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    Does it matter if Kyle sat on the Lead or not?

    by cbm
    2014-09-29 15:53:01

    People keep bringing up the fact that Kyle didn't sit on the lead like somehow that is suppose to give me more confidence in Kyle or feel better about the loss.

    I'm not saying I think he sat on the lead. I know some have, and that must be the reason for these posts. But it doesn't make the lose any better because he didn't sit on the lead. The fact is he needed his offense to score 13 points to win a game and they could only muster up 10. That is flat out bad, sad, embarrassing, frustrating and ridiculous.

    Utah was at home, with a returning JR QB against a below average conference team. If Kyle can't win these types of games consistently, Utah will never and I mean never become anything in the PAC12.

    Kyle was out coached whether or not he sat on the lead.

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    Soooooo.... About Utah vs UCLA

    by GoBruinz
    2014-09-29 19:19:07

    OK everyone, I have to be honest. I pretty much assumed that Utah would beat Wazzu, especially when I saw the 21-0 score slide across my TV screen. So I wasn't really worried about not having given you guys props for beating Michigan last week (I was busy, you know how it is), because I figured I'd just give you double-props this week.

    I was actually shocked to see the final score on the Utah-Wazzu game. I wish I could say I saw how it all transpired, but I'm a DirecTV customer and, well... you know how it is. If it's on the Pac network, I'm screwed.

    It sucks. I mean, losing to Wazzu in any capacity sucks. We lost to them in '97 when they were actually good, and it really sucked.

    Here's the deal though. I have no idea what my Bruins are going to do Saturday night. We have been so inconsistent (good defense/bad offense, good offense/bad defense, missing QB, blah blah blah) that who knows which team will show up. I sure as hell do not. Of course I am hoping the team that whipped ASU shows up, but I don't know if that's going to happen.

    All I know is that in the last two years we've beat you by a grand total of 7 points in each game. We are truly lucky to have gotten by you, and I don't think that anyone forgets that. I am really hoping the Bruins are not looking forward to Oregon the following week (I'm sure you are hoping the opposite).

    The point is, I get it: it sucks to lose so much. We basically have made our way out of a wilderness of a lost decade (in which Utah totally put us to shame), and we are finally respected. But one thing I've learned about is that UCLA does everything the hard way. So I fully expect it to be a close exciting game. I'm hoping our good guys win, and I'm sure you're hoping for the opposite.

    If any of you are coming to the Rose Bowl enjoy the tailgating and the game! It's going to be warm, but thankfully for both our teams it should be cooler come kick off.

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    RE: I think he should have gone for it, but it is a stretch to say that almost every coach would have. There are many coaches who punt in that situation. Leech himself might do it.

    by DistantUte
    2014-09-29 16:34:59

    Every coach goes for it in no man's land. Every coach would have gone for it in the situation Utah was in as well -- an inch, near midfield, D is getting gashed, and just needing to kill clock or get 3 points to get win. I was honestly shocked when I saw the punt team come on. Shocked.

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    Six wins is not and never was the goal. Six wins is the bare minimum floor. It was the threshold that was set for Kyle to keep his job and he was informed of that in no uncertain terms during the off-season.

    by TheBaron
    2014-09-29 18:28:28

    The day the end goal for Utah football is 6 wins is the day the entire athletic department needs to be replaced or else we should just shut the whole thing down.

    It baffles me whenever I see Joe Ute fan say they would be "excited" or "over the moon" with six wins. Six wins is when you put the torches and pitchforks back into the closet for another year. You don't extend contracts and pop champagne for six wins. Thankfully, the boosters that have the most pull understand this and actually care about trying to compete for conference championships.

    Regardless of what happens this season or next, the day will come that Kyle is no longer a part of Utah football. Regardless of what happens this season or next, the day will come that Chris Hill is no longer employed by the athletic department. Long term, the program is not in their hands; it is in the hands of the fans and boosters, proportionate to the money invested.

    From everything I've heard and been told, Utah's top donors are committed to building a winning program that competes for conference championships. I believe Utah's athletic department is in excellent hands and I am not worried about the long term outlook. I am, however, worried about Kyle's ability to lead a successful program in the PAC-12 and I am not alone. He is coaching for his job and he knows it, which makes Saturday's coaching failures all the more disturbing.

