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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    NCAA Tournament Basketball - Sweet 16:
    #5 Runnin' Utes vs #1 Duke

    Friday, March 27 @ ~7:45pm MT

    Location: Houston, TX
    TV: CBS
    Radio: ESPN700 AM

    A few selections from the Hoya message board.

    by loyter
    2015-03-21 21:18:30

    "We played real well, Utah just didn't miss- they are amazing."

    "Another disappointing season... Utah can make final 4"

    "Utah 58% FG, 57% 3-pt shooting. Ridiculous. And it's not because our D has been bad. They've been freaking unconscious."

    "Not really mad about this game. Utah played perfect basketball. Can't really be upset."

    "Give Utah credit. They hit some big threes, and we didn't get a defensive stop when we needed it. That is a very good team. No shame in this apparent loss."

    "If Smith doesn't play the second half, we win. Too bad our $3 million dollar coach couldn't see it."

    "We haven't seen a team execute like this all season. They really made very few mistakes and were really efficient. Gotta give them credit."

    "Turns out the play of the game was their big guy knocking Jabril down and not getting called"

    "Not really mad about this game. Utah played perfect basketball. Can't really be upset.

    Exactly. We played well. They are just better. I'll miss Trawick and I appreciate Hop's effort wish we saw that Smith that showed up for that 5 minute stretch more often. I think everyone understands next year is the year with this freshmen class and DSR."

    "Down the stretch they broke us down and got open shots. We played great D for 28 secs and they found the open guy."

    "How could anyone not walk away from this game impressed with Utah. They played great basketball, rarely missed an open shot. They shot 58% and we did not play poor defensively. I just cannot get that upset about a better team, one that has been ranked all year, beating us by playing better."

    "Don't really feel it was a collapse..although it was on the scoreboard. I know we played Wisconsin and Kansas..but this is the best team we have played this year..at least from what I saw. Not just offense..these guys play GREAT DEFENSE. DSR could not get an open look. They are big, they have good wings, and they handle and pass well."

    "I would not be shocked if Utah beat Duke.
    Duke is bad defensively. I don't think anyone has been paying attention to it but when Coach K makes his team go zone cause they can't stay in front of anyone, they're bad.
    Okafor is a ridiculous defensive liability."

    "Think the same thing, far away from Cameron in Houston, Utah has the size, the guard play, pretty much everything you need to bring down Duke. Utah is for real. All the nonsense from trolls aside, Utah's roster is flat out impressive. I believe Poetl was a huge surprise for them and what a difference that made for them all year."

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    This is kind of a strange sensation. The last time the Runnin' Utes were in the Sweet 16 I was in pampers.

    by 480ute
    2015-03-21 23:43:44

    It hasn't really been that long, but a decade is a good chunk of life. Before Coach K arrived I honestly thought we had seen the last days of "Utah" basketball. That six win season was dreadful, but I took solace in the fact that the Utes would rise from the ashes. It became obvious that they would make a turn about halfway through conference play that first season. We were watching a squad consisting of guys who had no business playing PAC12 ball fight their way through every game, and making every single contest competitive.

    Punk and I called it grit, and it was apparent that Krysko had something brewing. This wouldn't have been possible without Coach K being hired, and quite possibly if Loveridge had gone elsewhere. He was the guy, afterall, who stuck his foot in the door for other big time recruits to slip through. I also give a ton of credit to us, the fans. I don't blame anybody for giving up on Utah basketball during the Giac and Boylen years. That was an embarrassing, and quite frankly infuriating, time period. I certainly wasn't taking in every game, so I can't fault anyone for jumping ship during that time. Still, it didn't take long for people to find their way back, and support an awesome team.

    Rocker said something in chat tonight that really resonated with me. He mentioned being at the game where Jimmer lit us up, and BYU topped 100 points. He said that he was telling his son about what Utah basketball used to be, and felt like those days were sadly gone forever. My kids have really latched on to Utah sports as they've gotten older, to the point that their dream school is Utah. That's pretty cool considering we live a stone's throw from Scum Devil stadium. I don't know if the player's really grasp what this means to us. They have given a younger generation a sense of pride in something that we, the older generation, could only tell stories about.

    It's not that we're a bunch of grown men rooting for younger, more athletic men to win a game we aren't involved in. It's that we become part of something that we can share with others. The bond that has been formed between my daughters (and other friends) and I while rooting for the Utes is priceless. I apologize for going to cheeseland, but #%!@ me am I happy, and appreciative tonight.

