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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Basketball: #13 Runnin' Utes vs ASU

    Thursday, February 26 @ 8:30PM MST

    TV: FS1
    Radio: ESPN700 AM

    Basketball: #13 Runnin' Utes vs #7 Arizona

    Saturday, February 28 @ 7:00PM MST

    TV: ESPN
    Radio: ESPN700 AM

    "Krystkowiak comfortable at Utah For once, the fourth-year coach isn't packing up. He feels settled in Salt Lake City"

    by Junior Ute
    2015-02-27 10:48:40

    http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketbal l/story/_/id/12387935/utah-runnin-utes-coa ch-larry-krystkowiak-laying-roots-years-mo ve?src=mobile

    Probably the best news I have heard in a long long time.

    That day, Jan will be attending eight different basketball games between her five children and her husband. Being on the move is nothing new to her and her family, but sitting in the same stands for the fourth season in a row, watching her husband fight for the top spot in the Pac-12, certainly is.

    "I hope we get to the point where it becomes a big deal," Jan said of moving. "Because I'm ready to be in one place for a while."

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    Well I went to the nurse yesterday for my yearly checkup and she told me I had to stop masturbating.

    by jhill
    2015-02-27 11:49:11

    I said why? And she said because I am trying to examine you.

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    He lived long and prospered.

    by Folderdog
    2015-02-27 11:23:29

    Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy.

    "Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning."

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    RIP you pointy eared brainiac.

    by Homer_Crimson
    2015-02-27 10:30:06

    Mr. Spock has passed. Live long and prosper, Utes.

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    Why ASU >>>> BYU. Instead of blaming the refs, luck and religious persecution they own up to an ass kicking and have fun with it.

    by jhill
    2015-02-27 09:08:28

    We looked alright during the commercial breaks/timeouts. I mean, we didn't fall further behind.

    I got excited when we hit that three to cut it to 38, but it was not meant to be.

    Utah has more blocked shots then we have points. Embarrassing.

    The Victoria's Secret swim special is on CBS.

    I am listening to the radio broadcast from Australia and I think I would rather go watch the 8 hour match between Bangladesh versus Sri Lanka in the local World Cup cricket match than listen to this shellacking.

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    Thoughts on the Arizona game.

    by loyter
    2015-02-27 01:35:26

    In tonight's game, the tone was set early on by the referees. They did two things: 1, They didn't blow the quick whistle on shots the Utes were attempting to block. Many times, Poeltl has been in early foul trouble on soft, questionable calls. 2, They called fouls against Poeltl's defender when they fouled him - especially early in the game. If the game is called similarly against Arizona, I think Utah wins. Arizona out rebounded Utah by 20 last time out, but many of those could have been called over the back. Arizona plays big, strong, bully basketball while Utah plays much more of a finesse game. If the refs allow their bigs to bang and foul, it'll be another long day.

    The Utes will have to play great defense, hit a decent percentage from three, and rebound in order to beat Arizona.

    An item to chew on regarding the nature of college basketball: Arizona State beat Arizona earlier this year.

    Isaiah Wright played 25 minutes, 5 pts, 4 rebs, and a 6 to 1 assist to turnover ratio. He's not Delon, but we'll be in good hands next year. We are going to really enjoy Isaiah for the next three years.

    The students are already setting up tents outside the Huntsman for Saturday.

    Senior night, sellout, great opponent, conference championship implications…soak it up folks, this is the good stuff. It reminds me of the 90's when New Mexico was coming into town late in the season.

    Go Utes!

    PS Should the Utes win, they will need to keep their game faces on for next week's road trip. Washington State and Washington are 12-15 and 15-12, respectively, but would love nothing more than to play spoiler - especially on senior night. After what would be a huge win, it'd be pretty easy to have a letdown. I think that getting Washington State first may be a break because they aren't as good a team as Washington. (though Washington was lost 8 of their last 9 games since dismissing Upshaw.)

