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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Utah vs. Fresno State

    Saturday, September 6 @ 1:00 PM MDT
    TV: Pac-12 Networks

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    Most unusual, understated 2 play sequence by an emerging team leader

    by Ma'ake
    2014-08-28 22:26:55

    Troy McCormick had a tough game, and I'm sure he's hating having the only turnover in a first game where the coaches have pounded into their heads the need for the Utes to win the turnover battle.

    But on McCormick's best run from scrimmage - which he happened to fumble late - was the first play in this unusual sequence.

    Domo (Dominique Hatfield, #15 WR/C was on the field for the turnover as a WR, and then *stayed* on the field to become the corner as the Ute defense came onto the field after the change of possession.

    I don't think I've ever seen that particular transition in college ball, from one player, on back-to-back plays.

    Hatfield demonstrated why he's playing both ways - because on a team that has plenty of talent on both sides of the ball in those positions, Domo has the skills, and perhaps more importantly, the character and the leadership qualities to add to the team in a capacity beyond what one player normally does.

    For example, Kaelin Clay, in describing his two special teams TDs, pointed out that Domo is his big brother, even though he's 3 years younger.

    Domo is a Sophomore.

    I'm extremely glad this kid is at Utah.

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    I liked cox better than thompson.

    by IrieUte
    2014-08-28 21:27:57

    Not happy with the -1 turnover ratio against....Idaho st.

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    Disrespectful to half of those in attendance. Nip that garbage in the bud.

    by Chad Sexington
    2014-08-29 08:55:04

    Religion has no place in football, nor in a secular education environment.

    On another, unrelated note: Thank you God for football. Amen.

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    Good ol' Utefans. Win by 42 and the sky is falling. W is a W. Go Utes.

    by Mevsauce
    2014-08-28 22:17:56

    Can't wait for Fresno State!

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    You do realize that the D played as vanilla as they could be, pretty easy to block when you know where the DL is going to line up.

    by runnutz
    2014-08-28 21:19:20

    very few, if any blitzes, all of this was by design. They will mix it up more as the season progresses.

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    Game Grades

    by jrj84105
    2014-08-28 21:23:31

    Just finished watching the game, and without seeing any other commentary:

    Special Teams: A+. Don't care that it was an FCS opponent. Hackett was even more amazing than Clay.

    Offense: C-. Not much push from the O-line. Rarely had two good plays in a row. Booker looks like the guy with Poole more of a threat receiving but not as much running. Tonga looked like the #3 receiving threat.

    Defense: F+. Orchard a + and the rest an F. Doesn't produce turnovers. No push from the interior line. Receivers getting separation. Poor third down defense.

    Preseason prediction: 6 wins. After tonight, 4. Unless ISU has a PAC12 interior O-line, our D is going to struggle.

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    by Mevsauce
    2014-08-28 23:53:11

    1. D line doesn't have a Tenny Palepoi or Star.
    2. The pass rush looks improved from the perimeter with Orchard making a big impact.
    3. The interior run game is much improved with Booker (although they still try (and fail) to run the little guy (McCormick) between the tackles).
    4. The linebackers actually make some tackles on the second level instead of being a sieve who relies entirely on the D line to make them look good.
    5. Kenneth Scott is a legit second option WR making Wilson and Anderson's lives much easier.

    So... you are really really wrong.

    ONE MORE THING! Utah didn't give up the big play, which is huge.

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    I love post first game over reactions

    by prestonmadera
    2014-08-28 22:27:52

    The only thing that I am worried SERIOUSLY about is the defensive tackles, and I think history shows that will get better.

    Secondary as a whole wasn't good, but just like someone said a few weeks ago "they would have a hard time playing the ball" early in the season. Individually though Rowe is transitioning much better than McGill did last year, and I like the tandem of Carter and Blechen.

    I thought the offense had a clear game plan and they stuck with it. It was vanilla, but I think it will be very effective. I also think that if Wilson were to go down Cox may be the best option. I like what he brings to the table.

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    Who had Clay scoring a TD the first time he touched the ball as a Ute?

    by EUte
    2014-08-28 18:52:11

    Pretty much all of us. And we were right.

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    Early morning takes from the game

    by utebehindenemylines
    2014-08-29 06:20:12

    The good

    Special Teams:

    - Kaelin Clay is the real deal. On both his return TDs he took hits, redirected and then turned on the jets. There is no reason he shouldn't handle KR and PR full time. His acceleration in just 2 steps is what stood out to me most.

    - Tom Hackett is SOOOO underrated. Whoever keeps finding these kickers and punters deserves a raise. Hackett and Phillips will win us an additional 1-2 games.

    - Every kickoff went for a touchback. BIG improvement from last year. I'm glad the coaches recognized the need for a kicker who can kick it through the end zone.


    - No picks thrown by any of our QBs. Very few forced passes, Thompson's forced pass may cost Moeiai his knee and season. Just shy of 70% passing (68.5), 16 yards per completion.

    - Travis looks very comfortable throwing on the run.

    - I think Booker will be the starter at RB by week 3. I was really impressed with him. Seems more capable at running between the tackles than the other two.

    - Dres will continue to be able to beat anyone one-on-one. No reason he doesn't go for +1000 yards again this year.

    - I liked what I saw from Ken Scott, but frustrated his took us so long to throw a ball his way. That was not a touchdown.

    - I think there was 1 false start penalty and zero holds called.

    - 3rd down efficiency was good (8-14), we settled for no field goals.

    - We scored on long plays and we scored fast.


    - The ends played well. Nate Orchard is going to get paid. After seeing what he did at Highland as a WR, I really questioned moving him to DE. 4 years later I'm starting to see it now. Hunter Dimick looked good, has the ability to overpower offensive tackles.

    - Norris played good in stretches. He can cover a lot of space laterally.

    - Rowe is a corner who will hit you.

    The bad

    Special teams:

    - I got nothing


    - It took us over an entire quarter to target a WR with a pass. I don't know if that was by design or what.

    - The inside run game struggled. The line failed to get much push against an undersized FCS d-line.

    - Several bad snaps by the center to Thompson. Seems like they'd gotten used to a 6'7" center and when Thompson came in everything was over his head.

    - WAAAAAY too much pressure allowed.


    - Where to start?

    - Looked like we employed a 4-2-5 almost exclusively, with only 2 Lbs the 4-2-5 is weak against the inside run. Whittingham and Norris didn't do a good job coming up to plug gaps.

    - The defensive tackles were very underwhelming in the run game.

    - Need to clean up the personal fouls for late hits out of bounds. I think guys were just eager to hit someone who wasn't their own teammate and that will sort itself out shortly.

    - Pac12 Qbs should be licking their chops at the sight of our coverage (or lack thereof). Most teams we face utilize a spread offense and will pick apart our corners. Unless things get sorted out quickly, we may be on the receiving end of a few 400 yard pass games.

    - We forced ZERO turnovers against an FCS team. ZERO.

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    found today on Cougar Board, its a classic ... Oh wait, I didn't visit that board.

    by vUUdoo
    2014-08-29 08:50:38

    I also didn't visit Tulane, New Mexico St, UAB's or any other G5's board.

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    "Nip that garbage in the bud"?

    by CFislife
    2014-08-29 09:32:52

    Why are people so sensitive? Who cares? A business with a specific demographic is paying the university money to advertise to it. Reaching 50% of the audience in one place is great targeting. The other 50% don't care. Great. Life moves forward. It's almost like people WANT to be offended in their lives. I don't get it.

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