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    Utah @ Michigan

    Saturday, September 20 @ 3:30 p.m. EDT (1:30 p.m. MDT)
    TV: ABC Regional or ESPN2
    Radio: ESPN700 AM and Sirius/XM

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    You forgot the 4th type of team that plays Michigan.

    by BulgieUte
    2014-09-17 22:01:37

    A program that wants to show boosters and recruits that we are committed to big time football. Part of the building process includes playing big time games. Sure we get big time games with our conference schedule but so do all of our conference mates. Playing Michigan gives us that much more. Playing Idaho State does nothing for us.

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    The benefit of playing Michigan is one of both perception and potential.

    by Crimson Barn
    2014-09-17 22:03:58

    If this game were a one off at Michigan, I would agree with you. However, we are getting the winningest program in NCAA history to come to RES next year. The significance of this can not be understated. Although we have yet to secure another significant OOC home and home, this may open the door to that. Michigan is coming to RES, MICHIGAN! They may not be a great, dominant Michigan team, but they're coming to RES. And by the way, the good Dr. convinced them to play their first Thursday night game ever at RES. Huge status move for the Utes!

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    Comment I read today

    by Irwin_M_Fletcher
    2014-09-17 17:12:02

    Is it possible to place bets on Wonderlic scores. If so, I'd take the under on this one.

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    And your opinion encapsulates EVERYTHING that is wrong about College Football these days.

    by PDXUtefan
    2014-09-17 22:12:14

    You and I are a fan, an observer, a person wanting to be entertained. To us this is a game that probably holds a high entertainment value and it SHOULD. Who gives a flying #%!@ if Utah football should schedule patsies to pad their record? Who cares if we are paying some team to come to RES and play dead for us? Why is that even something we should accept? And on the flip side why does it have to be about playing those big name programs with lots of money who can cut you big check? Why do those teams absolutely have to schedule a NAME so they can achieve some amount of glory? It's bull$#!+, all of it. In the end, for us as fans, it should be about watching our team play another team in a competitive environment.

    And as college athletes I hope the players on the Utah football want these games. I hope they want to compete, win or lose, to play good teams who offer them a challenge. That is what it means to be a competitor, no matter what program you are involved with, no matter what your chances are at some mythical national championship.

    You've got it all backwards and I'm afraid a huge number of college football fans these days are just like you.

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    I swear the Utah fan base is the only fan base in the country that complains when their rival is brought up.

    by Utehawk15
    2014-09-17 20:08:29

    While I do believe some people are "obsessed" with BYU, I don't think it is fair for you to go around accusing people of being obsessed for bringing up Utah's main rival for the last century. Its not like I'm one of those people that go over to cougarboard and bring that garbage over here.

    Please cry me a river.

    Regardless, it is extremely unfortunate, he probably made the right decision. I hope the kid the best in whatever future endeavors he pursues.

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    We scheduled Fresno State looking for that type of game. Look how that turned out.

    by UteStuckInSeattle
    2014-09-17 21:54:29

    What do we gain from playing patsies and mid-level G5 teams? A big win and almost no useful insight into how we are looking as a team early in the season.

    What do we gain by playing a team like Michigan? A chance to be on national TV early in the season, and visibility in another P5 conference.

    I'll take the latter, thanks.

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    What part of "I'M PROUD" was misunderstood? I'm honored to be associated with a program that churns out wonderful people like this.

    by UteStuckInSeattle
    2014-09-17 21:30:03

    As for my reference to Max Hall, I didn't know you'd been hired by the forum police to ensure I post freely in the "right" way. I embrace being considered "classless" as a very big compliment by our inferior copycat down south, and I'll refer to them whenever I damn well please.

    GO UTES!!!

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    I feel just as confident right now going into Michigan as I did in 2008 when we opened the season against them.

    by pappyman
    2014-09-18 01:19:07

    I think our team is more talented this year though than we were in 2008, at least, offensively we are. I think we have the potential defensively to be pretty good as well. I am predicting a win on Saturday.

    >> Comment...


    Which is worse, mentioning a funny memory of a long-time rival in a post or chastising a fellow fan because they did? Which do you think detracts more from the original point of the OP's post?

    by UteStuckInSeattle
    2014-09-17 21:40:10

    The problem I see (from looking over the last few threads) is that you are going out of your way to give people a hard time about mentioning TDS.

    You say you are not the forum police, so stop acting like you are.

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    RE: I'm sure that wasn't his first football game which makes it quite possible it wasn't his first concussion.

    by Utehawk15
    2014-09-17 20:12:03

    Ash suffered a concussion last September at BYU and played in just two games since then.

    Let's not pretend like this is the first incident of players being injured while playing BYU. Yeah its football, but the list of players injured against them is horrific. Clearly something not right is going on.

    Just another reason I'm glad Utah doesn't play them.

    David Ash of Texas Longhorns to end career after struggling with concussion-related symptoms for the past year.

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    Oh please.

    by ajd31m
    2014-09-18 07:29:28

    If you can schedule a home and home with Michigan, you do it

    -signed everyone

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