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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Utah vs. Fresno State

    Saturday, September 6 @ 1:00 PM MDT
    TV: Pac-12 Networks

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    My interpretation of college football week 1 in gif format....

    by uteinlogan
    2014-08-31 10:26:40

    Watching football again

    To all the teams beating FCS opponents this week

    Watching TAMU crush South Carolina on the road

    Every Utah fan watching our special teams play

    After hearing fans make season-ending conclusions based off of their first game

    Watching WVU let the Alabama game slip away

    Taysom Hill breaking the ice on his Heisman campaign

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    Chiefs reach new four-year deal with quarterback Alex Smith

    by UtesMuss1
    2014-08-31 16:58:51

    http://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kans as-city-chiefs/article1336989.html#storyli nk=twt_staff

    The Chiefs have agreed to a new four-year contract extension with quarterback Alex Smith worth $17 million a season, a person with knowledge of the situation Sunday told The Star on Sunday. The agreement, which includes $45 million in guaranteed money, is a significant development for the Chiefs, who no longer face losing Smith to free agency.

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    Look-Alike 2014 - Fresno State Bulldogs

    by UteStuckInSeattle
    2014-08-31 12:32:31

    Look-Alike 2014 - Fresno State Bulldogs - Wild Kingdom Edition!

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    Attitude of Fans

    by rileyUTEtaylor
    2014-08-31 08:00:22

    As I write this, I'm well aware that I'm on the very bottom of the totem-pole when it comes to activity on this site. (btw, I love getting on here and reading what you all post...keep it up). There were just a few thoughts I wanted to share about the attitude of the majority of our fans (and fans of sports, in general). Please take this with a grain of salt, as it is my opinion:

    1) Don't be a fair weather fan. I've been going to games since I was a little kid, and watching Steve Smith play was what started my love of Utah football. What I've noticed in most of my times coming to the games are that the fans (for the most part) over scrutinize everything! Never once in all of my years in watching the Utes play did I ever say, "Man, we suck!" or "We need to fire coach so-and-so" or "Bench him!", etc. If you're a fan of any team, you want to cheer them on, regardless of the personnel, the coaches, or the decisions being made.

    2) That brings me to my next point: As fans, we are NOT the coaches and players. No offense to anyone, but it's hard for us to know what we're talking about if we AREN'T on the sideline as a coach or player. The perspective is completely different on the sidelines! Experience (as far as skills and knowledge of the game is concerned) isn't even comparable. Bottom line is: These coaches and players have a lot more knowledge and skills than most of us (if not all of us) do. Is it okay to express your opinion about what scheme or play or decision should be made? Of course! I do that all the time with my friends! But don't put yourself ABOVE the coaches and players thinking you know more than them, because you probably don't.

    3) Whatever you are, be a good one. Guys, we all love our Utes! Obviously we all want to win every game. Realistically (especially with Pac-12 play) we probably won't win every game. BUT!, that doesn't mean we need to be negative. As a fan, we have an opportunity to cheer on and support our team REGARDLESS of the things we CAN'T control. Just that simple mindset in the way we act as fans, I promise, will make all the difference!

    So enjoy the games! Talk about it with your friends! Scream and shout for our Utes to victory! But at the end of the day, don't be that depressed, downer fan that no one likes to be with. Just as positivity is contagious, so is negativity.

    Thanks for allowing me to rant. Now, let's take it to Fresno State, huh? GO UTES!!!!!!

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    I think the Ogden Standard Examiner must have set out to concoct the most vomit-inducing sports section headline they could manage.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2014-08-31 10:20:30

    "Undiciplined BYU needs Taysom at his most Jimmer-like"

    Who wrote the article? Jim Burton of course. The U grad.

    He never misses a chance to venerate the Jimmer. How 'bout some articles about Andre. One of the top 10 assist men in NBA history.

    How about treating Lillard as the talk of the town. Ya know, the NBA all-star who played in the hometown of the paper he writes for.

    Nah, he's too busy obsessing about some bust at the end of the Pelicans bench who couldn't guard Stephen Hawking.

