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    For the "in your face Zoobs, these jokes write themselves" file of the day.

    by The Thrill
    2015-08-02 13:59:11

    Friend of mine recently went to Disneyland (for the record he's an Aggie fan). He's also aware that Cougarboard has this weird fascination with counting BYU gear at Disneyland as if it's some sort of justification of how great they are. They constantly report numbers to their silly site about end of day totals and then boast their greatness.

    Dave, my buddy, saw this anomaly first hand and thought to himself "wow, there really are a good number of BYU gear here. (dozen or so)" So he decided to ask one "fan" if they were from the state of Utah to maybe find a connection, he's always networking for new local accounts. Below is a rough transcript of the interaction.

    Dave "hey man, you from Utah?"

    Fan "no, why would you think that?"

    Dave "oh, I just saw the BYU hat and thought you might be from Utah, I'm from Salt Lake...Aggie fan."

    Fan "I have no idea what you're talking about. My son plays for Yucaipa just outside of San Bernadino. This hat is for the Thunderbirds."

    Dave "wow, oh sorry. I was told BYU fans come here in huge numbers."

    Fan "BYU? The Mormon school? I've heard of them, I have no clue where they are. Are they from Utah?"

    Dave "Yeah, Provo Utah. Sorry to bother you."

    So Dave, after a brief chuckle, decided to address every "BYU fan" in gear with a "Go Thunderbirds" and a majority of them responded with a "Yucaipa!".

    Sure there were still a couple of random BYU fans but these reported daily numbers are far inflated from the actual count. I know this means nothing to you or I nor should we give a $#!+ but it's just another Zoob misguided argument to add to the list of overinflated justification of their fanbase.

    Yucaipa Thunderbirds logos below:

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    I used to mark that game on my calendar as soon as the schedule came out. Now it does almost nothing for me. As I've said before this was my reaction to the last 3 games:

    by Tacoma Ute
    2015-08-02 19:02:32

    2011: I enjoyed it but I was laughing, not cheering. No one on a national scale even noticed 54-10.

    2012: I walked away bummed that we almost blew what should have been a comfortable win against a crap team. The fact that we rushed the field, three times no less, was utterly embarrassing. Save that for when/if we win the PAC or at least the South.

    2013: Same thing. I came away bummed that we almost blew what should have been a comfortable win against a crap team.

    For me it' like this--

    Blow them out? Kinda funny and enjoyable to watch their misery but has no bearing on the season.

    Barely beat them? Embarrassing to struggle with a team we should clobber.

    Lose to them? Utter embarrassment on a local and national level. A major jolt to the program.

    In other words we have everything to lose and NOTHING AT ALL to gain by playing them.

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    Utah football countdown, #44

    by Maji Man
    2015-08-02 15:15:01

    #44, Jake Jackson, 6-3 225, Freshman LB

    Recruited in 2012. From Encinitas, California.

    http://www.utahutes.com/sports/m-footbl/m tt/jake_jackson_959759.html

    http://www.hudl.com/athlete/201566/jake-j ackson

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    the problem is that even when we pummel them like a blue hair step child their coach and their fans rationalize

    by FlyfishingUte
    2015-08-02 18:42:43

    And make excuses about why they lost, the better team didn't win et al. If 54-10, four in a row and being 3-9 against us the last 12 years what makes you think us beating them the next two times will garner any respect from them?

    They are delusional, their collective mind is made up and we shouldn't confuse them with pesky facts

    >> Comment...


    Or you could look at these facts...

    by Vegas Ute
    2015-08-02 13:11:00

    1) no NFL competition

    2) The Wasatch Front has almost doubled from 1998 when 35K Rice went to 45K RES.

    3) The Utah "brand" grew immensely do to 2 BCS busting seasons & P-12 invite.

    4) Sold out stadium through two losing seasons.

    5) Main rival appears to have stagnated attendance-wise, last sell out was vs. Utah in 2013.

    If 1 million more people can produce ~10K more seats then you marketing must really stink.

    Small time thinking is not prudence, prudence is making wise bets, and a 10-12K expansion should not be a dangerous bet

    >> Comment...


    LoLz, another validation measure debunked.

    by Maji Man
    2015-08-02 14:37:44

    Need to go to the Chinese Disneyland and count Y hats.

