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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Sounds like they would be happy to never play anybody again. Let's make that happen.

    by The Thrill
    2016-12-05 09:48:59

    Since everybody in the world is unworthy of sharing the same air as the enlightened BYU faithful.

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    This should never be forgotten.

    by The Thrill
    2016-12-05 10:34:12

    10 members of the Black 14 at the University of Wyoming. Front center: Earl Lee Second row l-r: John Griffin and Willie Hysaw Third row l-r: Down Meadows and Ivie Moore Fourth row l-r: Tony Gibson, Jerry Berry and Joe Williams Fifth row l-r: Mel Hamilton and Jim Issac Not shown are Tony Magee, Ted Williams, Lionel Grimes and Ron Hill photo courtesy the University of Wyoming

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    I miss WYO

    by utahpunk
    2016-12-05 09:35:49

    I always hated them growing up, but learned to respect the rivalry we had with them, especially in hoops. I remember their rowdy fans filling the upper reaches of the Special Events Center. They always brought energy, and cheered their cowboys on with pride.

    Looking back, its been 5 yrs since the the P12 invite. I can truly say that I miss those guys.

    GO WYO!

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    I remember going to the last game Utah played in Laramie and the same horror stories were told about how Wyoming fans treat Utah fans as well. The actual experience was the complete opposite. We parked at a little church lot across from the stadium

    by GUBA
    2016-12-05 09:26:31

    and the parking people handed us cookies. Went across the street to this open tailgate party area and had so many people welcome us and offer free food and drinks. Later I went to get in line to buy some food from a bbq vendor there and people ushered me to the front of the line. In the stadium my ticket was in the middle of only Wyoming fans. There was some good natured banter but nothing offensive and the guy I sat next to was really cool. We had a great conversation the entire game.

    I tend to think that all the so-called bad experiences that zoobs experience are either embellished or in retaliation to asshattery on the part of the zoob. There are no bigger douche barges than zoobs so it doesn't surprise me when they get a taste of their own medicine. In 2007 I had partly eaten hot dogs and water bottles and other drink cups thrown up at us sitting in the visitor area at LES. So the fans there are not just innocent angels. If there was stuff done to zoobs then they most assuredly brought it on themselves!

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    So apparently Richardson, class of 2017, 3* OT from American Fork, just committed to the Utes.

    by EUte
    2016-12-04 23:04:45

    6'5" 260, has offers from about half of the Pac12. Great get.

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    Attended just one football game at Wyoming and many at BYU.

    by utefansince79
    2016-12-05 11:41:55

    In EVERY game in Provo, I was treated far worse then I was in Laramie.

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    Why do these fabrications always include urinals?

    by annarborute
    2016-12-05 10:52:28

    Zoobs always have crystal clear detail of where fans are peeing and how many....

    Seems like some deeper issues are being let out.

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    Man, this is tough. Tough, because if we beat Oregon and Cal, we are in the Rose Bowl. But, this was supposed to be a down year for Utah and to get to 9 wins in a "rebuilding" year...

    by Ute2004
    2016-12-04 21:17:22

    We only had 4 PAC-12 home games.
    We went 5-4 in conference.
    A is outstanding and excellence
    B is solid accomplishment
    C is average, adequate

    I'd say that 10 wins is A level.
    I'd say that 8-9 wins is B.
    I'd say that 6-7 wins is C.

    We are at 8 wins, which puts us in the B range. BUT, the let down vs VASTLY inferior teams is very...diappointing.

    I'd grade us out around a 79-82 out of 100. Putting us in the C+ to B- range at the moment.

    A loss drops us to a C+. A close win and ending ranked puts us in the B-. A beatdown of Indiana and a ranking in the 17-19 range is a solid B.

    If we get extremely lucky and Stanford, Florida, West Virginia, Western Michigan and Auburn lose and we end up top 15, that would be a B+.

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    Good reason not to live in Canada.

    by Maji Man
    2016-12-05 12:54:13

    Assume this is Montreal... the best is at the end, wait for it ...

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