    Also, whenever he writes about the Jazz he makes it sound like its Hayward and the Haywardettes.

    The only thing good about that birdcage liner is the Sunday morning crossword. That's it.

    Rant over.

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    I don't get the "you're not a coach so you can't comment" take...

    by SeaTacUte
    2014-08-31 10:39:21

    Many of us played in Little League, Jr. High and High School (some in college), plus have been following football for years and years - decades in my case. I'd bet that 95% of the fans that post here can tell the difference between a bubble screen and a slant route as well as the difference between a 3-4 and 4-3 defense.

    We can look at games and notice when there are breakdowns in play, bad coaching calls or just plain bad performances. We can also look at conference foes and do the same.

    And we have every right to comment on that as well as the positives. If a team wins, you're going to hear the positives. When they don't win - especially if its an ugly loss - you're going to hear the negatives.

    This is an opinion board meant to generate discussion. So you're going to get opinions, like them or not.

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    Pac-12 week 1.

    by sancho
    2014-08-31 19:35:53

    Exceeded expectations: USC, Arizona, Cal

    Met expectations: Oregon, Stanford, ASU, Utah

    Failed to meet expectations: UCLA, OSU, UW, Wazzu, CU

    Now, first week struggles often mean nothing, but it is encouraging that - at least for now - 4 teams on our schedule look slightly less dangerous.

    It is also a little discouraging that a game we really felt we needed - Arizona - might be far tougher than hoped.

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    Drove back to Salt Lake tonight after a week in the northwest and...

    by The Thrill
    2014-08-31 20:50:32

    Listening to Tennessee play a football game on satellite radio, Vols feed. Apparently according to the announcers Tennessee was "in a big SEC vs Pac12 matchup tonight". I could be wrong but I thought all Pac12 games were completed by last night.

    Second, Boise is a cute little town. Would never want to live there. Everybody is either over 80 or under 22. The wife and I went to eat at a restaurant just of campus. Two, apparently well known, local athletes came in after we did and were seated before us. I thought of reporting this to the NCAA but after seeing the Boise game on Friday I realized the Broncos need all the help they can get.

    Lastly, nobody is giving Utah any respect anywhere in the country...that's a good thing IMO. Utah always plays better as an underdog with a chip on their shoulder.

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    Aggies and Boise will be crashing back down to earth this season....

    by newmanscott22
    2014-08-31 19:59:41

    If they don't flame out during re-entry

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    After watching CU vs CSU, I will be surprised if MacIntyre is still the coach by the end of the season. CU flat out quit on him halfway through the game. CU played like scared little bitches, it was embarrassing. Props to CSU for playing tough and

    by 89ute
    2014-08-31 10:32:24

    putting them away in the 4th quarter. I've learned my lesson over the years for calling out a team after only seeing the first game but I doubt a team of vaginas is suddenly going to grow a pair.

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    Always better than being a zoob.....

    by uteinlogan
    2014-08-31 10:12:39

    Unlike our rivals we have the cognitive capacity to analyze and break down our team for both the positive and negative pieces. Even if gloomy at times it is still better than thinking every quarterback you have is a Heisman candidate and every opponent on your schedule is an easy win only to be so frustrated and confused at the end of the season that you xenophobically blame the media and others for some sort of social injustice rooted in religious bigotry and what not.

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    Mark down this date, because Hell has frozen over. I agree with SeaTac!

    by UteStuckInSeattle
    2014-08-31 12:24:54

    Sure, most of us have nowhere near the experience of anyone currently involved with the football program but a lot of us know football and have been watching and studying our team for years.

    This is a forum whose purpose is to share our opinions, analysis, and common interests and have others respond in kind.

    Sure, we all don't agree on almost anything but one thing we all share is a love of our team. We get emotionally invested because, for many of us, this team has been a part of our lives for a long time.

    We want to see our team win. Some of us try to stay focused on the positive elements and some others worry about the deficiencies.

    To each his own.

    GO UTES!

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    Order restored

    by ocgreg
    2014-08-31 09:30:02

    Fight On!

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