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    Volleyball really coming around.

    by cald22well
    2014-11-28 14:55:18

    Utah Volleyball finished the regular season on a 7-1 run, including 5 wins over ranked opponents. Those wins included #2 Washington and sweeps of USC and UCLA, both were ranked. The only loss was to #1 Stanford. The Utes will most likely find themselves in the NCAA tourney. It's good to be in the Pac-12.

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    RE: Cal must have drawn the short straw.

    by JumpmasterUte
    2014-11-28 16:31:04

    Naw. They were just taking a page out of the SEC scheduling guide.

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    I think the expectations on Arizona were false. They are a very good team.

    by HoyaUte
    2014-11-28 21:19:44

    Lost a fluke at home and a tough road game against a top 15 team. That's it. They are flat out better than the Utes and the rematch with Oregon will be pretty good.

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    Go Cal Bears!!!

    by UtahFanSir
    2014-11-28 17:45:00

    My HS (Samuel Ayer, Milpitas, CA, 1967-1968) football coach was Jim Green (RIP), a guard for the Golden Bears in 1957, 1958, and 1959. In 1959, Cal went to the Rose Bowl and lost to Iowa (38-12). He was a great coach and wonderful man.

    Anyway, tomorrow I will be a Ute fan first and a Cal fan second.

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    I'm not gonna lie, and say that I've watched more than 30 seconds of volleyball in my life, but I'm glad to see another Utah squad doing well.

    by 480ute
    2014-11-28 15:44:48

    Utah now has had ranked teams this year in Football, Basketball, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Skiing, and Swimming. That's pretty impressive, and adds legitimacy to Utah as a PAC12 member.

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    The UCLA loss to stanford just means we beat some really good teams this year and lost to some really good teams this year. The UA loss was against a really good team. They are doing the same thing to ASU right now.

    by pop
    2014-11-28 16:52:35

    We beat teams that are 7-5, 9-3, and 7-4. We lost 3 teams with 9-3, 10-2, and 10-1 records. We went 3-3 against top 30 teams. If we get the win tomorrow we will be 8-4. It will be the best record since 2010 with a much harder schedule.

    We played some nasty good teams this year and we were super close to winning the south. If we can find some consistency to the offense we will have a huge year soon. This has been a great year and will be even greater after we win tomorrow and the bowl game.

    GO UTES!!!

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    Turk is on his way over...

    by SubstiUTE
    2014-11-28 17:51:03

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    I want Arizona to beat ASU and Stanford to beat UCLA so Kyle can spend another off-season

    by TheBaron
    2014-11-28 14:10:19

    thinking about how Utah was a single win at home from the championship game, but his team showed up unprepared to play. That would make 2 out of 4 seasons that Utah had the championship game in its grasp and didn't show up.

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    Time for Arod to go

    by Wild Ute
    2014-11-28 14:42:55

    Watching the AZ ASU game we need someone who can develop qbs and Arod just is not the man for the job

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    Pick up one of his ballcaps if your deck needs a good awning.

    by 480ute
    2014-11-28 17:47:01

    Or you could turn it into a ball pit for the kids. The possibilities are endless.

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    bowl thoughts

    by pop
    2014-11-28 21:45:42

    Based on the 3 previous years of bowl selections it doesn’t look like they alter the picks much from the actual standings except for when its a tie with another team than it seems like the bowl just selects from the tied teams to get a good match up. I think the sun bowl will probably take stanford over us because they are the bigger name and if miami goes to the sun bowl that will be a big name match up. Also if USU beats BSU and gets into the vegas bowl then the vegas bowl will probably want utah to get a big draw to the game. Just my thoughts. If we lose tomorrow and go 4-5 we will likely tie with wash for 7th and still get selected for the vegas bowl.
    Even though the cactus bowl picks last it might be a good game for us against Big 12 #5 and is on jan 2nd. I think that would be a fun one to go to personally.

    2014 bowl projections
    #1 College Football Playoff - oregon
    1a UA to fiesta
    #2 The Alamo Bowl 3- way tie for 3rd ASU, UCLA, USC probably will pick UCLA
    #3 The Holiday Bowl USC or ASU
    #4 The Foster Farms Bowl USC or ASU
    #5 The Sun Bowl Utah or stanford tied at #6
    #6 The Las Vegas Bowl Utah or stanford at #6
    #7 The Cactus Bowl Washington at #8

    2013 bowl ties and actual team ranks
    rose. stanford #1
    alamo Oregon #3
    holiday ASU #2
    sun bowl ucla #4
    LV bowl took USC #5
    foster farms (aka fight hunger) - washington #6
    NM bowl WSU #7 tie
    at large - advocare bowl UA #7 tie
    at large- hawaii took OSU #7 tie

    2012 bowl ties and actual team ranks
    #1 Rose stanford #1
    1a fiesta oregon #2
    #2 alamo OSU tied for 3rd with Ucla
    #3 holiday UCLA tied for 3rd with OSU
    #4 Sun USC tied for 5th with asu and wash
    #5 vegas bowl Washington 3 way tie for 5th USC and ASU
    #6 fight hunger ASU 3 way tie for 5th
    #7 NM bowl UA #7

    2011 bowl ties and actual team ranks
    #1 ROse oregon
    1a fiesta stanford
    #2 Alamo wash tied for 4th with UCLA
    #3 holiday Cal tied for 6th with utah and ASU
    #4 Sun utah tied for 6th with cal and ASU
    #5 vegas ASU in 3 way tie for 6th with utah and CAl
    at large Hunger bowl UCLA tied for 4th
    USC was the 3rd place team that year but was not bowl eligible due to sanctions

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    by joefan
    2014-11-29 00:05:43

    GO UTES!!!!!!!!
    BEAT COLORAD9!!!!!!

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    Free Stuff!

    by H-man
    2014-11-28 17:13:38

    Lia and I are doing a good bit of cleaning and as such were dumping lots of clothes. most of which is in just fine condition. Most of it is Utah stuff, sweatshirts, tee shirts, couple of Under Armour pink sweatshirts and some other stuff. Keep in mind we're both small. Lia is a xsmall-small and I'm a small-medium.

    So if you want any of it Text me and let me know before it all goes to DI.

    801 554 6464

    Don't sign me up for cat facts.

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    they have no business being anywhere near any Top 25.

    by Red Don
    2014-11-28 13:10:29

    They have a decent offense, but have at least four picks today against the stout defense of W. ashley judd. However, their defense is a complete joke. A joke of a schedule is the only thing that has made them successful this year. Any team in the Pac12 South would smoke them.

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