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    Which CFB programs have the best pipelines to the NFL? Well lookie here in the Top-10.

    by Vegas Ute
    2015-07-31 08:24:14

    Ranking the best CFB-NFL pipelines

    9. Utah

    A surprising 32 Utes suit up on Sundays, and the value quotient is quite high. Who knew? Start with seemingly everybody surnamed Smith (Sean, Alex, Steve) playing for pay, then add studs like San Diego safety Eric Weddle, Miami linebacker Koa Misi and Minnesota's unsung back Matt Asiata. But the "star" among the former Utahns is Star Lotulelei, the monster in the middle of Carolina's D-line.

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    That's a reach

    by Duhwayne
    2015-07-30 19:46:02

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    So... I've been doing some custom metal stuff for friends and fam and realized there might be a market to dip into.

    by H-man
    2015-07-30 22:32:37

    I am not a biz guy at all. I have no idea how to market stuff like this except on like Etsy, which isn't my favorite idea but whatever. Lia suggested I set up shop in the tailgate lot and take orders, but I dunno if that's legal.

    Anyway, here's a sample of some of the crap I've done. Kind of using this as a feeler, not trying to take orders or anything, just showing off for the sake of gauging interest.

    These are made of Aluminum and Stainless Steel, SS is more expensive for me so more expensive. The block U is huge. but requires no real work, so it'd be cheaper. The LSU and Blackhawk logo were more work so= more money.

    Full Size

    Full Size Image


    Carry on.

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    Nice rendition of the Foo Fighters "Learn to Fly"

    by SeaTacUte
    2015-07-30 22:20:25

    Courtesy of about 1000 folks:

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    Love the delusion and disparity in these CB posts...

    by Homer_Crimson
    2015-07-30 23:59:16

    Sorry but the PAC 10 1/2's Presidents will not follow their ADs choice to
    extend an offer to BYU. BYU does not meet the President's liberal agenda.

    Sorry. I know when the conference expanded all but one AD wanted BYU as the number one choice (obviously after Texas and Oklahoma said no). It was the Presidents, who would not even entertain BYU's membership.

    You don't say?

    Its pretty common knowledge that the PAC ad's would love BYU because they would
    get tons of money with all of the Mormons in the west. And that the Presidents at Cal and Stanford have never been in favor of BYU joining.

    Yes, I suppose that is "pretty common knowledge". But wait...

    Was in a ward within 90 minutes of both Stanford and Cal. Most were Trojan fans.
    Also, a number of them were Cal/Stanford fans because they are alums. I got involved in helping to raise funds for a Stanford program among the Mormon network. There is money there and Stanford is a fundraising juggernaut. Mormons have been teaching and in administration at both schools for generations. I think the caricatures depicted here are a little silly, to be honest. Of course Prop 8 had an impact but I don't think that's why there is a problem. Our defensiveness as a people can also take ourselves out of the picture. Truth is I think Utah got picked because it looked more like the PAC schools as a state sponsored research institution and because they had two BCS wins at the moment PAC needed to defend against MWC's becoming an AQ under the old contract. Talk about timing the market perfectly. Boise would have covered though.

    There were three guys in elders quorum who were big enough BYU fans to go to games. I could see OC members being more into cheering for BYU. I'm sure other would disagree but I didn't see the army of rabid BYU fans people love to assume here. I live in NYC now and there is hardly anyone in the city, regional conferences for tristate and Pennsylvania can fill MSG but it's a huge stretch to assume that membership=BYU game attendance. It's just not the case. Not asking others to agree.

    Questioning the victimhood narrative AND the acclaimed legion of BYU-P fans from coast-to-coast?! Yeah, this guy is too smart for CB

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    Preseason College Football Rankings

    by Gator
    2015-07-30 15:20:17

    I admit that they are largely meaningless at this point; nevertheless, I would much rather be be the fifth ranked team in the loaded PAC-12 than the third ranked team in the state of Utah.

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    I've never understood ...

    by sweetgrass
    2015-07-30 16:45:28

    how Mr. Brady (an architect) had a live-in-maid, but made six kids share one bathroom

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    No. Freaking. Way. I really thought the onion.com was true and factual news. Thank you!

    by Kula Shaker
    2015-07-30 16:41:55

    This is really embarassing for me because, for the last ten years, theonion.com has been my sole source for news and information.

    But on the other hand, this means the war on string may, in fact, be winnable after all. Yes!

    >> Comment...


    How to make a Ute2004 decoder- just take your Seatac decoder and run it in the opposite direction.

    by BulgieUte
    2015-07-31 00:11:06

    example- Ute2004 thinks Utah will be in the Pac12 championship, Seatac thinks Utah is not even good enough to be in the PAC12.

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    Only reason to be angry with TCU is that they lost to Boise in that Fiesta Bowl.

    by West Coast Bias
    2015-07-30 16:09:12

    And the only reason to dislike Boise is that they upstaged Utah as BCS busters with that Oklahoma game and kicked the s#$@ out of the Utes a couple of times in the process. The blue field burns the retinas too.

    Have to respect those Donkeys as a football team though. Never bet against them.

    And while we're at it, screw Arizona for soiling the bed against Boise too.

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    SmithTix is such a scam.

    by loyter
    2015-07-30 15:24:36

    Tickets to Next week's concert are $30.
    Handling fee $1.50 - ok...pretty reasonable.
    Convenience fee $8.05 - What the f*ck?

    So, basically, the five member band is going to drive to town, set up, play a 90 minute set, then tear down for $30 while SmithTix makes 1/3 that much money just to charge my credit card?

    >> Comment...


    I'd probably try to grab OK state, Kansas and/or TCU/Baylor/TTech/Houston.

    by Duhwayne
    2015-07-30 19:53:56

    Add new geography and fill the vacuum left by the poach.

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