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    Gracious Hoya Fans

    by anastasiabeaverhousn
    2015-03-22 10:20:48

    Dear Ute Ladies, Gents and Other,

    After reading the Hoya message board comments Loyter so kindly researched and posted for us, I had a sorta-kinda epiphany. The gracious and complimentary comments written by Hoya fans made me realize what a savvy and educated fan does.....they give credit where credit is due. We are seeing some really awesome comments from our fellow PAC12 conference fans, as well as some really awesome well wishes as our Utes move forward in the Big Dance.

    Yes, many of us Ute fans do this already. This type of fellowship and humility is what the big kids do. Perhaps it's time we join the big kids, and try to develop some similar skills.

    If we attempt to be a better fanbase, perhaps it will rub off on the whiney victims to the south. I highly doubt they are capable of change, but here's hoping. I KNOW we Ute fans are capable of change.

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    is anyone else reading HoyaTalk? Talk about class. Those guys know how to win and how to lose.

    by Chad Sexington
    2015-03-21 21:05:08

    All class. Nothing but class. Color me impressed.

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    I couldn't stand it. Wanted to stay home and watch the gymnastics and switch back and forth between basketball, but headed to a sports bar instead to watch the basketball game...

    by SeaTacUte
    2015-03-21 23:54:23

    Recorded the gymnastics meet, I'll be watching that shortly.

    That game damn nearly put me in my grave. In the first half if Reyes made one more errant turnover/pass I was going to run out into the freeway traffic and be done with it.

    But Coach K is the real deal. He kept the team in check, they overcame their turnovers, were steady-eddy in coming from behind in the first quarter of the game and prevailed. It was mind-blowing. Literally mind-blowing.

    The waitress couldn't bring me bear fast enough I was so nervous. Thank goodness I switched to water after a while.

    Nothing more to say. One of Utah's historic wins to put up there with the Sugar Bowl and beating Arizona in 1998 as far as I'm concerned. No one outside of Utah - I mean NO ONE - expected this. All the worthless ESPN talking heads had us losing to SF Austin. #%!@ those dick heads.

    During the 2014 Super Bowl run for the Seahawks, Russell Wilson's mantra was "why not us?" And it worked - they all walked away with a ring.

    Thinking the same for the Utes this year. WHY NOT US??

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    It's a great day to be a Ute and a Wildcat

    by Wildcat
    2015-03-21 20:44:23

    Having the Bruins win and joining us in the Sweet 16 is a great bonus but my focus is on the Utes and the Cats. Now take this week and get ready for a huge test. There's no guarantee that Duke will win tomorrow. SDSU is one of those scrappy, frustrating teams capable of pulling off an upset in any game. A win during this tournament is such an incredible feeling. The greatest 3 weeks in sports because anything can happen in any game.

    GO UTES!

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    by MeSoVanHorny
    2015-03-21 21:48:21

    I love this kid.

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    by utahpunk
    2015-03-22 13:24:43

    Marshall Faulk ‏@marshallfaulk 21 Mar 2014

    Finally figured out why I never cheered for #Duke. It's cause they remind me of #BYU.

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    Welcome to Houston Utes!!

    by utahwingman
    2015-03-22 09:25:32

    For those who will be coming to Houston, hope you will have a good time. If you don't know Houston, it is very spread out and it can take you an hour to go from one side of Houston to the other side. I would recommend trying to stay as close to the NRG stadium as possible. If not, the Galleria or Downtown area is about 15 min to the NRG also. You might able to find something in the Pearland but it's mostly residential.

    I would highly recommend you get a rental car since the public transportation kind of sucks here. But if you stay in Downtown, you can ride the light rails to the stadium. Remember Houston has TWO airport on opposite side of the city, make sure which airport you are using.

    Don't forget to try some Texas BBQ and/or TexMex food. My favorite are Rudy's BBQ, Goode Company, Lupe Tortillas, Pappasito's Cantina.

    Feel free to send me a message with questions or just post here, I'll do my best to answer questions.

    Welcome to Houston Utes!!!

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    RE: #teenagemutantninjapoeltl

    by loyter
    2015-03-21 21:54:45

    >> Comment...


    Two things that most Cougar fans don't know.

    by High Uintas
    2015-03-22 11:58:03

    1) Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A." is not a patriotic song.

    2)BYU is not a P5 team because the SEC and ACC allow scheduling them as one of their out of conference games along with real P5 teams.

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    Sweet Sixteen for the Utes in the following decades...

    by Junior Ute
    2015-03-21 21:57:08



    >> Comment...


    Well at least SDSU and Duke are facing each other at a neutral site.

    by EUte
    2015-03-21 23:19:09

    Durham, NC: 140 miles to Charlotte
    San Diego: 2520 miles to Charlotte

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