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    I'm no Sark fan but I like what he said here.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2015-08-01 12:56:45

    "We're not going to take the field in 13 different uniforms in 13 different games this fall. We're going to wear cardinal and gold. You know what we wear."

    Amen! God how I wish this alternative uniform nonsense would go away. I miss the 80's when I could go to a Utes game and know that the uniforms were going to look like Utes uniforms. Week in, week out.

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    I hate FCS games too, but I don't think it is a matter of growing a pair. It's all about balancing the schedule and $$$$.

    by UteThunder
    2015-08-01 21:55:22

    We can get an FCS team to come in for 50-70% less than what it would take to get a team like Wyoming to come here without a return trip. And if we get rid of the FCS games, we will rarely play 7 home games.

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    Here is Sark in the buildup to the game last year. You really need to love your media time at USC.

    by Duhwayne
    2015-08-01 14:58:07

    Watchin these videos I thought two things:

    1) there is a ton of media to watch and a ton to learn about the conference.

    2) I think more should spend time checking this stuff out rather than worrying about the latest crazy thoughts our weird neighbors had.

    This is the big boy league and these guys are so much more mature and humble. We are the average of the five people we are closest to. I know who I want and who I don't want to be counted there, that's for sure.

    Monday 10/20/14

    Tuesday 10/21/14

    Tuesday 10/21/14

    Wednesday 10/22/14

    Thursday 10/23/14

    After the game

    Friday 10/24/14

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    I agree with you - a lot of the Utah fans aren't in tune with what's going on in the league...

    by SeaTacUte
    2015-08-01 20:27:38

    Maybe more so in basketball, but not football. I've posted this before, but during my annual visits I've noticed this:

    - Locals aren't aware of other PAC-12 game telecasts or key games. I arrived last year on a Thursday because I wanted to see the Thursday night game between UCLA and Arizona State. Now that's two conference powerhouses going at each other, a pretty important game. Went with my brother (Utenut) to a local popular sports bar that had I guess 15-20 TV's. Not one of them was tuned to the game. I had to ask and then I got all sorts of quizzical looks from both the staff and crowd there. "You mean there's a PAC-12 game tonight? Oh - UCLA is playing? Really?" I can guarantee you I wouldn't have had to ask that in any Seattle sport bar.

    - People aren't familiar with other teams star players or coaching tendencies. While at the WSU game, WSU had a number of 4th down plays where they went for it. Which is typical of Leach. From the opponents 40 yard line on, they'll go for it on 4th down. That's just fact. Yet no Utah fans in the stands knew that and were shocked every time it happened.

    - There are no PAC-12 game score updates or highlights broadcast during a Utah game. At the other PAC-12 schools you can count on that during every quarter and half-time break.

    - The Salt Lake newspapers provide zero coverage of other PAC-12 games in the Sunday paper. They'll just run a list of scores along with other NCAA scores on the last page. The Seattle Times does a full, two-page spread of all the PAC-12 games including box scores, commentary and photos.

    - And don't get me started on the local radio. USC or Oregon coming to town? No one on the radio seems to care. Let's talk about BYU instead.

    I understand it's only the 4th year into this conference, but it's time Utah fans and media start buying into the conference, following and becoming educated on all of the teams.

    And most importantly, IT'S HIGH TIME TO GET OVER THE WHOLE BYU THING. All you're doing is validating them by giving them attention, not to mention neglecting YOUR OWN CONFERENCE.

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    USC vs. Utah

    by ocgreg
    2015-08-01 19:29:46

    This game is during "Trojan Family Weekend," so the E-Coli will probably be full. Just FYI in case you've not purchased your ticket yet and you plan to come.

    Fight On!

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    A little history on Whitt. When he was a defensive coordinator, he would frequently call winners/losers and scores of other WAC/MWC games. He was scary good. He knew teams strengths and weaknesses and would call winners and scores and be frightening

    by Ute2004
    2015-08-01 19:07:46

    accurate. He would say San Diego beats Air Force 28-17 and the final score would be 24-17.

    Two, he is an open book. He doesn't hide things. When he says that X position is thin, it is thin. When he says X needs to work on Y, X isn't very good at Y.

