By Andrew E. Brown

After one of our partners updated the board several years ago, it appeared that Utefans was on its way back to relevance. The site had gone through its darkest period, especially after our founder Chris Evans tragically passed away in 2017. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, we’ve gotten the site where it is today, and the response we’ve received has been very positive. We are still experiencing some difficulties during our transition but at this point we can promise you that the site will be updated regularly with fresh, original content.

We have t-shirts for sale, ranging from medium to 2x large in red and white. We also sell high quality polos and oxfords, which will soon be featured on the site. The shirts are very important to this new chapter in the history of Utefans as they give our brand and our site a lot of additional exposure.

Our vision is primarily to tell the true story of the student athlete, as we recognize the difficulties involved with performing at a high level academically and athletically. The stories we’ve heard from some of our former athletes have been incredible and have shed a lot of light on the realities of college sports. Ultimately, We’ve been so fortunate to have so many people support us up to this point and we are confident that Utefans will soon be one of the top sites in the state. We’d love to hear your feedback and you can contact us anytime at appreciate all of you and look forward to expanding the family!