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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Practice notes from today

    by snake
    2015-03-31 21:06:35

    First note, if anybody thinks Chase Hansen is going to find a new position other than QB, I think you may be wrong. I believe strongly that after spring camp Cox and/ or Manning will transfer.

    Today's practice was mostly position drills working on specific skills. I spent the entire time watching the offensive line and the QBs. A few guys stood out to me in the offensive line drills. Asiata54 is the beast of all beasts. Aiono is as solid as it gets. Litui doesn't fall far behind. The surprise for me on the OBlock is JJ Dielman. He has developed into a superb lineman with great feet and strong hands. He has great posture and moves sideways very well. Jackson Barton is pushing for a starting job at right tackle. He looks more like an NFL frame than anybody on the team. His body reminds me of a young Jordan gross. Once Barton puts on some man meat, about 20 lbs of muscle, the sky will be the limit to him. He is still learning footwork. He was matched up against Kylie Fitts during most of the live action and held his own. I believe Kylie Fittts is going to be a gamer. I would give the starting 5 offensive line a solid B+. There is a definitel drop when it comes to the second string.

    I spent time watching the QB drills. THe set up was easy to follow. 4 Qbs threw to four differnt receivers. Escher receiver ran a different route. After each pass, a new QB would rotate in and make his 4 throws. And rotate out. Each QB threw a screen, an out, a mid slant, and a post. I thought Kendall Thompson threw the most catchable ball. Perfect technique, great spiral, and very accurate. I'd give TW the nod for 2 nd best. Cox, Manning, and Isom looked okay, but nothing awesome. I focused on Chase Hansen most of the time. He still has a mission arm. His timing is great, his vision is good, his pocket poise looks adequate. I noted 4-5 deep balls that were thrown short, thus the mission arm. They were right on target, just short.
    As scrimmage began, TW took the field with the 1s, playing against the 1 defense. TW did not pass much, there were several running plays. Whenever Moeai lines up on the left side at tight end with JJ and A54, there's enough beef on that side to plow a trench 3 foot deep for 15 yards. 3 rd down and 2 will not be an issue. The tight end position has come a long long way. Moeai, Fakailoatonga, Gonzalez and Handley all bring something different. Moeai looks as big as d-lineman.

    McCormick saw a lot of the field. He's tiny, but elusive. The first tackler always missed him.
    Manning came in next with the 2s offense. The 2s defense did not allow manning to do anything. The 2's DL would start at most schools in the PAC.
    Hansen took the majority of the snaps in the live scrimmage. There were 3 different plays where he scrambled that he did not look like a QB. He looked more like a rangey tail back. The kid can flat out run. He was live and did not mind running into the middle line backers and safeties. He has come a lot farther than most have expected. My only knock on him today was his overall arm strength. Over the next 4 months, that will change. I belive whole heartedly he will pass Cox and Manning on the depth chart and force their hand. TW and KT are seniors, Hansen has a chance to take a job next year. Isom did not get many if any reps. Cox got a few, but nothing special or outstanding.
    Receivers are still my biggest question. Kscott sat out. Singleton had a trainer working on his shoulder. McCormick made the most plays. I just hope this group pushes each other and by fall camp, we have someone special.
    Boobie Hobbs got in Gonzalezs face after a play. He's a full helmet smaller than gonzie. Gonzie stiff armed his helmet and held his helmet and Hobbs was grabbing at air trying to get to gonzie. It was hilarious. The coaches broke it up before it escalated to far. The very next play, gonzie lined up in the slot and had to block for a run coming his way. He went straight for Hobbs, hobbs did not make the tackle. Hobbs left him alone after that. I do like the toughness of Hobbs. Being tough and mean can make up for a lot of things.
    Special teams drills showed Hackett may win the Ray guy award a second time. He has hit the weights and has definitely added 5-7 lbs. You don't even have to be watching him when he punts to know its him. When he strikes the ball, there is a definite thud, different from every punter on the team. I watched him kick off a tee from the kick off hash and he made it into the endzone.
    Andy Phillips did not have his best day, he missed 2-3 out of 10 or so. You could easily mistake him for a d tackle. His arms are as bigger than ever linebacker. He does have better power with a higher trajectory. I think he is still nursing a soccer injury on his foot. As this clears over the summer, he's going to keep us in a lot of games. I think his hang time will be much better.
    I look forward to the first scrimmage to see more of the offensive playbook. As for now, the defense, as always, is ahead of the offense. If the younger kids on the oblock can bulk up, pay attention in drills, learn their assignments, and take the film room serious, this group will be fine. The 2's and 3s on the oblock need work. It will come with experience and time.

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    Great story on KUTV just now about former Ute receiver David Kozlowski

    by FlyfishingUte
    2015-03-31 22:24:24

    He started a suicide support group for teens. He occasionally invites guests to come and speak to the kids. Current Ute Kenneth Scott has been out a few times to help these kids.

    David saw a need and started a group called quit trippin to help these at risk kids. He disclosed that he had a suicide attempt that resulted in him being hospitalized at UUMC. Major props to him for having the courage to talk about an issue that most people avoid. Great to see our players supporting this endeavor.

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    by Milton Vanderslice
    2015-03-31 23:05:36

    Okay. So I looked in the mirror and I haven't been raping and stiffing whores and calling cops when the pimps bang on my door after.

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    Two tweets that tell me our offense is already operating at midseaon form...

    by NicaUte
    2015-03-31 20:25:41

    "Defense does a good job of tipping Wilson's pass #Utes"

    One hour later...

