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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    The Des News kills me.

    by TheRealU
    2014-07-31 10:23:30

    They published an article/list yesterday, which touted Utah as having the lowest rate of personal debt (that was the title, but it was actually a list of states that have the lowest percent of debt in collections) - but I digress...

    Nowhere in the article do they mention that the reason that we rank so highly, is that we also consistently rank in the top 5 of bankruptcy filings per capita. Pretty easy to have a low percentage of debt in collections when a large portion of this group is having these debts forgiven.

    It is really sad that a lot of Utahans get their news from such an agenda driven source (please, no Faux News or MSNBC jokes).

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    The board pessimism is getting a little stale.

    by 480ute
    2014-07-31 21:50:28

    It's been in vogue the past couple of seasons to act like there are no bright spots in Utah football. People are routinely treated like 9/11 truthers if they dare say they're optimistic about the upcoming season. Ute2004 seems like he hit his nitrous supply before posting sometimes, but I appreciate the enthusiasm he brings. I'm not saying we need to act zoobish, and anoint Travis Wilson with the Heisman before the season begins, but we don't need to be such #%!@ing debbie downers all the time. It's exhausting.

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    Lol, 9-3 predictions with this schedule just leave me shaking my head.

    by PDXUtefan
    2014-07-31 14:44:04

    Someone, ANYONE, please make an honest and realistic post to convince me that we will get 9 wins. I'd love to read it. And I'm not talking a bunch of What If's/Maybe's/Could happen's, let's see a REAL argument using historical and current data as a reason for your 9-3 prediction. Reading tea leaves and believing the stars and solar systems will align to get us to 9 wins is great and all, but I like to believe I'm a pretty grounded in reality type of person.

    I want to believe it's possible, I really really do, but IMO you'd have to go into Dumb and Dumber territory believing we have a chance at 9-3. This team has 5-7 written all over it with the schedule lined up in front of us and the history of the Pac-10/12.

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    There's something suspicious going on here.

    by Kula Shaker
    2014-07-31 15:56:54

    My theory is that the local SLC media is secretly arranging to get Utah and BYU back together. So they got NIU to separately ask each school to meet them in DeKalb for a game at the same time.

    When both Utah and BYU show up that day, they'll be surprised at first, but then they'll just laugh it off and resume the rivalry there at Huskie Stadium.

    It's the same thing Zach and Kelly did for Slater and Jessie on an episode of Saved by the Bell.

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    Ahh, CB...

    by Milton Vanderslice
    2014-07-31 15:59:37

    BCS Bowl Games: Northern Illinois - 1, BYU - 0

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    With the polls out today, its even clearer that our schedule is brutal

    by crizazyute
    2014-07-31 10:35:11

    How's this for a mid-season stretch?

    @ #7 UCLA
    @ Oregon State
    vs. #15 USC
    @ #18 ASU
    vs. #4 Oregon
    @ #11 Stanford

    I'm somewhere between "bring it on" and "let's start drinking now"

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    So much has changed since that game 2 years ago.

    by UteThunder
    2014-07-31 12:55:37

    A few key differences this go round:

    Then - the game was played Sept 22 and the kickoff temp. was 97* IIRC

    Now - the game is Nov 1, temp. should be much less of a factor.
    _________________________________________ ________________________________

    Then - BJ was calling his 4th game as an OC.

    Now - DC will be calling his 8th game at Utah, and has been coaching football longer than BJ has been alive.
    _________________________________________ __________________________________

    Then - We were in our 2nd year of the Pac-12, talent/depth was well behind ASU's.

    Now - We are in year 4 of the Pac-12, talent/depth should be much more even.
    _________________________________________ ____________________________________

    Then - Former DII, not to be confused with FCS, Jon Hays was our QB.

    Now - Travis Wilson, Elite 11 participant and 3rd year starter will be our QB.
    _________________________________________ ____________________________________

    The list of differences goes on and on.

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    Bingo. Let's face it, it's better to play a P5 who's fallen on tough times than a respectable mid-major.

    by Kula Shaker
    2014-07-31 15:49:44

    I'll bet Northern Illinois could have beat Tennessee or Florida last year.

    But I'd much rather see Tennessee or Florida on a future schedule, and it's not even close.

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    I guess I don't see the problem.

    by Ute in DC
    2014-07-31 13:45:22

    Seems like a reasonable non-conference game.

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    And CB in response to the poll and they're playing Texas

    by SubstiUTE
    2014-07-31 10:37:33

    Coaches poll is out, Texas checks in at #24
    Today, 10:27am
    It'll be nice to spend September talking about our NC chances again (nm)
    Today, 10:28am
    not me, there's no way this year (short)
    Today, 10:31am
    Gotta start at least 4-1. (nm)

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    by SforkUte
    2014-07-31 23:06:18

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    Coaches Poll is out. SIX Pac-12 teams included:

    by sancho
    2014-07-31 10:24:02

    Coaches Preseason Poll

    Oregon (4) , UCLA (7), Stanford (11), USC (15), ASU (18), UW (25)

    Michigan, OSU, Arizona, and Fresno all in the others receiving votes category.

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    Team #11 in my countdown to the start of Fall Camp.

    by UteThunder
    2014-07-31 12:08:41

    In case you missed it, I am predicting every Pac-12 team's game by game results(plus Utah State & BYU) working my way from worst record to best record on our way to the start of Fall Camp.

    Previous Teams:

    - Colorado 4-8(1-8)
    - Oregon State 5-7(2-7)
    - California 5-7(2-7)
    - Arizona 6-6(3-6)
    - Washington 7-6(3-6)
    - BYU 7-5
    - Washington State 7-5(4-5)
    - USC 7-5(4-5)
    - Utah State 8-5(5-3)
    - Arizona State 9-3(6-3)

    Today's team, Utah

    Record: 9-3(6-3)

    Idaho State - W
    Fresno State - W
    @ Michigan - W
    Washington State - W
    @ UCLA - L
    @ Oregon State - W
    USC - W
    @ Arizona State - W
    Oregon - L
    @ Stanford - L
    Arizona - W
    @ Colorado - W

    Looks like you were right Tacoma. I know 9-3 is extremely optimistic, but I just look at last year and can't help but think Utah is on the verge of breaking through. Utah was so close to posting this exact record last year, and we had all sorts of issues at QB. With healthy/better QB play, and hopefully Pac-12 depth, we pull those close games out this year.

    Buckle up Ute fans, it's going to be an awesome season!

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