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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    What a way to start my first season in the MUSS!

    by joefan
    2015-09-03 23:13:33

    GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Fox Sport's Headline

    by Utehawk15
    2015-09-03 22:17:47

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    The 4th quarter drum thing was a total FAIL

    by TheUteBlog
    2015-09-03 23:28:38

    Lame. Go back to the old one or make a new one but don't bring that weak stuff again!

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    My weak attempt at photoshop

    by utahute05
    2015-09-03 22:42:53

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    oh jeez. We just beat Michigan. Not freaking Utah State. We looked great in this game. It's called big boy football, not MWC weenie crap. It's also called first game of the year.

    by Ute2004
    2015-09-04 00:35:48

    TCU struggled vs Minnesota. Arizona struggled vs UTSA. Colorado struggled vs Hawaii.

    It's really not a big deal.

    How's this:

    I'm more confident in my ridiculous 11-1 prediction than I was this morning. Our offense hasn't looked this good since 2010. Our defense was very, very solid vs a team with 2 TE sets. We won't see that again until we play Stanford in December.

    Feel great. It was a great game.

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    To all our UUte fans serving overseas... THANK YOU!

    by Homer_Crimson
    2015-09-03 22:13:28

    Come home safe (and soon)

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    The best thing about 3-1 vs. Michigan...

    by Homer_Crimson
    2015-09-03 22:17:21

    is the chance to go 4-1 vs. Michigan.

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    I hate all the focus on the negatives.

    by afro14
    2015-09-04 00:03:57

    Were there mistakes? Sure, but that's what happens in first games. Overall the team looked good and those mistakes can be fixed with practice. The bottom line is we got a big win over a quality opponent, and there's a lot to be excited about. Travis Wilson and Devontae Booker both looked good, and Britain Covey looks like he's going to be a stud for us. Defensively, our line looked stout against the run, and that Michigan O-line is going to be one of the best we face all year. The sacks will come. I also love how opportunistic the secondary was. Remember two years ago when we only had 3 INTs all season? That won't be a problem this year. This team is going to be a good one, and I think a 9-4 or 10-3 season is a realistic goal.

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    Utes get some love from CBS Sports

    by OldAsDirtUte
    2015-09-04 09:55:15

    4. We may have dismissed Utah too easily this year. Now, only one national publication has gone to the trouble of referring to the Utes as a "cupcake," but tonight sent a message to me that the general public has been a bit too dismissive of this Utah team. The Pac-12 South is considered to be a very strong division, and one that's up for grabs among many of its teams, but Utah is seldom mentioned as a true contender within it, often being ignored for Arizona State, USC and UCLA.

    Well, if Utah's defense continues to play the way it did against Michigan, this is a team that could make a lot of preseason predictions look especially stupid.

    http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/ eye-on-college-football/25289848/utah-hand s-jim-harbaugh-his-first-loss-at-michigan- winning-24-17

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    The power went out about halfway through the third quarter. AT&T must have been flooded because of the outage, because I couldn't even stream the game on my phone.

    by midnightversion
    2015-09-04 08:41:05

    So I finished the game through radio, but had a battery backup on my receiver. After the game was over I was able to go back and watch the last quarter and a half.

    I don't understand the negativity. I understand constructive criticism, but not negativity. These guys don't have a preseason and it shows. My only real concerns were their receivers getting behind our coverage and Phillips. Outside of that, I am actually pleased. Wilson made actual, real reads last night. He was accurate. The offense made some good adjustments. If not for two Gionni Paul penalties, they may have only scored a touchdown -- a touchdown in garbage time against a prevent defense.

    Go look at the other games that were played last night. We looked better than TCU (and I'm not saying we are better than them). We played a disciplined game outside of the Paul penalties. Does anyone remember how much we struggled with false starts and holding penalties last year?

    I'm not a rainbows and unicorn guy; I try to be a realist. I am very interested to see how Michigan does from here on out. I think we beat a bowl-eligible team last night.

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    I for one am not buying into the hype that we are going to annihilate USU. I'm sure they were overlooking SUU and going very vanilla (although I didn't see the game).

    by Newbomb Turk
    2015-09-04 08:50:15

    I think USU will be very pumped for this game and we have to do more than just show up. I still think we can and probably should win, but I hope the team is still treating USU with respect.

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    Hilarious Tweet from Doug Gottlieb last night.

    by Utes49ers
    2015-09-04 07:44:17

    Doug Gottlieb
    Doug Gottlieb @GottliebShow

    Travis Wilson should prank call Dave Christensen from the sidelines #MICHvsUTAH

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    I'll miss nights like tonight in the coming seasons when we don't have such an exciting, big name opponent visiting us for an opener.

    by alUmnUs
    2015-09-04 01:39:25

    Michigan fans had a great showing at RES tonight...probably a bit better than Oregon last year. Our small stadium notwithstanding, I love playing these national brand teams in our house and all the crowds and fanfare they bring with them. It makes for great college football atmosphere right in our living room. And the cherry on top is we come away with a W.

    To my eyes, that game was not as close as the score indicates. Throughout much of the game, I felt like I was watching a "first game" with all the rust and dust that is expected to be seen. The difference is we weren't playing Idaho/Montana State - it was Michigan! Which for a first game presents a highly competitive standard that should shed some light of encouragement over some of the kinks and cobwebs which were certainly on display tonight.

    Some 2am takeaways:

    1. Compared to what this program has put on the field in recent seasons, it appears that Utah's offense has evolved and improved.

    2. We went to battle tonight with a hard-nosed, physical football team and were more physical than them.

    3. Britain Covey? Ok, I'm buying in. In fact, it was nice to see many major contributions on the field tonight from the local in-state talent. Utah kids will take notice.

    4. 3 picks and a pick 6 for an inexperienced secondary? Very good sign. There's lots of growth for this group, but great production tonight. Sure helped that Michigan could NOT run the ball on us.

    5. Andy. Yikes. Come on bud.

    6. In a 1st game against a lesser opponent, you expect to see some more vanilla offense. I don't think we saw much vanilla offense tonight, however I think some of the unknowns Utah had about Michigan going into the game caused us to call a pretty conservative defensive game. No sacks? Marginal pocket pressure? I don't expect those things to continue going forward.

    7. Watching the replay of the game right now. The first overhead shot of the stadium with the new field-house roof looked amazing! Glad the fans got it done.

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