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    I'm considering moving from Utah and need some input
    by ute801
    (288 minutes ago)
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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    How many people have you brought back to UF.N? Why not more?

    by Sandy Ute
    2017-01-23 19:12:38

    I convinced midnightversion and Virginia Ute to return to UF.N. I did so by finding which message board they had left us for (cougarboard) and harassing them via boardmail until they came back. Everyone should be able to convince two people to return to the board. Everyone needs to do their part, not just me.

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    Twitterverse is all a buzz with rumors of the Jazz announcement...here are my favorites

    by The Thrill
    2017-01-23 13:05:47

    "Statue of Bobby Hansen"
    "Jersey advertising partner with the 'I'm a Mormon' campaign"
    "Joe Ingles franchise player"
    "NBA admits that MJ pushed off, replay game 7"
    "Jazz renaming the team the Utah Pioneerzz"

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    Now ain't that innerestin...

    by Chad Sexington
    2017-01-23 08:09:49

    Three PAC12 teams, all in a row...

    If the Utes can manage a good week, it could be big...

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    Red star for the Jeff Wilkins reference

    by utefansince79
    2017-01-23 15:10:05

    Often overlooked when talking about past players, but he was money in the closing minutes of games.

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    5 4* Recruits

    by jb_man
    2017-01-23 10:32:18

    So, according to the Scout recruiting service 5 of our 12 recruits have 4* rankings. I cant ever remember a class where we had 5 4* recruits coming to campus.

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    Oregon is a tough match-up for Utah personnel wise

    by Vegas Ute
    2017-01-23 09:23:12

    Here is my fear: Utah has been feasting on paint points with Collette (not this past week of course) and driving of Bonam and Daniels.

    Which is great, but Oregon has two talented and very mobile shot blockers, they might be the best team in the nation at protecting the rim... If Oregon chokes off those "easy" baskets in the paint I don't think Utah's jump-shooting can carry them for 40 minutes.

    Meanwhile when Oregon has the ball they have so many "ball-handling wings" that they have victimized that last few Ute teams by finding match-ups where the Ute couldn't stay in front of the driver... Then their drivers do a nice job of passing when help comes.

    This years Ute team seems weaker on-the-ball than past units and there is no shot blocker on par with Poeltl. The obvious answer is to give the Ducks a steady dose of zone (which has been good to Utah lately)... Again my fear is that Oregon is pretty darn good 3pt shooting team...

    Utah "could" win a 3pt shooting contest, but that is not the way a neutral observe would bet.

    Let's hope I am wrong, that happens fairly often, so there is hope.

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    I'm not one to trust commitments until they're signed.

    by Chad Sexington
    2017-01-23 11:09:37

    Jaylon Johnson doesn't seem all that committed right now. Neither does Tareke, whose last name I've forgotten.

    Tufele and Elliss coming in will make this class.

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    Yep, Legacy Trust

    by UTAuley
    2017-01-23 13:41:29

    Never seen one done for a business before, but makes sense. It's also (debbie downer view) a way for the Millers to set aside funds used for the Utah Jazz & Vivint Arena without worrying about the normal taxes that would apply once Gail passes (legacy trusts have their own weird tax codes and restrictions and whatever funds the family puts into it won't be subject to inheritance taxes).

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    RE: Don't forget about the fastest of them all Ricky Green

    by utefansince79
    2017-01-23 16:47:36

    Gooooo for it Ricky!

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    The new CBA allows for each franchise to extend up to two veteran players for six years. So it's kind of like an extended franchise tag.

    by jamarcus22
    2017-01-23 17:15:15

    Granted, the players have to meet certain requirements in order to be eligible for that extension. I'm not sure it's all out there yet but if I remember correctly some of the criteria were All-NBA teams, All-Star votes, and other things. With the way Hayward is playing it looks like he may fit the criteria for the Jazz to extend him under that veteran clause. Which makes it even better that we've already locked up Rudy for a while.

    The other guys are going to be tough to hang onto. George Hill is 30 and I'm not sure we'll want to lock him into something worth huge dollars, but we haven't developed a good point guard to replace him if we lost him. Derek Favors has been a little disappointing. Not sure how much longer we can keep paying him based on potential. Someone will overpay for that guy and I'm not sure it would be worth it to match that offer. Our defense is nasty when both him and Rudy are on the floor though. Hood seems to be the least risky of the three. I just wish he'd get to the line more often.

    One guy that I wish we could keep but we won't because teams are dropping ungodly amounts of money on B-level players, is Joe Ingles. That guy is going to make bank somewhere else in the off season and there isn't a damn thing we can do about it.

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    Very athletic as usual, long and play the lanes.

    by The Thrill
    2017-01-23 08:33:15

    Oregon beat Utah last year by getting big and clogging up the passing lanes with their hands. They're freakishly athletic and long and they are pogo sticks on the boards. Utah has a tough time against this athletic style. Think a rich mans San Diego State.

    Dillon Brooks is a bad matchup for Utah. He's as big as Collette but as athletic as Kuzma. One positive for Utah is Brooks might have reinjured his left leg vs Cal.

    Boucher is another bad matchup for Utah, He's as big as Collette but freaky long and athletic.

    Guard play they won't blow Utah away but Dorsey is a talented player.

    If Oregon can get wide and break up the Utah motion offense Utah will be dead in the water and force a lot of shots. If Brooks plays and gets hot from the outside it opens up their entire offense. Utah already has a tough time defending the three, Dorsey is also very capable of lighting it up from outside.

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    dont get to happy

    by skywalker11
    2017-01-23 15:31:07

    we'll take vengeance in eugene and win by 20 then, not being fully satisfied, oregon will give a double dose of hurt in the pac-12 tourney

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    prediction - the Jazz legacy Trust will ensure the Jazz never win a championship ...

    by sweetgrass
    2017-01-23 14:30:48

    NBA Teams that win championships have strong individual owners, not a committee that makes decisions during family home evening

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