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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    The details of my life as a Ute are quite inconsequential

    by Chitz
    2014-10-31 06:05:10

    My father was a relentlessly self-improving creamery owner from Paragonah with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a 19 year-old daughter of a Zoob religion professor named La Vern with webbed feet.

    My father would proselytize, he would drink caffeine-free Catch, he would make outrageous claims like LaVell invented the forward pass. Some times he would accuse Cosmo of being lazy, the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.

    My childhood was typical, summers in American Fark, clogging lessons....

    In the spring we'd make national championship projections. When I was insolent--like the time in 1985 when I had the audacity to wear a "Miner Miracle" t-shirt--I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds, pretty standard really.

    At the age of 12 I received my first clip-on tie. At the age of 14, a Zoob named Vilma ritualistically shaved my testicles. There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum, it's breathtaking, I suggest you try it.

    At that point, I realized that these people were really messed up. So I--I took the one less traveled by (at least in my family), and that has made all the difference.

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    How a kid who wore BYU gear in his childhood family pictures is now a die-hard UTE

    by leftyjace
    2014-10-31 06:54:00

    Though born in Utah, my family moved to central California when I was very, very young. My Dad became a tennis pro. I spent a lot of time at the club as a kid. People there (affluent, well-to-do) were understandably loyal to their various alma maters, and my Dad was no different. I used to wear BYU gear because my parents gave it to me - I didn't know much about any other schools, though I thought USC had cool uniforms and I watched the Rose Bowl every year. I remember being at the club in the lounge watching Danny Ainge's end-to-end layup to win in the NCAA tournament and cheering like crazy, while everyone around me looked stunned and wondered what was going on.

    As a young adult we moved back to Utah. I was active LDS and fell back into the rhythm of cheering for BYU until some significant family events happened that changed my outlook on life. I started growing up and began the process of "losing my faith". My high school experience was horrible and studies was not my focus. I graduated with a 2.7 GPA ("earning" two 0.0's my senior year), did so with 1/4 credit to spare, and didn't really complete any college prep courses.

    Married at 20 and a father at 23, I didn't start college until my son was born. I applied for SLCC and was accepted and started part-time coursework.

    A few years later, I started thinking about what I wanted to do and set my mind on graduating with a degree in Computer Science. Finding out that the U had a great program, I set my sights on transferring and getting accepted to the U. At this point my loyalties were ambiguous. I was, however, accepted as a CS major.

    After off-and-on part-time attendance, I switched my major to Economics (much easier for a non-traditional student to finish). After years of part-time attendance I finally realized I was in my late 30's and didn't have my degree yet, so I literally took a year off of work, took out a bazillion dollars in student loans to support my family, and went up to the U in 2007 to finish 48 semester hours in 3 semesters. I graduated with my B.S. in Economics in December 2007.

    To put it absolutely plainly, this was the first time I had attended an educational institution as an adult (or young adult) where I was able to enjoy the experience and start to appreciate my school. I can't explain what happened... I just... fell in love. The Union, the classes, the coursework, the instructors, the campus. Here I was, a late 30's student, hanging out with a bunch of traditional students, and I was accepted, respected, and included like I never was in High School. It was at this point that I really started cheering for the U.

    After graduating, the magical 2008-2009 season happened, and I followed very closely. I was then completely and utterly hooked on Utah football. I had somewhat followed basketball over the years, but it was football that turned me into a rabid Ute.

    I also applied for and was accepted to the U Executive MBA program, which I graduated from in 2011. A buddy in my class and I decided to get football season tickets that first year - ironically, the season before the PAC-12 announcement. (Good timing!)

    Now, here I am, a mid-40's dude, with two degrees from the University of Utah on my wall and football season tickets every year. I'm really close to pulling the trigger and ponying up for some basketball season tickets as well, and I find myself seeking out and watching the Utah volleyball team on the PAC-12 network whenever I can.

    The loyalty and love I feel for my school is hard to describe. I didn't know why people were such rabid and loyal fans until late in my adult life - and now I regret not taking part in the full college experience when I was younger. But given the circumstances, I feel like my experience was extremely rich and amazing. I am definitely a black sheep in my family - not only do I not cheer for BYU, but I'm also not active LDS any more. But I wouldn't change a thing and couldn't be happier... and at least my mom (and my dad, up until his death in 2012) got to the point where they would cheer for the U as long as they weren't playing BYU.

