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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    #25 Utah vs. Colorado


    Saturday, November 28 @ 12:30 pm
    TV: Pac-12 Networks
    Radio: ESPN 700

    Predict the score, win a prize!!!

    Why don't they turn the Gateway into more of an entertainment area?

    by Riot West
    2015-11-25 11:18:53

    They could open several bars there and music venues. People could bar hop and take the train. Also, given the central location, ride shares and cabs could stay in the area given the amount of people there. There's already a movie theater and restaurants. Could open other after-hours places.

    Let the Mormons have the high-end shopping City Creek. Take Gateway and turn it into a Rush Street or Spring Street or Gaslamp District or Virginia-Highland, etc.

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    That's one of the dumbest things I've ever read. Colette has already accomplished infinitely more than Heaps as a college athlete, and he did it in a single season.

    by scratch
    2015-11-25 08:10:30

    He also was very lightly recruited, the opposite of Heaps, but he showed up in Logan and established that he's a very talented D1 athlete.

    You're just getting sucked into USU fans' after-the-fact criticisms of the kid.

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    RE: This is the worst offense I can remember in my life.

    by sparkyute2006
    2015-11-25 07:19:59

    You obviously weren't around during the Chuck Stobart era

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    Might want to get some pizza at The Pie...

    by Maji Man
    2015-11-25 09:59:11

    Campus classic. The underground one on 200 South at 1300 E.
    http://www.thepie.com/locations/62-the-pi e-underground-salt-lake

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    You're a $#!+ cop. You know that.

    by wannabeaute
    2015-11-25 10:34:27

    The brevity in the dialogue of Fargo may be it's most endearing quality for me.

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    There are actually quite a few photos and videos out there of bad fan behavior in this state, they just happen to be comprised of 99.9% BYU-Provo fans.

    by TheBaron
    2015-11-25 15:26:45

    I'm sure it's that cell phone manufacturers and stadium camera men are all a bunch of anti-Mormon bigots. It couldn't possibly be that reality is pretty much the opposite of what BYU-P fans claim it is. No way, José.

    It's not like we're talking about a monolithic people that are infamous for both their gullibility and their dishonesty. We can totally trust these people. They cured my hypochondriac aunt's imaginary lupus with dōTERRA™ frankincense and peppermint oil.

    You can stick with godless science and observable data, such as the aforementioned photos and videos that somehow always seem to involve BYU-P militants. I'm going to blindly trust the faith-promoting anecdotes on cougarbored.

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    Do they have buffalo on the menu?

    by annarborute
    2015-11-25 09:12:58


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    Hello Utah Fans

    by Shldr2Shldr
    2015-11-25 08:17:09

    Hello everyone, I am a CU fan that is heading to SLC this weekend for the game. I was hoping to get some information from the experts since the AD website is extremely unhelpful.

    1) Where do the visiting fans tailgate? The website seems to indicate the lot across from the stadium, but another page says that is for RV's. So which is it?

    2) What time do the lots open? The AD website says 3hrs before kickoff, then says that RV's must be parked no later than 3hrs before kickoff, and the guy at commuter services said he thought they opened at 6 or 7am.

    3) Any restaurants/bars/breweries that my friends and I should make sure to go to/make sure to avoid?

    Thanks for your help. Looking forward to the visiting SLC and hopefully watching a good football game.

    Go Buffs

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    I'd like to watch season 1 again after this season ends. Don't read post if you don't want my speculation and potential spoilers.

    by RedDog
    2015-11-25 12:48:13

    When Molly got shot in season 1 she told her dad that they both had a bullet in them or something like that. And When Lou first met Gus he asked if he knew Ben Schmidt and when Gus told him Ben was his boss and they both agreed that he was a prick.

    So this season will end with Lou getting shot and Ben somehow still getting his promotion I guess.

    And I'm trying to remember the last episode of season 1 when Lou was guarding Gus's house with Greta and she asked him if he'd ever done anything like this before and he said something like in '79 and it was more of a what than a who he was waiting for...

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    they are doing it to comply with a provision of the law that basically states anybody that looks under 35 must be carded and the data kept for a certain amount of time.

    by FlyfishingUte
    2015-11-25 13:59:15

    I've wondered if the way they are doing it doesn't violate EVERYONES' fourth amendment rights. There is zero legitimate reason for the State of Utah to require bars to keep a log of every person that enters and exits.

    Frankly I think they do as a punishment of sorts to drinkers.

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    Confirming pre-existing beliefs is a priority and confirms higher morals. Honesty is not important because it gets in the way of "the end justifies the means mentality".

    by Daedalus17
    2015-11-25 15:14:00

    Lying to back up confirmation bias is ok.
    Honesty in contradiction of leaders policy is bad.

    This fosters a culture of lying for a cause.

    Protect the superiority belief at all cost. It is that superiority belief that helps provide the ability to justify the means to the end.

    This way the circle perpetuates itself. Lie to prove superiority. Your superiority allows you to justify the lie.

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    hey, hey, what can i do....

    by Crimson1
    2015-11-25 10:13:26

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