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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Great post.

    by HoopUte
    2016-02-11 08:18:14

    There's a young kid who sits behind us and before the game started he said, "I don't like Brandon Taylor any more because he lost the Oregon State game." You'd wish his father would correct that, but he didn't. Toward the end of the game I had to fight off my parental instinct to turn around and asked him how he liked Brandon now.

    Taylor's been a very good representative of the Utah program over his time here. He's accomplished a lot and has been classy the whole way. I'll always think highly of him as a Ute.

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    Looks like a few Utes will be at the combine

    by RedDog
    2016-02-11 11:53:06

    I'm not very good at formatting but here is the list.


    Booker, Devontae

    Carter, Tevin

    Fanaika, Jason

    Hackett, Tom

    Norris, Jared

    Paul, Gionni

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    LOL SUU >>> TDS.

    by BaldHatu
    2016-02-11 15:13:58

    Dip$#!+ independents......

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    My 2 cents on college refs

    by Ute_In_Texas
    2016-02-11 11:18:45

    The best refs in the world are in the NBA. Watch an NBA game and you'll see them make many maddening calls. Once you get mad at them, remember our college refs are the ones who aren't good enough to work in the NBA.

    College refs are going to make lots of bad calls. They just aren't very good, but they are the best available. Accept it and move on.

    Do I think college refs are biased? I don't. They aren't very good. Accept it and move on.

    Do I think college refs are inconsistent? I do. Accept it and move on.

    They do their best. They will never get things 100% correct. Accept it and move on.

    The only way to improve the college refs would be to turn it into a full time job, pay them gobs more money, and spend a lot of additional money on training and evaluation. Too expensive. Ain't gonna happen.

    My 2 cents.

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    Congrats to our fellow Utes! Hope they light it up in Indy!

    by rbentz
    2016-02-11 12:26:42

    Also congrats to Bronson Kaufusi for being the lone representative for tds-P. As I said to my son during the Vegas Bowl, Bronson is the ONLY tds-P player that I would want on our roster. Kid is a baller.

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    Pac12 Invites

    by SigEp Ute
    2016-02-11 12:31:19

    Arizona 2
    ASU 2
    Cal 5
    Colorado 3
    Oregon 5
    Oregon St. 1
    Stanford 6
    USC 7
    UCLA 9
    UTAH 6
    Washington 2
    Wazzu 1

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    Poor choice of hair and poor taste in food. How sad.

    by ironman1315
    2016-02-11 14:01:35

    Moochies is delicious.

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    No one is butt hurt and it is common of fans in any sport to point out bad calls.

    by ironman1315
    2016-02-11 11:33:34

    You don't think Panthers fans weren't livid when they reviewed the incomplete pass and even the announcers were shocked it wasn't overturned? Because I am willing to be they were. And when you have radio hosts like Josh Grant saying certain players get special treatment you have every right to complain.

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    Utes sweep the Huskies: The view from the cheap seats

    by Ute_In_Texas
    2016-02-11 12:30:12

    My random observations.

    These track meet games sure are fun to watch! First one to 80 wins!

    Utes won by shooting the lights out. They needed to, because they got killed on the boards 34-25 and Washington was able to put up 17 more shots than the Utes. Utes got clobbered on the offensive boards 14-2.

    The Utes won both halves. As expected, the 9.5 point spread was too many.

    Lots of complaining about the refs here, but the fouls called on each team were about even. All of UW's bigs (Chriss, Dickerson, Dime) were in foul trouble along with Poeltl.

    Utes were -5 in turnovers at halftime, and down in points off turnovers 19-7. They finished the game even in both stats. Evidence of some great halftime adjustments, and possibly some late game altitude fatigue by UW. UW had 6 of their 16 turnovers in the last 7.5 minutes. Utes outscored UW by 7 over the last 9 minutes.

    Utes tried Oregon's defensive tactics with only modest success. Soft press and changing defenses frequently.

    Let's give some props to the Utah starting guards. After a disastrous road trip that included a historically bad performance vs Oregon, last night Taylor and Bonam were 12-21 (5-8 from 3) for 33 points, 4 rebounds, 10 assists and only 5 turnovers. That's PAC-12 tournament championship caliber if they can keep it going.

    Poeltl! Awesome. Just awesome. Funny observation: The Utes INCREASED their lead a few points when Poeltl say after his 3rd foul. That might be a season first vs a good team.

    Great to see Loveridge hit some shots. He also handled the ball a lot vs the press and got through the game with only 1 turnover. Solid effort.

    Kuzma's line looks unimpressive at first glance (8 pts and missed every FT), but dig deeper and see 5 rebounds, 7 assists, 1 block and 2 steals.

    Nice game by Reyes. We've seen it before. He can deal with teams that don't have a lot of size, and UW doesn't have size except for Dime, and Dime doesn't have any offensive game. The rest of the Utah bench was pretty quiet.

    Next up WSU on Sunday. Kill the Cougars! We love to say that, don't we.

    My 2 cents.

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    Runnin' and Tumblin' Utes are great but.....

    by BaldHatu
    2016-02-11 13:11:00

    ... I miss football.

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    My complaint about the refs last night has nothing to do with the number of fouls called, my complaint is the refs gave UW's best player (Andrews, 0 fouls in 36 minutes) preferential treatment, but did not do the same for our best player.

    by TheJuggernaut
    2016-02-11 13:41:34

    Poeltl's second foul was beyond ridiculous, and it put him on the bench for the rest of the first half. Without the near career night from Reyes Poeltl's foul trouble might have cost us the game.

    We're going to have a hard time beating anybody on our remaining schedule, excluding Wazzou on Sunday, if Poeltl gets in foul trouble. I'm tired of seeing him on the bench due to garbage foul calls while other teams' stars get the benefit of the doubt and then some.

    Also Andrews travels and carries the ball just about every time he touches it. I think they got him for a carry once.

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    For the record Southern Utah had THREE guys invited to the combine.

    by SigEp Ute
    2016-02-11 12:34:19

    Which only reminds us that Cedar City is a better launching pad to the NFL than Provo.

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    Bull$#!+. No way Montana gets in over Weber State. Weber's

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2016-02-11 12:15:42

    got an easier schedule the rest of the way and will be hosting the big sky tourney.

    As for the Utes, a 4 seed will happen only if they win the tournament.

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