    The U changed my life. Completely changed my life. It wasn't so long ago that I was an adult with no degree, inconsistent income, and a lot of insecurity about my resume. Applying myself at the U changed all that. The quality of my life has changed in so many ways - not only income and employment prospects, but also self-confidence and security because I have two degrees from a great institution that no one can take away from me. Never again will people disregard my qualifications and experience simply because I didn't have anything substantial to put under "Education" on my resume.

    I have passed my fandom on to my children. Both my son and my daughter are big time U fans. I take my son to the majority of games with me. He's down at UVU right now in his sophomore year, but has intentions of applying to and graduating from the U Dental School.

    OK, that's a lot more than you wanted to know about me, but I've read some of the stories that were posted and they are oftentimes amazing, insightful, funny, and fun. Proud to be a member of such a wonderful brother/sister-hood of Utah fans and alumni.

    GO UTES!!!!!!

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    And now for something completely different. AP Rank #25

    by NarfUte
    2014-10-31 09:51:37


    By my count, Utah plays 4 other teams from the Top-25. If the team does work, this should be a great year

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    I have never been a Ute

    by SkinyUte
    2014-10-31 13:16:57

    Don't get me wrong, I've been a Utah fan since the day I was born. The first song I learned was Utah Man. Some of my earliest memories are going to Utah football and baskeball games with my dad. I remember getting beat up in grade school by some BYU bullies, then spitting blood on their shirts and telling them "I win because you've got red on you!". There was never a time when I wasn't a true Utah fan through and through.

    However, I am the only person in my entire extended family who did not attend the U. My wife, mom, dad, brother, father and mother-in-law, and three sisters-in-law all have their diplomas from Utah...but I never attended a class there. I thought about it, but was a pretty decent soccer player and the U doesn't have a mens soccer program. I got a scholarship to play at a DII school in Colorado, and it's tough to turn down a chance to get a free education. I keep thinking I need to go enroll in some sort of continuing education program at the U, just so I can say I actually attended the school.

    So it's not just students and alumni who the true Utah fans. There are at least a few of us who are diehard fans, even if we never step foot in a classroom up on the hill.

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    Is This Todd Graham Predicting Which Team Will Win...?

    by AncientUte
    2014-10-31 11:01:56

    Keep the faith, with respect for the past, and above all...
    GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I didn't know the Shasta had wings.

    by Maji Man
    2014-10-31 11:22:02

    Get a tow?

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    by loyter
    2014-10-31 11:52:08

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    A wise father

    by jiggiddi
    2014-10-31 11:27:58

    My roots as a Ute fan...

    I am a third-generation Ute fan (at lease 3 - I'm not sure of my great-grandparents' allegiances). My grandfather was a professor of Urban Planning in the U's School of Architecture and a life-long Crimson Club member. My father has been a season-ticket holder at the U for my entire life. I've been taught from the womb to be a Ute. But...

    Once, in my immature and misguided youth, I told my dad I wanted to be a BYU fan (disclaimer: this was during the 80's when we were OWNED by TDS). Upon hearing these words, my dad looked at me and said, "Well, we don't allow BYU fans to live in this house. If you want to be a BYU fan, you will have to move out" (note: I was like 5 or 6 years old). Thinking I would show him that I was serious (and expecting he would back down), I went to my room and packed a bag. When I returned to the family room, I announced I was moving out. My dad looked at me and said, "good luck." I walked out the door and quickly realized he was serious... Since that day, I haven't wavered once in my allegiance to the U. IT WAS THE BEST LESSON MY DAD EVER TAUGHT ME. I am deeply thankful for a wise father.

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    From the Bubble to the U without looking back

    by UTUTZ
    2014-10-31 09:19:37

    I grew up in Utah County. I went to a lot of BYU games because they only cost 50 cents to get in, that is if I didn't get them for free (they used to give them away in my Deacon's quorum). I also spent a lot of time on the BYU campus for scout merit badge events and various academic activities. I cheered for the Dick Nemelka and Jeff Congdon BYU basketball teams and their run in the NIT. For a time, I went to Provo High School when Virgil Carter was a star at BYU and admired him. I guess everyone thought I was a shoe-in to go to the Y. But I guess I had a secret passion that started when I used to listen to Billy McGill play on a book-sized transistor radio. I would lay on the floor with my ear against the speaker and try to follow what was going on between the static and weak signal (KALL did not reach Utah County very well in those days).