    "Wilson's pass is knocked down #Utes"

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    RE: Such fine young men

    by ronniemac
    2015-03-31 21:43:35

    How could you leave this nugget out of your quotes:

    The report adds West told police he “likes having sex with older women” and uses Backpage.com to meet women. He added he recently had sex with another female from Backpage.com in a hotel, according to the report.

    I hope the "older" ladies working the Provo area are ready for the extra workload. He obviously likes Cougars so it must be a good fit.

    http://starlocalmedia.com/coppellgazette/ chs-football-player-arrested-charged-with- assault/article_69036804-b7b1-11e4-9fc8-6f cff385c640.html

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    Such fine young men

    by Duhwayne
    2015-03-31 21:33:04

    Description of Charles West arrest report contents

    The arrest report states the complainant was contacted by West through Backpage.com, where she advertises services for foot fetish and dominatrix activities. She also stated she and West had set up a foot fetish service for $160.

    This isn't armpit love, weekend weddings/divorces or even I was straight up screwing around, or even I was screwing around with someone else's girlfriend and one thing led to another. Foot fetish service might not have contemplated intercourse to begin with but gosh I love this twisted addition to the story. Everyone knows repression makes kinks.

    West and the woman entered the garage, according to the report, and West is alleged to have grabbed the woman from behind holding a large kitchen knife with a black handle. The report states the knife was placed against her neck, and the affidavit states the complainant’s neck was red with what appeared to be a cut on the right side of her neck. The suspect grabbed her throat with his hand, choking her briefly,” the report states. West is alleged to have tried to delete the call log, and then demanded her to pull her pants down. The report continues by saying the woman tried to pull a knife from her boot but West knocked it from her hand. The report adds the two then had sexual intercourse on the hood of a red car in the garage and the complainant left the residence.

    The only reason this wasn't aggravated rape was because the payment for "services" was vague and a lack of consent would be hard to prove.

    "West initiated the call to Coppell police on the day in question. He reported he felt threatened by men who had come to his house, according to family members. No other arrests were made in connection with the incident, according to authorities."

    No $#!+. Don't rape whores and expect the pimps to meekly take her away.

    The complainant told police in the report that West told her he was 16-years-old and sorry for what he had done and to not call the police because she would get in trouble for having sex with a minor. The report states West told police he did not have the $160 for the encounter and planned to steal it from his brother.

    Oops. Raped AND robbed.

    West was arrested at Coppell High School on a warrant Feb. 6 and booked into an area jail. Information about whether West had posted bail was not available Thursday. The second-degree felony charge carries a potential penalty of up to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

    West states in the report he denies having sex and assaulting the suspect.

    I don't fault BYU for having this problem happen. How could BYU know? What they do in response, however, is completely open to scrutiny.

    The response from BYU and BYU alums

    According to sources close to the West family, BYU coaches — in particular wide receiver coach Guy Holliday — were informed about West’s legal issues the day he was taken into custody and have been in constant contact with West.

    Former BYU Cougar Kyle Van Noy defended West, tweeting, "before all y'all jump to conclusions on my youngster C West...you need to look at yourself in the mirror. Great kid. Bright future."

    Okay. So I looked in the mirror and I haven't been raping and stiffing whores and calling cops when the pimps bang on my door after. Now what?

    Bronco on Charles West saga: "When all the details are out, and whenever the proceedings are finished, I think I will address it then."

    A year or two ago a Utah DL beat his wife with a towel rod. He was kicked off the team before his initial appearance. Could you imagine Coach Whitt saying something like this?

    Meanwhile, Cougarboard is wrapping itself in the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments, but only for one of its guys.

    "Charles West will be just fine. An indictment was expected."

    Why not drop him and give an offer if he is exonerated?

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    (Raises hand) - you have one here....

    by SeaTacUte
    2015-03-31 17:21:31

    And like you I'm completely fed up with the conservative bigot types, particularly when that bigotry is based on one thing and one thing only. Their religious preference.

    For those people, the "separation of church and state" is selectively adhered to only when it suits their purposes.

    To me, those aren't conservatives. They're religious zealots.

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    A 200 yard night against Michigan would fire up the campaign.

    by snake
    2015-03-31 21:59:37

    Follow that up with some major yardage vs usu and Fresno. I would bet the Utah vs Oregon game would be prime time and Booker would get some air time. This could be a special year! I do hope if Booker is in the running, the PAC 12 doesn't showcase booker on 8 pm pacific time game starts. In the end, Booker will need a 1500 yd+ season and Utah would have to have 10-11 wins for Booker to win the Heisman. I don't know if 10 wins is possible given the strength of the south division.

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    Caution: Today is April Fools Day!

    by Flyer
    2015-04-01 09:04:26

    Believe nothing......Trust no one!

    Or, much like every day in Washington D.C.

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    Since you asked...

    by Vegas Ute
    2015-04-01 10:54:58

    Vs. CSU Travis ended-up
    17/26= 65.4%
    158 yrd
    1 TD
    1 Int.

    He also ran for 91 yards on 11 carries (8.3 ypc) and scored 3 TDs on the ground. That is a 93.1 QBR

    Meanwhile MWC Offensive POY, (CSU QB ) Garrett Grayson ended-up:
    20/34= 58.8%
    227 yrd
    0 TD
    1 INT

    He had -21 rushing yards and a 34.7 QBR

    Remember Garrett Grayson threw for 4,006 yards, 32 touchdowns and seven interceptions last year at Colorado State. Who you play really does matter, especially for QBs.

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