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    Memo to bicyclists in SLC you are considered a vehicle and subject to things like stop signs etc

    by FlyfishingUte
    2015-07-05 10:02:02

    So when you blaze through a stop sign at 20 mph and get t boned by a car you will get little sympathy from me. Memo to the clown that almost hit me today. You and your 10 lb bike will always be on the losing end in a collision with a 5000 lb SUV. That collision with the curb when you swerved to miss the back end of my truck looked like it hurt.

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    why do you insist of visiting them and then regurgitating their dogma here?

    by FlyfishingUte
    2015-07-05 15:39:30

    There's got to be better ways for you to spend your time. They are trying to get a reaction. You gave it to them. Well done

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    Top this one...

    by SubstiUTE
    2015-07-05 21:29:36

    @StationCDRKelly: Congrats ladies! Proud of you aboard @Space_Station. #TeamUSA http://t.co/KIsaj16TLb

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    Memo to cyclists...

    by The Thrill
    2015-07-05 12:55:28

    If you want to be treated like a vehicle, then act like one. Stop at red lights, don't weave through stopped traffic, stay off the sidewalk, stop at stop signs, use some signals, watch out for merging traffic, watch out at intersections, etc...

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    logic fail. I reacted to your post because you seem to have a fixation on them and what they have to say.

    by FlyfishingUte
    2015-07-05 15:49:50

    From my perspective their opinions are about as relevant as an amoeba

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    Love that the Cup has been brought home, but sad the tournament is over.

    by Crimson Barn
    2015-07-05 23:12:06

    I know there are plenty of you that don't like soccer for the sake of not liking soccer. And even more of you that don't like women's soccer because it's women and soccer...but I feel bad for you, that was one hell of an event! I love this women's team and I have loved watching this tournament. If you're a hater for the sake of it, you missed out on a great event,especially in the dog days of sports. What a Win!

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    538 blog gave the U.S. a 95.6% chance to win it all..

    by SubstiUTE
    2015-07-05 19:08:16

    So your nobody said is incorrect.


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    After living in the bicycle capital of the US for 11 years here are some observations I have of SLC cyclists over the last 8 months

    by PDXUtefan
    2015-07-05 15:15:27

    SLC cyclists are totally oblivious to the laws THEY have to follow. As was mentioned, they do not yield nor do they stop at stop signs and lights in a lot of cases. On my daily commute up to the U I see a lot of cyclists. My commute consists of a mix of 25-35mph roads, mostly one lane, with lots of stop signs, lights, and 3 school zones (with TONS of crosswalks). In my 8+ months I have yet to see one single cyclist stop at a stop sign. Not. One. They ALL blaze through stop signs uninhibited and it's a miracle I haven't seen a cyclist get hit or t-bone a car. This is the one thing that absolutely drives me nuts about SLC cyclists, at least in Portland they are smart enough to obey the vehicle laws which require cyclists to also stop at stop signs and lights.

    Next, crosswalks. Holy $#!+, I can't tell you how many times I've seen cyclists fail to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and get in collisions/near collisions. Cyclists, if you see a car stop at a crosswalk then YOU need to stop at the crosswalk as well. Just because you weigh 150 pounds and the car weighs 2 tons doesn't mean you are exempt from stopping for pedestrians. I've already seen more pedestrians get hit by cyclists in 8 months here than I did in 11 years in Portland. And there are WWAAAYYYYYYY more cyclists in Portland (and people on foot). Open your damn eyes and obey the crosswalk yielding laws.

    Lastly, bike lanes. Portland has a ton of bike lanes and it makes it convenient and safe for cyclists there. SLC is adding more bike lanes, I'd say about half my commute has them. There are stretches of my commute which don't and are dangerous for cyclists and I do my best to give them lots of clearance. It sucks riding on a road with cars going 40 mph and having to worry about some idiot absent minded driver running your ass over. But when you have a bike lane you need to do 2 things: 1) to the absolute best of your ability you need to stay in that bike lane, I can't tell you how many times I've had to dodge a cyclist because he/she would ride in and out of bike lane for absolutely no reason at all. 2) When there is a bike lane you absolutely must NOT ride side by side. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing 2 or more cyclists riding side by side down a bike lane and blocking part of the vehicle lane. And then get pissed when a driver gives them a honk to get back in their bike lane. It's dangerous and it's totally unnecessary.

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    Memo to motorists in SLC bicycles are considered vehicles and therefore you are subject to treat us as vehicles

    by KyleWouldDoIt
    2015-07-05 12:29:28

    Since bicycles are legally vehicles, let me remind you of a few laws that apply to your interaction with bicycles (and all other vehicles):
    - As a vehicle operator, the cyclist is totally within his rights to ride in the traffic lane. Most cyclists will stay on/near the shoulder because we don't want to hold up traffic and we know how annoying that is to drivers (most of us are drivers too). But if the cyclist doesn't feel safe on the shoulder, he can be as far into the lane as necessary.
    - Of course, you understand how silly it is to yell "get on the sidewalk!" as you pass, because obviously bicycles are vehicles and vehicles are not allowed on the sidewalk.
    - Just like if you're behind a car that's not going as fast as you like, if you're behind a cyclist and there's not 3 feet available to pass, guess what? You can't pass. If passing the bike would force you to cross a double yellow line, guess what? You can't pass. The laws of passing apply to all vehicles you're passing, and as you said, bicycles are a vehicle.

    So let's remember, the (true) statement that bicycles are a vehicle also requires drivers to adjust their way of thinking about bicycles.

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    Do you want me to treat you like I'm as #@%hole cyclist? I can if you treat me like an #@%hole cyclist.

    by Carolina Cycling Ute
    2015-07-05 15:32:16

    It goes both ways, in this regard. Don't be a dick to me, and I won't be one to you. You're statement here is you acting like a dick to me.

    In this case, look before you leap into this. As FFU said generalizations are usually inaccurate. Instead of being antagonistic to all cyclists, look at yourself 1st. We are not all dicks. Just like not all motorists are dicks.

    I could go on, but what's the point. You've already made up your mind based on a small number of individuals.

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    I'm not board elite. Just weary of the frequent post regarding what their "fans" think about Utah's football program

    by FlyfishingUte
    2015-07-05 19:03:48

    When we were in the same conference the smack talk et al could be entertaining. We've moved to an elite conference. so why do we care what the snot nosed neighbor that we've always disliked think now?

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    There's a certain minority of them that act and ride as if they are the only ones around

    by FlyfishingUte
    2015-07-05 10:20:02

    I often wonder if they drive their cars that way This guy made no effort to stop. He was going to blaze right through that stop sign. I did pull over. He got up and rode off. I suspect he had some road rash.

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