    >> Comment...


    Demari Simpkins and Tyler Huntley

    by afro14
    2015-08-02 13:40:20

    After having watched a little bit of film on our newest two commits, I'm convinced that Utah got two really good players. Here are some quick facts about Demari Simpkins and Tyler Huntley.
    -Both are rated three stars by all the major recruiting sites
    - Simpkins is about 5'11", 175 lbs, and runs a sub 4.5 40 yard dash. He ran a lot of plays out of the wildcat formation in high school and could be used in that role in Utah's offense. As a receiver, he has displayed good hands, shiftiness in the open field, and the ability to get open over the top as a deep threat. He has stated that Utah's coaches told him that he will be used in the slot.
    - Huntley is 6'1", 178 lbs, according to Hudl, and he runs a 4.76 sec 40 yard dash, also according to Hudl. He is a dual threat QB, and displays some good moves and speed in the open field. As a thrower, he has a decently strong arm, and is pretty accurate as well. He does have a tendency to throw off his back foot sometimes and at times will put the ball up into dangerous spots and rely on his receivers to go up and get it. He has a good throwing motion as well, doesn't side arm the ball.

    IMHO, Simpkins will likely be used as a returner, and could be a similar player as Reggie Dunn, Kaelin Clay, or Jereme Brooks. Huntley looks like he'll need a little bit of time to develop, and will need to put on some weight, but given that Chase Hansen is all but penciled in as the 2016 starter until his time here is over, Huntley will have the time he needs to improve, and I'm guessing that he'll be Hansen's replacement.

    Overall, I really like both players, and I especially look for Simpkins to have an early impact in 2016.

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    I wouldn't have a problem putting them on the schedule every third year. Even if the Utes play in Provo it's damn near a home game.

    by SeaTacUte
    2015-08-02 20:15:06

    I just hate the fact that the zoob side seems to think that this game "is expected." Like it's some sort of obligation to play them. Now that the Utes are in the PAC-12, there's no legitimate reason to schedule them other than in-state rivalry bragging rights. And once every 3 years is plenty for that.

    Otherwise, to hell with them. I'd rather see some games in areas we could start recruiting in and against P5 conference mid-level foes. Some examples would be:

    Wake Forest
    Duke & ashley judd (so we can beat the snot out of them in at least one sport)
    Texas Tech

    You get the idea...

    >> Comment...


    Outside of bragging rights, there are very few (if any) positives in playing them.

    by Newbomb Turk
    2015-08-02 18:44:19

    No credit if you win, loss of prestige if you lose. Unnecessary injuries from their headhunters.

    >> Comment...


    I agree. Beyond the cheap shots, the game is emotionally draining for

    by annarborute
    2015-08-02 19:57:42

    both the players and coaches. National perception views this game like any other P5 vs. Mid major match up.. but for the Utes it's much more of a unnecessary burden with no upside.

    >> Comment...


    Utah with the recruiting hat trick!

    by afro14
    2015-08-02 20:48:00

    Utah's third commitment of the day is Sione Sina, formerly of the Cal Golden Bears. He'll join the team this fall as a graduate transfer with one year of eligibility. Sina is a two sport athlete and was a rugby star as well. He didn't play much at Cal, but was expected to contribute heavily this year on Cal's d-line before he declared his intention to transfer. I doubt he'll contribute much at Utah unless he shows that he's on a whole different level during fall camp, but i doubt he'd be able to jump ahead of Dimick, Fanaika, Taumoepenu, and Fitts.

    Still, I like that he chose Utah as the place to use his last year of eligibility. He clearly believes that this is where he'll have the best shot to show what he can do. It speaks volumes as to what other players around the PAC think of our coaches' capability to develop, showcase, and send d-linemen to the NFL.

    >> Comment...


    "There's potential there, and now you just $#!+ my carpet."

    by 480ute
    2015-08-02 22:41:58

    If you tuned out you're missing out. Vaughn is stealing the show.

    >> Comment...


    First thought: A quarterback signing. Thank God. Seems to have a quick, strong arm.

    by BaldHatu
    2015-08-02 16:08:05

    Second thought: Playing against high school talent. Will reserve all judgement until I see them play against men.

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