    That being said, some tidbits:

    1 - Whitt knows the QB job isn't good enough. He wants a QB that can throw and run (*cough* Chase Hansen *cough*), equally as well. He doesn't necessarily need his QB to be lights out, but solid (*cough* Chase Hansen *cough*). He has never had that. He talks about opening up the QB job again this fall for KT to have a shot to win it. I think Whitt desperately wants someone to show consistency in both aspects of the job: running and throwing. Wilson is an ok runner, and a slightly above average passer. KT is an electric runner and below average passer.

    Whitt knows he is a QB away from a very, very special season. So, I expect the reps to be split 50/50 this fall, with the winner being the guy. This is not what I thought would happen at all. I thought it was Wilson's job (which Whitt says it is), but that KT would be playing for #2, not #1. Good luck to both QB's. I have faith in Wilson, but if KT wins the job, that is excellent and get excited. KT will have to have a special fall to win the job.

    2 - Whitt talks about finally almost having PAC-12 depth. His two positions that aren't there yet? WR (we all knew that) and CB. That surprised me. I thought our CB was a deep position. Whitt sees it otherwise. That is worrisome.

    Whitt likes Allen's size, but Allen's experience isn't there. JT and Hobbs are slot backs. Both are tremendous in the slot. I'm not sure we want them on the outside. Porter is coming off an injury. JC guys are JC guys. Hatfield getting kicked off the team was a blow to the defense. I don't think Hatfield plays this year. Domo had a special place in Whitt's heart, and I think Whitt is afraid if he is too nice to Hatfield, it could ruin his future. Domo might be back, probably not this year. He has a long list of things to do. It's possible, but it won't be easy.

    If CB doesn't become a solid by the end of fall camp...we are screwed. Not less than 6 wins screwed, but forget winning the south.

    3 - I LOVE Whitt's confidence. We can compete. Remember, this guy knows what is going to happen in games before they happen. He has that ability to call the winners and scores. He has a pretty good idea what will happen before it does. I haven't seen this kind of confidence in him since...before 2008. I'm not saying we go undefeated. That's crazy. I'm just saying Whitt thinks he can win a lot of games this fall...more than last year kind of a lot.

    I'll post my predictions later, but the south is crazy. A lot of my predictions are going off what I've seen and heard from around the program and from Whitt. I think this is Whitt's last stand. I think Whitt is hoping to blow it up with an amazing season, then ride off into the sunset with Utah fans carrying him on their shoulders while everyone sings Utah Man.

    One thing that I'm curious on is that both ARod and Harding are passing guys. They come from passing backgrounds. I'm curious as to what their offense will look like. I know this might not be the most popular thing to say, but I want Utah's offense to look like BYU-P's when they had Beck and Coke Man. I would love to see us go to two TE's, get the FB back, put the TE in the slot, get a big FB out on the flat for the quick pass, etc. It just fits our recruiting. I'm not sure we can ever get 4-6 WR's at this level. We can definitely get 2-3.

    I'd love to see more two back sets, 3 WR, TE and single back, two TE-two backs...anyways.

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    He knows he'd be hanged, drawn by Traveler and then quartered

    by ocgreg
    2015-08-01 13:42:59

    We don't go for that gimmicky chit.


    Fight On!

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    Without WRs who can get separation from the opponents' DBs, even the best performance by Ute QBs won't give us a solid passing game...

    by LA Ute
    2015-08-01 19:36:06

    This is about more than simple speed. They have to know how to run the routes, fight for the ball, etc. I hope a couple of guys emerge.

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    by 89ute
    2015-08-01 19:21:32

    Please share where you heard this.

    2 - Whitt talks about finally almost having PAC-12 depth. His two positions that aren't there yet? WR (we all knew that) and CB. That surprised me. I thought our CB was a deep position. Whitt sees it otherwise. That is worrisome.

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    Only problem with that is the playoff teams #2 criteria after W/L record is strength of schedule

    by SeaTacUte
    2015-08-01 23:04:11

    One of these days the Utes are going to be in that national championship conversation and I'd sure hate to see them knocked out of the opportunity because they're playing Weber State, Colorado School of Mines and Coastal Carolina in their OOC schedule.

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