYU had a bye week, at least half of the football talk was about them and how Taysom Hill is a bonafide Heisman candidate. And how if the go undefeated they absolutely deserve a shot in the final four playoff games. On the Utah side, it was one Ute2004 type caller after another. One guy called into the radio station and said, "I was in the area and went to the UCLA vs. Arizona State game and I didn't see anything there that scared me. The Utes will easily handle them both." I was incredulous, yelling at the radio, "Are you frickin' kidding me?? UCLA ran up a basketball score (62-27) on a good ASU team IN Tempe and they don't scare you? The Utes will easily handle them??" So there was a lot of that type of commentary which I felt being continuously spoon fed to the masses isn't a healthy thing for realistic sports discussions or setting expectations.

    Maybe it's because I live in Washington and get more coverage, but seemed to me that not many people understood how WSU plays. Even though they were down by 21-0 at one time, I knew that was nothing. This is a team that routinely throws for 500 yards and 4.5 TD's per game no matter who they play. Under Leach's scheme, after they cross the 50 yard line (or even get near to it for that matter), there is no 4th down for them - they go for it. Same as Oregon. Plus they never kick field goals unless it's a blatantly obvious situation to do so like early in the game where there is no or little scoring so far. After that, their field goal kicker sits. I don't know how many times I told my brother and others sitting around us, "game isn't over yet - WSU isn't going anywhere," and was essentially laughed at. "OK - we'll see." And we did. Point being, there seemed to be a real lack of knowledge at the level of play WSU had been playing lately or what their scheme is. Many, MANY people chalked this up as a cakewalk game and I knew it would be far from that (although I did predict a Utah win).

    Another good example is Thursday night we went to a sports bar to watch the UCLA/AZ State game and I had to ask for the game to be put on the TV. They had ten TV's in there showing everything from NASCAR to the Golf Channel, but no PAC-12 game. Once they did put it on, people sitting around were saying, "Oh - look. UCLA is playing!" They were completely unaware that this very important conference game was being telecast that night. I can tell you that in Seattle, in every sports bar that game would have been on damn near every TV and no one would have asked for it to be put on.

    At no time during the football game were other PAC-12 game scores announced, or conference standings or highlights of other games played on the video screen as I hear and see all the time in other conference stadiums. The local media isn't helping either with zero talk of other PAC-12 opponents regardless of the media type. I think because of the split BYU/Utah presence (and a little Utah State tossed in), the fanbase as a whole has a lack of PAC-12 identity.

    Bottom line - knowledge is power. And knowing your enemy is the key to success. Ignoring the PAC-12 as a whole until it comes to the week to play a PAC-12 team isn't working.

    And maybe this is part of the problem with our own team and coaching staff. They just don't have that PAC-12 identity yet. Possibly intimidated by it or use it as an excuse for failures, ie "we're not ready for it yet."

    But if I were there, I'd start putting in some calls to the local radio, TV and newspapers and start bitching about the lack of PAC-12 coverage. I'd also drop an e-mail to whoever the powers at be that run the stadium and say you'd like to see some PAC-12 information fed to you during the breaks in the game. Time to adjust the mindset, methinks - we've been in the conference 4 years now and it's high time.

    Just my 2 bits.

    GO UTES!

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    Musings From a Veteran Plus I'm Retirement Eligible Today!

    by ArkieUte
    2014-09-29 11:09:22

    First of all, nothing really is getting me down because today is my birthday. I have officially joined the KMA club although it's against my nature to be a KMA type.

    1) The sun came up yesterday and did so again today.
    2) Remember not to let the quality of your day be determined by 18-20 year olds.
    3) The players feel worse than you do.
    4) The coaches feel worse than you do.
    5) It can get better......and it can get worse.
    6) No matter what, I'm still retirement eligible!
    7) No matter what, we still love our Utes!

    Go Utes!

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    I’ve always told my kids to take pride in your team… support them through thick and thin.

    by EUte
    2014-09-29 10:23:17

    Sunday morning and I’m grumpy as hell, having traveled in to SLC only to witness that atrocity. Time to head to the airport, and I see that my son is all decked out in Utah gear. Grumbling a bit, I throw on a U hoodie and we head out...all the while I’m dreading the fact that the airport, and particularly our flight back to Seattle, will be crawling with Wazzoobs. We arrive at the gate and our plane is about to board; we’re way at the back of the line (Alaska doesn’t do boarding groups). Overfull flight...I know we're screwed as far as carry-ons.

