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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Utah vs. BYU

    Wednesday, Dec. 2 @ 8:00 pm @ Huntsman Center
    TV: Pac-12 Networks
    Radio: ESPN 700

    Reasons to be very excited about next football season

    by afro14
    2015-12-01 00:52:20

    The offense looks like it will be improved from this season as we finally might see some continuity in the offensive coaching staff from one season to the next. Add to that a four star QB in Troy Williams, who looks extremely impressive on film, Joe Williams, who we know is an awesome proven player, and the return of Troy McCormick, who will be able to split reps with Williams. The offensive line will be comprised of five guys who all started games this year, four of which started all season. With Williams and McCormick running behind that line, who will have another year to grow and improve and gel together, the Utah running game should be awesome next year.

    The defense looks like it will be stout again, as the line will be basically the same as it was this year, and so will the secondary. The only loss on the line will be Jason Fanaika. Fitts and Dimick will be the starting ends, with Lowell, Mokofisi, and Stevie returning to anchor the interior. Handsome Tanielu will also be able to have an immediate impact. Tevin Carter is the only loss in the secondary, so between Jason Thompson, Andre Godfrey, and Chase Hansen, (who I personally believe will be starting alongside Williams), the other safety spot will be in good hands as well. Give them another year to grow and improve, and the secondary could possibly be one of the best in the PAC.

    There are definitely question marks. QB, WR, and LB are the big ones. Although Troy Williams looks promising, we don't know how well he'll transition to the FBS level. Depth is also a concern. Who will back him up? Manning? Cox? Huntley? My bet is on Cox, as Manning hasn't looked particularly impressive and it would be very strange for a true freshman like Huntley to beat out a guy that has been with the program for a couple of years, although Huntley looks very impressive on film. That's kind of scary, because as fun as Cox is to watch, he just doesn't seem like a PAC 12 QB. At WR, it looks like we'll probably get Tim Patrick back for another year, and we're getting a 4* JUCO kid named Alec Dana who I believe will be the other starting outside receiver. It's also possible that Ahmad Christian gets a medical redshirt as well, and if so, he could work his way into the rotation at CB, allowing Cory Butler-Byrd to switch to offense and play at the slot. Singleton and Smith are two other guys who should have a bigger impact next year as well. At LB, we'll only have a couple of guys with significant game experience returning, who are Sunia Tauteoli and Uaea Masina. However, we've got a stud JUCO player coming in from Snow named Kurtis Taufa, and are still in the running for some highly touted LB recruits. I'd be very surprised if we don't land at least one of them, because they would have the opportunity to contribute right away. One guy who could possibly work his way into the rotation at linebacker is Kahi Neves, who I think will probably switch to LB from QB, as he played a lot of LB his junior year at Brighton before he transferred to Timpview, and was recruited as an athlete.

    Basically, as the QB situation goes, this Utah team will go. If Williams turns out to be a stud, I'm guessing the team will have a shot at a great season. If the QB struggles, the team will probably look a lot like it has the past few years, where the defense will have to carry the team and the offense will look great sometimes but also awful in several games. What gives me hope is that Williams seems to have a lot of confidence and swagger, which is something that Wilson struggled with throughout his career. I believe that if Wilson would've had that same confidence throughout his entire career, we would've seen a lot more of OSU 2013, USC 2014 and Oregon 2015 Travis, who looked unstoppable because he believed in himself.

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    T.O.P. has a great deal to do with the success of the Defense.

    by BulgieUte
    2015-11-30 18:31:36

    Kyle Whittingham knows what he's doing, hope he's here until he retires.

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    2BUte posted insightful (we assume) commentary on Travis Wilson....

    by BaldHatu
    2015-11-30 16:43:01

    Only certain plays he could run, etc., etc.

    All I have to say about that is...............................

    How #%!@ing stupid are the Utah wide receivers then!?!?!? You know... Because they couldn't figure out the basic $#!+ travis was capable of running. Amiright!?

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    by Crafty Ute
    2015-11-30 19:46:20

    >> Comment...



    by H-man
    2015-11-30 23:53:52

    I was on KSL and the new byu-p practice facility was on the top of the page so I decided to check it out thinking it'd be nice to see what lil bro was contributing to the arms race around here. We just opened our new outstanding facility so it only follows that they'll try to one up us. To that I give two words:

    From all I could tell, it's essentially an annex to the Marriot arena with a couple of courts and a nice entrance. It'll be 38,000 sq feet while the new JMK Huntsman is more than double at a staggering 101,000 square feet.

