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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    I'm BACK - Go Utes!!!

    by Hedley Lamarr
    2015-09-03 10:26:55

    I took some time off from this board, and from using eminent domain to annex small western towns. I've been battling depression and a severe addiction for 3 years and I'm proud to say I made it 45 days sober today. I made a goal to watch the game tonight sober and it looks like I will make that goal and then set the same goal for the next game. I was literally dying under a bridge in downtown SLC, and, in my addict head, I was OK with that. It wasn't until I realized I wouldn't get better until I was rigorously honest with myself and others. Veritas vos liberatib.

    Go Utes!!!

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    My son finally came and picked up his dog today, UTE DOG passed away in his sleep. He was 16.5 years old, so it was time.

    by bopahull
    2015-09-03 08:27:03

    I'll really miss the little guy but I think he wouldn't mind if I use his photos on Utefans from time to time. Im' excited for gameday but this does put a damper on my spirits. As UTE DOG would say, GO UTES!!!!!!! Whip those U of M blue dogs er puppies, little wolf things, you know what I mean.

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    GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Wildcat
    2015-09-03 13:15:46

    A huge BEAR DOWN from this Arizona fan (the highest compliment a Cat fan can give). I love this match up. A big win over the Wolverines will get the East coast biased heads to turn towards the West. Wish I was able to be in the stands with you guys but I will be watching.

    GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Don't mess this up!

    by ocgreg
    2015-09-03 08:54:25

    PAC teams do not lose big games to the Big 10 unless you're Oregon or Stanford.

    I'm a tiny bit "worried" for you this game because Brady Hoke didn't leave the cupboard bare in Ann Arbor. There is some talent there. You know they're going to load the box to try and stop Booker(?), so you're going to need some semblance of a passing game to win. Is 150 yp too much to ask?

    In the end though I'm pretty sure your D and elevation will come through and you will win a low scoring slugfest; 17 - 10, something like that.

    End the media Har-gasims, I'm rather tired of them. Aren't you?

    Good luck and FFO!

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    Haiku time

    by Tacoma Ute
    2015-09-03 10:36:25

    Hairball came to town
    Wearing Jake from State Farm's pants
    Utah kicked his ass

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    A big THANK YOU to Chris Hill for scheduling this game!

    by UTE BC
    2015-09-03 09:36:33

    Best AD in the country.

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    Dr Souse speaks

    by Tacoma Ute
    2015-09-03 11:13:55

    I don't wear khakis when I hike,
    Don't wear them when I ride my bike
    I don't wear khakis in my car,
    I don't wear khakis to the bar
    I do not wear them to the game,
    I don't wear khakis, they are lame,
    I don't like khakis tan or brown
    I don't like having them around,
    I'm sick of them, they make me frown,
    Let's run Hairball out of town.

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    These guys

    by UTE BC
    2015-09-03 11:32:21

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    119th Straight!!!

    by drumandfeatherfan
    2015-09-03 08:29:29

    Barring an act of God or a massive heart attack (which, let's be serious, wouldn't be that far fetched) I will have my xx(x?)l ass planted firmly on my metal perch in W15 for the 119th straight University of Utah football game! IT'S ABOUT EFFING TIME!!!!! Suck it, Cal Ripken!

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    Cool story I must share with my fellow Utes.

    by UteMachine
    2015-09-03 15:52:02

    We just moved to Denver two months ago and are incredibly homesick for Utah. My 12 year old daughter just started the 7th grade. And of course being the new person in junior high and trying to make friends is a difficult thing for a anyone let alone 12 year old girl. She wore her favorite Utah Utes sweatshirt to school today in honor of the big game.

    When she walked into class today there was a substitute teacher. As she was walking to her desk the teacher calls out "Hey Utah, come here." He then asked if she was from Utah and what part of Utah she was from. He treated her with special attention the rest of the class and called her only by the name "Utah". Which she loved. As class was over and the kids were filing out he says "Hey Utah, I want to show you something." Out of his backpack he retrieves a copy of the Eric Weddle story and begins to tell her what a big Ute fan he has become.

    My daughter is die hard true Ute and this absolutely made her day. A fellow Utefan gave a homesick Utah girl a big smile and a story she couldn't wait to call Dad about. Thank you kind sir, she needed that more than you will ever know.

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    Maybe it's just me, but I think this is lame. It puts too much of the focus of the game on Harbaugh, which is exactly the thing we fans have been complaining about.

    by iamthepreacher
    2015-09-03 12:27:23

    The best way to stick it to Harbaugh is to win the game and act like he's no different than the other 12 coaches we will face this season.

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