    Then comes the pre-boarding announcement on the PA: anyone wearing Ute gear can come up to the front and board first (there were maybe 6 or 7 of us total…you should have heard the whiny, zoobish comments from some of the Wazzu fans).

    Moral of the story: well…yeah, you get it.

    No question, this loss sucks ass. Like nearly everyone else, I’m questioning the coaches, blasting our strategy and execution, etc. But these rough times always serve as a reminder of what loyalty means. Let’s fly those U flags proudly and show our support. It's what big-time programs do, and it's who we are.

    GO UTES!

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    You know... What I am getting tired of is folks indicating we sat on the lead!!

    by BaldHatu
    2014-09-29 13:49:07

    THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. Utah began running the ball MAINLY because NO ONE could stop Devonte Booker. AND because Travis was throwing heat seeking missiles to guys 5 yards in front of him. WHEH he wasn't throwing rockets he WAS throwing 5 feet high and wide.

    It was tough to go down field considering the wind was a swirling like the bubble in Provo got popped creating a whoosh throughout the valley. When shots were taken butter fingers rocket either dropped the ball OR didn't fight for it.

    I did NOT see a team sit on a lead. I did see a team lose fire and not execute.

    If DC started throwing the ball all over hell and they went incomplete then folks would have been bitching about not giving the rock to Booker.

    Bottom line, O-line sucked on pass protection, Wilson had a terrible game AND so did Dizzy. That's it. D played well enough to win.

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    From this week's press release

    by WebMonkey
    2014-09-29 11:54:27

    "With 1,974 career receiving yards, Dres Anderson needs just 26 more yards to become the fifth receiver in school history to reach 2,000 yards."

    Well..... had he made that would-be game-winning touchdown catch in the 4th quarter on Saturday, he would ALREADY have 2000 yards!!!

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    Does it matter if Kyle sat on the Lead or not?

    by cbm
    2014-09-29 15:53:01

    People keep bringing up the fact that Kyle didn't sit on the lead like somehow that is suppose to give me more confidence in Kyle or feel better about the loss.

    I'm not saying I think he sat on the lead. I know some have, and that must be the reason for these posts. But it doesn't make the lose any better because he didn't sit on the lead. The fact is he needed his offense to score 13 points to win a game and they could only muster up 10. That is flat out bad, sad, embarrassing, frustrating and ridiculous.

    Utah was at home, with a returning JR QB against a below average conference team. If Kyle can't win these types of games consistently, Utah will never and I mean never become anything in the PAC12.

    Kyle was out coached whether or not he sat on the lead.

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    Complaining about a game and having an opinion...

    by Crimsonute
    2014-09-29 10:41:27

    This is a free country. One has a right to an opinion. If one goes pays $13 and goes to a movie, and it sucks, one has a right to say, That Movie Sucked! Do people ever come back and say, 'Shut up. They spent $80 Million on that film, and they worked hard for eight months. You have no right to say it sucked.'? They don't.

    People have a right to their opinion. People pay at least $25 to watch the Utes. One spends the money, and sits in pouring rain for 4.5 hours, and watches the team they came to see squander away a game, they have a right to be upset.

    BUT one doesn't ever need to call out people who are amateurs. They don't need that. Kyle Whittingham earns $1,989,390 a year. The highest paid state employee. Does he need to be personally attacked via twitter? Not really. If one wants to make a statement, skip the next three games. Don't sell you tickets or give them away. Leave your seat empty. That will be heard by Chris Hill. Kyle Whittingham has as many losing seasons as Ron McBride did. Which is two. He got fired due to the empty stadium.

    You have a right to your opinion, and you can still be a real fan. No need for any personal attacks. If you are tired of what is going on, don't come. You will be heard.

    >> Comment...


    Soooooo.... About Utah vs UCLA

    by GoBruinz
    2014-09-29 19:19:07

    OK everyone, I have to be honest. I pretty much assumed that Utah would beat Wazzu, especially when I saw the 21-0 score slide across my TV screen. So I wasn't really worried about not having given you guys props for beating Michigan last week (I was busy, you know how it is), because I figured I'd just give you double-props this week.

    I was actually shocked to see the final score on the Utah-Wazzu game. I wish I could say I saw how it all transpired, but I'm a DirecTV customer and, well... you know how it is. If it's on the Pac network, I'm screwed.

    It sucks. I mean, losing to Wazzu in any capacity sucks. We lost to them in '97 when they were actually good, and it really sucked.

