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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    #14 Runnin' Utes vs. South Dakota State

    Tuesday, December 23 @ 7:00 p.m. MST
    Jon M. Huntsman Center

    TV: Pac-12 Networks
    Radio: ESPN700 AM

    Funny Irony after watching some of the Vegas Bowl Braodcast today....

    by newmanscott22
    2014-12-21 20:26:28

    Sideline reporter lady does a 3 minute report on the CSU D coordinator reporting on what he just told the defense about stepping up and waking up to play and getting tuned in and what not to lock it down........next play Booker breaks the 60 yard TD run.......
    Muskerberger "They didn't get the message".........

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    Dumb ass radio jerk at the basketball game

    by pangloss
    2014-12-21 20:09:26

    During the game at the MGM a local radio dip took the mic. The jerk was just babbling, which is his job, and basically insulted the people of Utah and Utah fans. I don't think he knew what he said. He came over to the Utah section, tried to kid around and even threw up a U. It did't work.

    My son figured out who he is, Chet Buchanan, found his email, chet.buchanan@cbsradio.com and sent him an email

    I just wanted to reach out to you and attempt to explain why we Utah fans booed you tonight. Your monologue about the charity toy/money drive was, I think, well-intentioned. But you came off like a complete ass. It's fine to be proud of the charity you and your city have performed. It's not fine to use that charity as a platform to argue that your city is better than ours.

    "You don't do what we do."

    You're right, we aren't pompous or self-glorifying.

    You'd do well to think harder about the message you deliver, especially when acting as an ambassador for your fine city.

    Hope this clears up any confusion as to our behavior.

    No reply.

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    Just got back from one of the greatest weekends ever.

    by JumpmasterUte
    2014-12-21 21:27:39

    sforkute. Thanks for letting me take your wife fishing while you were at the Bowl game, and boy did she give me some pointers.

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    RE: Basically said we'd love their story about the toy drive they do

    by Utahman89
    2014-12-21 21:23:42

    He was bragging that in 12 days, Las Vegas had raised $300,000 for charity. Then proceeded to tell us that SLC and Seattle don't do anything like that. Unbeknownst to him, the Road Home Mediathon in Salt Lake raised $2.1 MILLION on Thursday and Friday. Scoreboard!

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    Vegas Bowl Highlights

    by prodigy
    2014-12-21 18:32:36

    thanks to utahman3431

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    Yeah, that was rich...

    by Maji Man
    2014-12-21 20:53:18

    Just wait til you get to Brent's 30 min phone call with McElwain

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    The first time he said it we thought, OK that was weird but whatever. Then he said it over and over again.

    by NarfUte
    2014-12-21 21:06:28

    Best moment of the game was definitely during the flagrant review, when 'Let's go Utah' started dying down and the rebels fans started with their chant, the Utah crowd woke back up and dominated. So much fun

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    That whole thing was hilarious.

    by MussRaker
    2014-12-21 20:41:52

    Why did he even bring any other cities into it? He even threw Seattle in there at one point.

    Just hype up the generosity of those who contributed. He could have even said "The People of Las Vegas are the greatest, most generous people in the world!" And it wouldn't have mattered in that context.

    But to call out the people of Utah as not being as generous as LV folks was just ridiculous.

    Anyway, as you said, he's just a dumb radio jock. Those guys just spout idiocy without even thinking twice about it.

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    It is good to be a Ute! Great weekend and thanks to all who made it more special by being there! You guys were amazing.

    by Flyer
    2014-12-22 07:57:31

    I now turn my comments to the present and coming week.

    This is a very unusual day! Some anticipate with joy and look forward to fun times and love and acceptance. Still others find it just another day.

    There is yet another view of this week and coming day. While seemingly everybody is happy and celebrating, there is a undercurrent that tends to drag other people down. Even more because of the significance of the week.

    We have some here who have lost love, lost jobs, lost identity, lost dear friends, lost tender family relationships or lost an a lifetime of relationship with a spouse, parent or other family member.

    Please, if you are one of these tender spirits, hold on...better days are coming. And, please, if you are one of us who celebrates to the max this week, please look at those around you with tender eyes.

    I wish you all the best Christmas that it can be for you. I leave this haunting Christmas Hymn that may summarize this whole season.

    I heard the bells on Christmas day
    Their old familiar carols play,
    And wild and sweet the words repeat
    Of peace on earth, good will to men.

    And thought how, as the day had come,
    The belfries of all Christendom
    Had rolled along the unbroken song
    Of peace on earth, good will to men.

    Till ringing, singing on its way
    The world revolved from night to day,
    A voice, a chime, a chant sublime
    Of peace on earth, good will to men.

    And in despair I bowed my head
    “There is no peace on earth,” I said,
    “For hate is strong and mocks the song
    Of peace on earth, good will to men.”

    Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
    “God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;
    The wrong shall fail, the right prevail
    With peace on earth, good will to men.”


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    Let the offseason begin.

    by 480ute
    2014-12-21 20:47:19

    closest I could come to rolling guns, gays, and boobs into one pic.

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