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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Good, we need more senators like Mark Madsen to get this bill approved.

    by UtesMuss1
    2016-02-09 14:40:28

    After LDS church opposes medical marijuana bill, lawmaker will not back off

    Salt Lake City (KUTV) Utah Senator Mark Madsen said fighting old perceptions about pot have made his efforts to legalize medical marijuana an uphill battle. Then came another hurdle Friday when the Mormon Church said it opposed his bill.

    Still, Madsen, who is Mormon, said he won't back down because polls show most Utah residents support the proposed law. Plus, people with serious medical conditions could really use the pain relief.

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    Dear BYU

    by High Uintas
    2016-02-09 09:44:56

    ESPN is not your ally and is not going to help you get into the Big 12. They have absolutely no financial incentive to do so. If BYU joins any conference, the contract with ESPN is over and BYU's rights belong to their conference. If anything, ESPN wants BYU to stay independent because it forces them to renew their ESPN contract giving the network a late night, midweek game to show. Once Boise State joined the Mountain West, no longer willing to prostitute themselves to ESPN for odd time-slot games, ESPN needed a partner for their late night booty call. Oddly enough, BYU jumped at this opportunity, spinning it to mean that BYU was a great draw when in reality, they were just a willing body there for a cash payment. Am I taking the hooker metaphor too far??

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    That benefits BYU, but almost no one else on that list.

    by UtahUte72
    2016-02-09 12:50:29

    Most of the better schools already are in better conferences than that would create. Also, you don't understand, NO ONE LIKES YOU!!!

    You guys never seem to get that, but that is the bottom line.

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    My bad

    by ocgreg
    2016-02-09 13:54:22

    I thought you were a real BYU person yesterday.

    Fight On!

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    You can think what you want. The fact remains: It's boring. *sad trombone*

    by loyter
    2016-02-09 11:10:01

    Also, "sports sedan"? You can call a trailer park "upscale", but it's still a trailer park.

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    Travis scored a TD on that play

    by Fly Fisherman
    2016-02-09 11:55:53

    If I am not mistaken.

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    If you're looking for a big tax deduction...

    by pangloss
    2016-02-09 11:44:47

    A safe, high value tax deduction is to give art to BYU. It doesn't need to be anything special - your kid's crayon scribble, one of those $10 art sale pictures or whatever crap you have laying around. Just make it small and lightweight to save on shipping.

    Then, send it off to them, make up some outrageous value completely disassociated from market value reality and take the deduction. That institution refuses IRS value audits and since it is a quasi religious institution the IRS won't fight for that authority. So, you can put any value on your contribution you need to meet your tax refund goals.

    A creative, low effort way to generate a big tax deduction is to go in the front door and buy some piece of $#!+ at Deseret Industries and then take it to the back door and donate it. They'll give you a receipt you can fill out yourself. If the POS cost $10, take a $10,000 deduction. No problem. You probably don't want to get too greedy, so the 1,000 to one tax fraud rule is prudent.


    >> Comment...


    That picture sums up the two programs perfectly.

    by Ute2004
    2016-02-09 11:38:57

    From Utah standing, to the BYU player falling, to the BYU player being a previous Utah player who couldn't see the field, to uniforms (Utah is getting better, while BYU is desperately trying to hang onto a past most of their fans weren't even alive to experience)...

    Love that pic.

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    Helluva can of worms. What's next? Charge them with recruiting violations and its interpreted as religious oppression? Refusal schedule them home 'n home, and that's religious discrimination?

    by Chad Sexington
    2016-02-09 11:56:44

    If that kid was so worried about religious considerations, how'd he end up at Miami initially?

    If schools were smart, they'd blacklist them just for being a pain in the ass.

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    The Walken closet ad...

    by loyter
    2016-02-09 09:56:44

    Did anyone else notice the irony...Walken explains that he shouldn't be a boring beige socks guy and then tells him to buy a white Korean sedan?

    It couldn't have at least been red or black?

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