    Even the Y thought I was a shoe-in to go there for school, as BYU gave me a couple of academic scholarship offers without even applying for them. But, my father (who died when I was eleven) had gone to both the Y and the U and my mother told me that although he had BYU season basketball tickets, whenever they played the U, he was a U fan. I guess too robbed off on me. When I graduated high school, I decided I wanted to study math and physics. The Y had virtually non-existent programs in those areas, but the U was top notch. I applied for an Honors-at-Entrance scholarship at the U, got it and an EOG grant as well (we were so poor I could not go to school without a scholarship and financial aid).

    I attended the first game ever played in the Special Events Center (now the Huntsman)as a freshmen and virtually every game until I graduated. I also went to all the football games I could.

    My high school sweetheart was an athlete, and received the very first women's athletic scholarship that the U ever offered. She played volleyball and softball for the U, and naturally I attend all of her games. By this time, my wife (we married in my junior year) and I were truly Utes. We bled red. The U did so much for us. Two financially challenged Utah County kids, that would never have gone to college without the understanding that the U provided.

    I started law school at the U the year my wife finished her senior year. It was again a real challenge. Our first child was two, I had to work a part-time non-law related job, and my wife took 22 credits per quarter, played two sports, and did her student teaching in order to graduate while she still had her scholarship.

    Now, we have 5 children that have all graduated from the U. So among us (myself wife and kids), we have nine degrees from the U and seven die-hard UTES adults. We have three grandkids,and we take them all to tailgating and every home football game and several away games too.

    Last night my seven year old grand son (who is as big a sports fanatic as I am) asked me if we wanted to hear who is top five teams were. My wife and I said sure, and he rattled off #1) Utah, 2) Utah State, 3)Florida State, 4) Notre Dame (he waffled a bit here with his 3 & 4), and 5) Oregon. I asked him what his other grandparents (big BYU fans) would think about him not having BYU in his top 5. He matter-of-factly said "I don't like BYU." Later in the evening, I told his father (raised a BYU fan, but I think we have him fully converted) the story. So he asked his son if he didn't like BYU. His response, a simple "Yep."

    We have season football, men's and women's basketball, volleyball, and soccer tickets, as well as season tickets to PMT and the Babcock theater. The U is our home away from home. And, to think it started when a young boy with ear pressed to a transistor radio heard through the static that Billy "the Hill" McGill dropped 60 on the Cougs.

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    GO UTES!

    by Crimsonute
    2014-10-31 13:40:33

    Looks like White, White, Red is the Uniform combo for Saturday.

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    Happy Halloween.

    by KCMOUte
    2014-10-31 16:23:18

    >> Comment...


    RE: I have never been a Ute

    by WV_Ute
    2014-10-31 13:23:36

    Hate to disappoint you dude, but in my book if you love the teams, cheer for the teams, are lifted when we win and fall when we lose, and if deep in your heart of hearts nothing gives you more pleasure that phrases like 'Burton blocked it!!', '54-10!', and 'Four in a row!', then you are a Ute.

    Raise your hands high and make the U with pride.

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    I was a nematode in a prior life.

    by High Uintas
    2014-10-31 10:43:51

    I lived in the (then) grass of what is known today as Rice-Eccles stadium. During a critical play, the visiting team's running back was running for a first down. I surfaced from the grass allowing myself to be squished and causing the ball carrier to slip - short of the first down. As a reward, I was sent back as a Utes fan.

    True story.

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    simple and boring story

    by oc_ute
    2014-10-31 10:05:14

    was always a ute fan. my parents never went to college but our garage was cluttered with ute stuff and a radio. as a kid, me and my dad would head to the garage where he would putter around doing stuff while we listened to all the ute basketball games (late 60's). if they were on tv we were sure to watch as well. loved nfl football but not so much ute football. they were not very good...... i went to the U with the vranes/chambers/judkins crew and those were some fun times. went to some football games but it was pretty pathetic for the most part. i was a total ute basketball/nfl/nba junkie until the 2004 football season. that turned my head and i jumped on the bandwagon. at that point i dialed into ute football. today, i tolerate the nba, watch the nfl and obsess over ute football. i am now a college football junkie 100%. i can't believe how my brain switched gears from nfl to college. i marvel at the fact that there's a new team every year and the coaches have to piece it together. i'm also a little sick of pro sports since it's all about the $$. boring eh

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