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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Basketball: #13 Runnin' Utes at Wazzu

    Thursday, March 5 @ 9:00PM MST

    Radio: ESPN700 AM

    Basketball: #13 Runnin' Utes at Washington

    Saturday, March 7 @ 2:30PM MST

    TV: PAC-12 Networks
    Radio: ESPN700 AM

    In this frame, we can see what appears to be a figure taking aim.

    by Homer_Crimson
    2015-03-03 13:36:36

    And from this angle, a prone figure is hiding in the shrubbery.

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    Gabe York's missed free throw and put back wasn't all Isaiah Wright's fault.

    by Crimson Kid
    2015-03-03 12:29:01

    I have watched this play a dozen times or so, frame by frame. There were 4 things that went wrong with this play:

    1 - Isaiah Wright doesn't locate the shooter on the shot (frames 1 and 2)

    2 - Gabe York committed a violation by stepping over the free throw line before the shot hit the rim (frames 2 and 3 show this)

    3 - Delon Wright didn't attempt to block out the free throw shooter and in a tight game, both Isaiah Wright and Delon Wright should have boxed out the shooter (frames 1,2 and 3)

    4 - Jordan Loveridge didn't seal off his player and didn't release from the block out to rebound the ball (attempts to block out with his right arm on frame 5, loses ground on frame 6 and then only goes after the rebound with his right hand in frame 7)

    Also note:
    Bachynski sealed of Tarczewski and kept him out of the play.

    Referee David Hall was less than 10 feet away from York and would have clearly seen the infraction, but didn't call it.

    Here is the evidence:

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    My wife watches it but doesn't laugh nearly as much as I do.

    by High Uintas
    2015-03-03 09:25:36

    I just think the humor is absolutely perfection with it's dry presentation. The guy who wanted to break off from the U.S. had me in tears.

    >> Comment...


    dear football magician in the sky, please give Tevin Carter one more year of eligibility.

    by mr_urson
    2015-03-03 14:05:42

    ps, if he could play all 12 games that would be great too.

    >> Comment...


    Nice message. It's more important to maintain a competitive advantage....bwaaa haaa haaaa

    by Chucker
    2015-03-03 13:09:09

    "Well try to maintain a competitive advantage as long as we can, and protect the kids as much as we can," Mendenhall said. "I think everyone knows I thrive on accountability and dont back away from it, especially at BYU. So Im comfortable with who were disciplining and how. Id like to protect our players as much as we can."

    >> Comment...


    I don't see how Loveridge did anything wrong there.

    by sancho
    2015-03-03 12:37:20

    His assignment was Ashley, and he clearly has Ashley sealed off. If the ball had missed to the other side, would Bachynski get some blame?

    This is on our guards first and the refs second.

    >> Comment...



    by Tacoma Ute
    2015-03-03 14:34:45

    >> Comment...


    Exactly. Loveridge didn't do anything wrong here.

    by BestimusMucho
    2015-03-03 13:19:18

    Had the guards done their job, Loveridge and Bachynski (as well as the guards) would have been in position with their men effectively boxed out and they would have come down with the rebound. The refs missing the line violation is also at fault, but seems like there could be some lane violations in there too that they missed. I would suppose the line violation would take precedence.

    >> Comment...


    Hey Loyter, remember that time we met Mullet in the Heston Supper Club

    by Chucker
    2015-03-03 11:57:27

    Remember Mullet getting blasted yelling to the bartender to "Play me some Funny Girl mother#%!@er"

    >> Comment...


    I get the feeling that K3 will be here for a while.

    by 'ZonaUTE
    2015-03-03 13:12:05

    A recent article chronicles how he and his family have moved every two years--and how much they are looking forward to just putting down some roots.

    This last weekend shows just how much Coach K is enjoying his job. Campfires, Dr. Suess--he's got the local media in his back pocket.

    Bottom line is that he feels very comfortable at UTAH. He's having the time of his life.

    I see him with a tenure at least as long as Pimm's: 9-10 years.

    >> Comment...


    Party on DuhGarth

    by IrieUte
    2015-03-03 01:57:26


    >> Comment...



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