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    Funny moment at the game last night:

    by KyleWouldDoIt
    2015-02-27 12:14:40

    I sit a few rows behind the visitor's bench. At one point with about 2:00 to play, Isaiah Wright drove past his man for an uncontested layup. So Herb Sendek yells at his point guard "HEY, GUARD HIM!"

    At which point a fan not far from me yells "you're about 38 minutes late with that advice, Herb!"

    Herb gave him a little smile/smirk. I think by that point Herb was done being pissed off and the rout had become humorous.

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    Probably already posted, but.....I don't think we were overlooking ASU.

    by Newbomb Turk
    2015-02-26 23:23:05

    In the first half ASU shot the ball 26 times, made 4 of them, and had 10 blocked. Holy $#!+. I don't think I've ever seen that before.

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    You guys know I'm a huge fan of the Utes, but it's time for me to put on my Arizona hat

    by Wildcat
    2015-02-27 11:18:51

    I cannot wait for Saturday night to get here! With the great success the Utes are having this year, it makes this game monumental. Not just on the West coast but it could have major impact across the nation and our teams are seeded.

    I expect Arizona to come out and try to out-muscle the Utes. If the refs let them play, Arizona could end up pulling away late. And by pulling away I mean maybe 10 points. If it's a tightly called game, that favors the Utes as they are a more finesse team.

    Defensively the Cats must focus mostly on DWright and Taylor, that's obvious. But they can't focus on them too much or Tucker, Reyes, Chapman, JLove, etc, etc will quietly start filling up the stat sheet. I suspect Hollis-Jefferson will start out on Wright and TJ McConnell will get the Taylor assignment.

    Unlike most teams the Utes face, Arizona matches up really well and they have a nose for the ball. Maybe it's cliche but whatever team takes care of the ball better has the better chance at winning. Rebounding is key. I doubt there will be as big a discrepancy in the rebounding numbers this game.

    I will be there loud and proud but instead of wearing crimson, I'll be in my cardinal and navy. If you hear an enthusiastic Arizona fan screaming his head off near the concourse in section N, it'll most likely be me. But remember, I always cheer for the Cats and not against the Utes. There's a difference, it's subtle, but there is a difference.

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    YES, YES, YES!!

    by Wildcat
    2015-02-27 08:33:11

    That was one beat down I was happy to see in person! But if you look at the box score, it actually looks pretty pedestrian for the Utes offense. Only two players scored in double figures and a bench player logged the most minutes. What it shows is how balanced the Utes actually are. And why they're so hard to prepare for. Against most teams you can focus on one maybe two players and if you keep them in check, you stand a great chance to win.

    Utah can beat you down low, they can out shoot you, they'll out hustle you for loose balls and anyone can find the shooter's touch in any game. Last night showed how versatile they can be.

    I think some of you can now see why I hate those idiots so much. I still can't believe they beat Arizona. But when they are losing they take cheap shots and will try to hurt someone. I'm glad Ogbe is ok. There was no way Jacobsen should've been allowed to stay in that game after the intentional clothesline. He went right after Ogbe's head and should've been ejected.

    It was a great crowd. It was my 5th game inside the HUntsman Center and that was by far the most boisterous crowd of the year that I've witnessed; I expect the intensity level to be amped up by 100 for Saturday. Even in the second half after the starters were officially pulled, the crowd was still into it.

    Loved being there. Loved seeing the beat down. Saturday is going to be one incredible game.

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    Worst beatdown I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

    by Greginslc
    2015-02-27 06:06:21

    That was the most savage beatdown I have ever witnessed played out on a basketball floor.

    What does a coach tell his team at halftime that was held to 9 points in the first half?

    What does that coach tell his team when the opponents reserves pad their annihilation by outscoring your team by an additional 10 points in the second half?

    Do you even get on the plane to go to your next game?

    At least it wasn't us getting body bagged.

    Light the U

    On to the next game.

    GO UTES!!!!

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