    Here's the deal though. I have no idea what my Bruins are going to do Saturday night. We have been so inconsistent (good defense/bad offense, good offense/bad defense, missing QB, blah blah blah) that who knows which team will show up. I sure as hell do not. Of course I am hoping the team that whipped ASU shows up, but I don't know if that's going to happen.

    All I know is that in the last two years we've beat you by a grand total of 7 points in each game. We are truly lucky to have gotten by you, and I don't think that anyone forgets that. I am really hoping the Bruins are not looking forward to Oregon the following week (I'm sure you are hoping the opposite).

    The point is, I get it: it sucks to lose so much. We basically have made our way out of a wilderness of a lost decade (in which Utah totally put us to shame), and we are finally respected. But one thing I've learned about is that UCLA does everything the hard way. So I fully expect it to be a close exciting game. I'm hoping our good guys win, and I'm sure you're hoping for the opposite.

    If any of you are coming to the Rose Bowl enjoy the tailgating and the game! It's going to be warm, but thankfully for both our teams it should be cooler come kick off.

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    Six wins is not and never was the goal. Six wins is the bare minimum floor. It was the threshold that was set for Kyle to keep his job and he was informed of that in no uncertain terms during the off-season.

    by TheBaron
    2014-09-29 18:28:28

    The day the end goal for Utah football is 6 wins is the day the entire athletic department needs to be replaced or else we should just shut the whole thing down.

    It baffles me whenever I see Joe Ute fan say they would be "excited" or "over the moon" with six wins. Six wins is when you put the torches and pitchforks back into the closet for another year. You don't extend contracts and pop champagne for six wins. Thankfully, the boosters that have the most pull understand this and actually care about trying to compete for conference championships.

    Regardless of what happens this season or next, the day will come that Kyle is no longer a part of Utah football. Regardless of what happens this season or next, the day will come that Chris Hill is no longer employed by the athletic department. Long term, the program is not in their hands; it is in the hands of the fans and boosters, proportionate to the money invested.

    From everything I've heard and been told, Utah's top donors are committed to building a winning program that competes for conference championships. I believe Utah's athletic department is in excellent hands and I am not worried about the long term outlook. I am, however, worried about Kyle's ability to lead a successful program in the PAC-12 and I am not alone. He is coaching for his job and he knows it, which makes Saturday's coaching failures all the more disturbing.

    This season we will see the very best Kyle has to offer. If he has what it takes to coach at this level, he will right the ship and win some games. If he can't, at least we will know what his ceiling is and won't have to ask "what if..." when he's replaced.

    >> Comment...


    Wow, UF.N got water stations at RES just by bickering about it?!

    by Homer_Crimson
    2014-09-29 13:23:32

    Who wants to start the "Beer fountains vs. Gilbey's dispensers" thread?

    >> Comment...


    He can coach defense, yes. But can he coach and develope QB's? - ANSWER: HELL NO!

    by Hammer
    2014-09-29 11:49:43

    Kyle can coach Defense, he can coach special teams, but he cannot design or oversee a system that builds trust in a QB to burn a defense.

    I think K-Whitt is a QB confidence KILLER - see comments one post below. Travis is so worried about not making mistakes that he isn't dialed in to beating the defense he's going against.

    >> Comment...


    RE: I think he should have gone for it, but it is a stretch to say that almost every coach would have. There are many coaches who punt in that situation. Leech himself might do it.

    by DistantUte
    2014-09-29 16:34:59

    Every coach goes for it in no man's land. Every coach would have gone for it in the situation Utah was in as well -- an inch, near midfield, D is getting gashed, and just needing to kill clock or get 3 points to get win. I was honestly shocked when I saw the punt team come on. Shocked.

    >> Comment...


    Travis played well enough to win that game

    by WebMonkey
    2014-09-29 12:25:54

    We missed a field goal and Dres dropped a sure-catch in stride that most likely would have scored a TD. Plus, Kenneth Scott committed a stupid personal foul that killed an early 1st Q drive.

    But I do agree that he seems to be over-thinking his passes. He's overthrown way too many receivers for my liking. Maybe he needs to eat some more turf. He was nails after that at Michigan.

    >> Comment...


    He would have had it figured out within 4 years.

    by annarborute
    2014-09-29 17:30:36

    The meter has expired on Kwhitt. He needs to prove it or move on this year.

    >> Comment...


    Completely disagree

    by crimsonman7
    2014-09-29 12:39:09

    When you run the same run play over and over, yes, probably not a good idea. Remember we have TW who is 6'7 and 240 lbs. Line him up under center. QB sneak. I think he will get at least a foot by doing that.

    >> Comment...



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