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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    #11 Runnin' Utes at UCLA

    Your wife is requesting you put on some pants

    Thursday, Jan. 29 @ 7:00 p.m. MST

    TV: ESPN2
    Radio: ESPN700 AM

    #11 Runnin' Utes at USC

    Sunday, February 1 @ 11:30am MST

    Radio: ESPN700 AM

    Has everyone forgotten the most obvious Sean Miller lookalike?

    by San Diego Ute Fan
    2015-01-29 12:06:39

    I give you Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden of "The Honeymooners"...

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    i hate that he literallhy stands two feet onto the court the entire game, no matter if the ball is on that side or not.

    by mr_urson
    2015-01-28 22:40:15

    i wish a player would truck his ass. but he is without a doubt one of the best coaches in college.

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    Sean Miller looks like

    by We will rock U
    2015-01-29 07:53:37

    >> Comment...



    by Tacoma Ute
    2015-01-28 22:00:51

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    In what world does CSU have an equivalent history as BYU? I can't speak for their facilities, but I would be surprised if they are as good as BYU's. CSU also has a much smaller fan base, although they are connected to a bigger media market. Look,

    by scratch
    2015-01-29 11:10:36

    I agree there's no reason why the B12 would invite BYU and I would be shocked if it happened, but that doesn't mean that BYU doesn't have some attractive selling points, particularly if being compared to MWC teams.

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    As long as they continue to win 7+ games and keep, for the most part, players off the police blotter Bronco isn't going anywhere, unless by his choice.

    by TheJuggernaut
    2015-01-29 10:34:42

    Fans, former players, and media mental midgets can bitch and moan all they want, Bronco is there as long as he wants to be as long as he keeps his players out of trouble and continues to go to bowl games.

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    My wife and I had to have Jason Buck sit with us at a charity event back in 2009 and he pretty much said the same thing then as he did this morning.

    by rbentz
    2015-01-28 20:45:09

    I was shocked how negative he was about Bronco and their program. He seemed like he was very proud of his personal legacy but very down on where the program went when the "legends", his words, left the program. Overall I found Jason to be equal parts douche bag and a Lavelle loyalist that totally despised tds's program under Roscoe.

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    So it sounds like 1280 the Zoob are again making up "news."

    by Crimsonute
    2015-01-29 09:53:33

    We Utah fans had to endure the weeks of The Zoob telling us Kyle was leaving, and not only leaving, but headed to BYU. Now what I gather from Twitter, they are degrading Bronco, and trying to rally BYU fans and alumni to stage a coup. Who do these guys think they are? Evidently experts at Yellow Journalism.

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    If you took a poll among USC alumni: Who do you like more; the USC Athletic Department, or ISIS?

    by ocgreg
    2015-01-29 07:50:51

    ISIS would win in a landslide! Why? ISIS has better customer service, and the university wants US to pay for the renovation even though only Harvard & Stanford bring in more money.

    Out of principal I'm not going to pay $4,000 per seat for a PSL.

    Fight On, anyway!

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    Looking forward to the game tonight Going to sit down and tie some flies for the weekend

    by FlyfishingUte
    2015-01-29 10:39:37

    While sipping some High West Campfire (a most delicious libation) while my dogs take over the couch. I look forward to a Ute victory tonight.

    Thinking I may have to go down to the PAC 12 tourney in Vegas Hopefully the weather will be conducive to taking my Harley down. My brother is going to buy the new Indian Scout. He is hopeful it gets here in time for that roadie.

    >> Comment...


    It was something about Garments and LDS missionaries climbing on a statue of buddah

    by BadBadUte
    2015-01-29 10:40:49

    And decapitating a Catholic statue.

    There were a lot of blue stars and posters threatening to leave because something was sacred and then somebody called somebody a prick and that wasn't Christian and then somebody else was going to punch somebody and then more blue stars.

    I'm pretty lost in the whole thing too, just keep yer head down and all will blow over.

    >> Comment...


    RE: Why does Sean Miller always squat like a Russian?

    by BangkokWildcat
    2015-01-29 02:56:14

    Nice way to represent your fanbase......maybe you dislike his face because it's the face that beats you so often? 11 straight I believe.....

    Coach Miller is always complementing your Coach and Team.....yet you feel the need to post this personal attack on him vs. something relevant to the game......uncool.

    Anyways, I'm really impressed with the Utes and really looking forward to the game on Feb. 28....it's going to be a very tough challenge for us and a great game for the Pac12 on the national stage.

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