    The influence of PAC12 money cannot be understated. Having grown up with the U as my childhood playground, I've watched it evolve throughout the course of my life and I must say that I'm absolutely floored whenever I get back on campus these days as there is just so much rapid growth everywhere. It's remarkable.

    We all should be so happy that 10/12 of the PAC teams are going bowling and that Stanford is still (however unlikely) in the chase for the CFP, which brings crazy amounts of additional money. I know some of you are afraid of communism, but having a conference to distribute the collective funds is so much to our advantage. While it is true byu-p keeps 100% they can bring in from tv and whatever else, their total take is less. It's like we're a state in the US and they're the Mashall Islands. Except it's better because we don't have to split the pie 50 ways, but rather 12.

    Anyway, just happy nonsensical musings.

    Carry on.

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    Third best offense in the PAC-12 if you ask Kyle. :D

    by TheBaron
    2015-11-30 18:07:43

    Scoring: 9
    Rushing: 5
    Passing: 11
    Total: 10
    Pass Efficiency: 8
    Sacks Against: 4
    1st Downs: 9
    3rd Down Conv: 9
    Time of Possession: 3
    Red Zone: 5

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    RE: They must have blindfolded him on his recruiting trip to SLC.

    by wolandmd
    2015-11-30 19:28:51

    Really? The guy only had a year left after Juco. The only reason he was at Utah is because they put in the time and effort to get him qualified. Other PAC schools didn't need to invest in him because they could get similar skill players straight out of high school. Not that hard to understand.

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    We had a 2 game lead in the division with 3 games to play. You're comparisons are so far off its ridiculous.

    by Xanthis
    2015-12-01 07:02:59

    Did the team have a good season? Yes

    Did they blow a chance to win the south again? Yes.

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    everyone who doesn't believe like you is an idiot?

    by Proud2BaUte
    2015-12-01 02:32:28

    We all have different opinions. Mine is, we had a great opportunity and blew it. I still love the Utes.

    In the end it is still just football and life goes on.

    Go Utes!

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    Pretty funny

    by Junior Ute
    2015-11-30 17:04:26

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    Good enough to be noticed at Sundance but not to get an Oscar nomination

    by RUUTES
    2015-11-30 17:40:05

    That's my own metaphor for our team. Everyone else has chimed in so I figure I'll try my hand as well.

    Coming into the year I thought we'd win 7 games if I remember right...and was taking crap from some people for being optimistic. I knew TW was coming back and that we were going to have CO_COs...but I knew our D could keep us in games against most of the teams on our schedule.

    So why am I disappointed when we actually did better than expected?

    Several simple things.

    1. Sports played on a seasonal basis aren't about how you start, they are about how you finish.

    2. Overall the O performed as sadly as I expected. Yep they had a couple good games. But remember Grady kicking the snot out of UCLA? Great win but how'd that really work out for us? I think I feel that UNLV loss more than the UCLA win. The last 3 weeks feels like that UNLV loss to me, especially if you factor in how many times everything else was lined up for us.

    3. We continue to ride a horse till it's dead. We did it with Wynn, we definitely did it with Booker, and I think we did it with TW. When someone is tanking leaving them on the field isn't a better option than using your backups...it's obstinate and an interpretation of loyalty that gets teams defeated and players hurt. Losing Booker hurt as much as losing the game because it ended the career of our one true star on Offense. He was a joy to watch and I will miss seeing him run him (win or lose).

    In the end it was a year that was good if you do NOT look at the arc of time. But I do. We peaked the first 4 games then declined.

    The whole thing (returning to the movies) reminds me of a Danny Houston movie...it can have a great script, a good director, and a bunch of buzz...but Danny Houston is still in it...and for that reason I can almost always predict how it's going to be...something that could have been great...but wasn't.

    Going Forward I predict slightly upper middle of the pack.
    7-8 wins in 2016 but with adjustments on the Offense better in 2017. Feel free to feed my my prediction in a year if I'm overly moderate.

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    So the UCLA game was his audition.

    by Maji Man
    2015-11-30 17:26:15

    Paraphrasing John Lennon, I guess he passed the audition.

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    every fan is entitled to an opinion, sure ...

    by Maji Man
    2015-11-30 16:32:53

    When that opinion calls the QB not D1 caliber (really??, did he mean not elite P5 caliber?), calls the offense "pathetic", etc, does not sound like a lot of pride there.

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