    This season we will see the very best Kyle has to offer. If he has what it takes to coach at this level, he will right the ship and win some games. If he can't, at least we will know what his ceiling is and won't have to ask "what if..." when he's replaced.

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    The Chiefs had one bad game to open the season, and everybody wrote them off.

    by EUte
    2014-09-29 21:37:57

    Tonight, once again, they looked unstoppable. And I expect to see them punch the 49ers right in the mouth next week.

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    I don't think it is a stretch to say that there are probably less than 5 coaches in the country that would have punted in that situation.

    by DistantUte
    2014-09-29 16:25:00

    4th and just an inch or two, near midfield, and the defense had not stopped Wazzu all half no matter where they were on the field. It was clear the game was over if they got the ball back down 6. Even if Dres catches that ball at the end and scores, we still lose. The D had no answers. The O just needed to score during the game and the game was over. Finally, what was up with that horrific call on 3rd down on the last drive -- a backwards screen pass, no timeouts, and needing to get into field goal range?? Really??

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    He would have had it figured out within 4 years.

    by annarborute
    2014-09-29 17:30:36

    The meter has expired on Kwhitt. He needs to prove it or move on this year.

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    Who Cares?

    by Texas_Ute_Fan
    2014-09-29 14:01:49

    And their meat-grinder schedule so far has been Samford, as in SAMford, not Stanford at home, Minnesota at home and SMU in Dallas.

    Based on that schedule the Utes should have been ranked #25 last week.


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    The only one I wanted was to rush more in the 2nd half.

    by sancho
    2014-09-29 16:26:15

    Our 3 man rush worked great in the first half when they were trying to beat us with quick outs to spread out WRs. But then they realized we weren't rushing, and they started taking more time on pass plays. I wish we had mixed in some 4-5 man rushes and some blitzes.

    Their first three TDs all came after good coverage eventually broke down.

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    So I am Thinking a 11-1 Season for the UTES... Who is with me?

    by Basketball Junkie
    2014-09-29 22:18:15

    Let's get it done!

    Starts at UCLA this Saturday

    And just a note: Basketball is coming soon!

    Go UTES!!!

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    Amen and amen brother. I lost faith in Kyle and his balls when in the same situation at USC our first year in the PAC. He's just too damn conservative to be the HC....

    by uteaholicslc
    2014-09-29 17:09:22

    On a top 25 team in a power conference. The talent is too insane to be conservative and win. The best coaches are like the best business leaders and they take risks. Calculated risks yes, but they love the risk factor.

    Kyle is a great guy and DC and even a HC at a BYU type program but we need somebody with some steel balls to make those choices and Kyle has proven time and time again now not to have those balls.

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    aaaand??? Loyality is great and all but it's year 4

    by annarborute
    2014-09-29 17:41:41

    This is pay off time. If fans really want big time football they must demand real results.

    The lose last weekend was simple unacceptable. You can't go up by 21 at home and lose - ever, end of story.

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    We just experienced a WTF loss. Things like this happen.

    by Greginslc
    2014-09-29 18:17:03

    Looking back over the years, there has always been one loss every season where we end up scratching our heads trying to figure out what happened. My guess is we just played that game for 2014.

    Remember in 2007 when we made "Frank the Tank" look like a Heisman candidate; and the UNLV Rebels look like an MNC contender?

    Or in 1995 when SDSU beat us on the old Rice Rug?

    Maybe 1988 when Hawaii pole axed us in our house?

    Yes $#!+ happens!!! It happens a lot!!!!

    As much as we all want to bag on Wazzu, they did go bowling last season. Yes, they are not a PAC 12 title contending team; but they don't totally suck. We should have beaten them. We didn't.

    Hopefully we will see a better effort by the offense this week against UCLA. Outside of the game against the Scum Devils, they have looked more like Brentwood CC than they have UCLA. If the O line will just lock in on a guy and drive them the hell out of the holes, or keep them off TW, we can win this game.

    GO UTES!!!!

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