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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    This is tooooo rich.

    by 480ute
    2016-07-29 15:56:55

    The king of condescension and ad hominems is hurt? A couple of weeks ago I posted that I was going to really attempt to be friendlier and more positive toward ufn posters, because I value this community, and don't want to be responsible for anybody leaving. That same day I told you I was done interacting with you, because it's impossible to have civil discourse.

    Since then you have poked and prodded, begging me to respond. Still, I didn't until you claimed that you wanted to meet me so you could tell me face to face how you felt. You opened this can of worms, and now you're calling on the mods, because I called you ugly (inside and out) and made some assumptions about your personal life. Puhleeeeeease.

    Now, can we get on with our lives, or are you going to persist?

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    And then there was this.

    by Red Don
    2016-07-29 18:55:32

    ha! I forgot about these from last year. I feel flattered; I know for certain that my name and Pol Pot has never been mentioned in the same sentence before. 480, I don't know how you got left out of this motley crew.

    USC vs. CCCP
    ocgreg - -- Friday 30 October 2015, at 04:15 pm [ID# 1776744]

    What do they stand for...
    annarborute - -- Friday 30 October 2015, at 04:19 pm [ID# 1776746]

    Same stuff as you, Puget, TheBaron, Red Don, Riot West, Newbomb, Tacoma, P-Worm, PDX, Wannabe, UteDude, 96GradAlum, Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Che, Castro, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot, Dear Leader, Marge Sanger, and Bernie Sanders.
    Mevsauce - -- Friday 30 October 2015, at 04:27 pm [ID# 1776749]

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    "Read statutes slowly or your kids won't go to college" - my contracts professor

    by Riot West
    2016-07-29 19:26:38

    Here's the language from the statute: (17 U.S. Code Sec. 412)

    "an effective date of registration not later than the earlier of 3 months after the first publication of the work or 1 month after the copyright owner has learned of the infringement"

    The earlier of:
    one month of learning of the infringement; OR
    three months after publication

    Here, you learned about any unauthorized reproduction or display well over three months after the first publication. Had this happened two days after publication, you would only have a month to file an application.

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    RE: Whoever banned me is a narrow minded jerk.

    by UteStuckInSeattle
    2016-07-29 16:26:47

    Police officers are thugs and deserve zero respect
    (19 days ago, -19 stars)

    I'd rather see those pigs die than them abuse an innocent individual.
    (19 days ago, -15 stars)

    Seems like making rash generalizations about a group of people and proclaiming that you would be okay with them dying could be construed as against the policies of this site, not to mention that it's just a very tactless way of expressing your opinion on a subject.

    I think you got exactly what you deserved.

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    Considering the source this is hysterical 480 is right. You do jab poke prod until you get the desired reaction out of people

    by FlyfishingUte
    2016-07-29 16:50:04

    I will admit that there are times when I post things to generate a discussion. When people disagree with you there's a tendency there to attempt to attack their intellect, insult them, embarrass them etc

    Pro tip. If you don't want something, copyrighted or not, posted all over the web don't put it here in the first place once it's on the web it's public and you lose all control of how it's used etc.

    I don't mind you as much as others. We've had some civil discussions via boardmail. So not sure what is up with you. I had you on ignore for a while Ignore is like penicillin for the board. Unfortunately there are some things even it won't take care of.

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    My evaluation of his character has nothing to do with his politics and everything to do with his behavior.

    by 480ute
    2016-07-29 22:08:03

    Yes, I sunk to his level, but #%!@ your righteous indignation. This guy's sole purpose here is to "make the board over there so vitriolic that it will just be unbearable for anyone to post." He pushes and pushes until people say enough, and then wants to cry foul. Your post shows that you have no knowledge of what has transpired over the past couple of weeks even though it's been explained ad nauseam.

    Sadly you'd rather stick up for a fellow conservative, wrongly, than look at the evidence and draw the conclusion that he begged for this attention. Politics are debated constantly here yet I've never posted "personal information" before, so your argument that this is a petty beef based on conflicting opinions is asinine. If that was true I'd be posting "personal info" of members on a daily basis.

    As for the pic, there was no indication or evidence it was him. It was a small cropped photo of his face. I don't see how that's embarrassing. I admittedly was fishing for verification that it was him (and admittedly hoping to evoke a response), and when he flipped out I had it. Had he not mentioned it nobody would have been the wiser, but he started threatening to sue. Speaking of lawsuits I wonder if monkey has any recourse over Mev's attempt to draw traffic away from this site:

    http://www.utahby5.com/showthread.php?203 5-Hi-I-m-here-to-find-out-if-you-re-awful - human-beings-like-those-over-on-Utefans

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    Woohoo! I'm on the list.

    by Newbomb Turk
    2016-07-29 19:32:15

    On another note, everything goes to hell when I am driving home from out of state, and I miss all the fun.

    Hey Mev, if I call you an #@%hole will you sue me?

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    by ocgreg
    2016-07-29 22:24:39



    >> Comment...


    What sort of damages do you think you are going to collect for the posting of one picture?

    by Ute in DC
    2016-07-29 17:49:46

    I haven't followed today's fracas. I'll assume that you actually do own the copyright of this picture, and I'll even assume that 480 has no fair use defense to the use of it.

    I'm pretty sure 480 hasn't profited from posting a picture on Utefans—at least not monetarily—so you won't be able to disgorge him of any profits. That will leave you with proving that the copyright infringement has damaged you. How much monetary damages are you claiming you suffered from this infringement? I doubt you'd even recover your court filing fees.

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    Dystopian Odds and Sods

    by Texas_Ute_Fan
    2016-07-29 23:55:36

    This bass player kicks some solid ass.

    Ballad of a Well Known Gun

    Goin' Round the Corner Where The Music's Loud

    The Stealer

    Fool For You Anyway

    Black Friday

    Look Into The Sun

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